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Smart locks created by experienced Airbnb hosts for high-traffic homes

Last Updated On: October 16, 2019
SecureScore™: 7.4 /10
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7.4 SecureScore™
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igloohome Smart Lock Ratings

Lots of people coming and going? If so, igloohome is certainly worth a look. This smart lock system was created by Airbnb hosts to simplify hosting. Their popular padlock offers easy DIY install and remote PIN code transmission. Igloohome is stacked with neat features like an access log, anti-panic exit system, and Security Lockout that keeps intruders from entering by brute force. Best of all, the price is right at around $100. See what our experts say in our igloohome review.

  • Padlock is easy to set up anywhere
  • PIN codes transmission doesn’t require app
  • Bluetooth key option
  • Real-time access log

  • Better suited for house sharing hosts and people who have a lot of in and out traffic in their homes


igloohome was developed by experienced Airbnb hosts who were frustrated with the current market offerings. They created a line of smart products that made hosting simple and seamless. Even if you don’t host, you can benefit from these devices when you have lots of people who need access to your home or secured areas inside the property.

This Singapore based company has shipped out its devices to more than 80 countries, helping people secure their homes worldwide. They have won awards from CES Asia, Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation, and others.

Features & Technology

Remote Access

igloohome is set up for remote access from the start – you don’t need to buy any accessories to enable this functionality, unlike some other smart lock providers.

Control Access Levels

You can fine-tune exactly how much access you want to give to a person via the application, so you don’t have to worry about revoking a PIN manually.

No App Needed

You can get a PIN code via Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, and other communication channels.

Bluetooth Key Option

If you prefer a Bluetooth key over a PIN code, this smart lock supports that via the app.

Access Log

You can see exactly who is opening the smart lock and when, which is a particularly useful feature when you have lots of people coming in and out of your home.

Concealed Battery

Your lock battery is protected against criminals – the only way that you can open the compartment is when the padlock is unlocked. You receive a low battery indicator when you need to swap in new batteries. If your lock completely runs out of power, you can use an external battery to jump start it.

Preferred Partner of Airbnb

igloohome is a preferred partner of Airbnb, and it integrates with the service to make access control completely hands-off.

Hardened Steel Body

This durable material keeps the smart padlock protected against the elements.

Masking PIN

You can put more numbers than just the PIN in the lock to mask it from anyone trying to see over your shoulder. If the number contains the PIN in some part of it, the lock opens.

Security Alarm

If someone tampers with the lock or tries to brute force the PIN, it locks them out after a few attempts.

Fire Alarm

You don’t want to mess around with locks when you have a fire in your house. The Mortise smart lock model automatically unlocks past a certain temperature threshold.

Works Offline

An internet outage doesn’t stop your smart locks from operating. They can work offline due to the way the codes and keys are generated and stored on the system.

Anti-Panic Exit System

When you turn down the handle, the lock disengages at the same time on the interior side of the lock.

Security Lockout

A criminal can’t brute force their way into the house. After 5 incorrect attempts, they have to wait five minutes.

Privacy Mode

Make sure that you don’t get disturbed by turning privacy mode on. You can prevent the smart lock from unlocking, even when valid codes are input, with this feature.

Ease of Use

igloohome’s smart devices are designed to be incredibly user-friendly, from automating access with an Airbnb booking calendar to not needing any tools to install.

Customer Service

igloohome offers several support resources. They have a well-designed support hub for customers that provides manuals, FAQs, and guides to walk you through using your products. You can reach the company’s customer service via a contact form or email. Since this is a smaller company dedicated type of smart lock product, you’ll be dealing with knowledgeable representatives that have a lot of experience with these devices.


The value in the igloohome devices really comes through when you have a lot of guests visiting your home, or if you have listings on Airbnb and you want to streamline access for your guests. The smart padlock is the most versatile in applications, and has a reasonable price that can fit many smart home budgets. The other smart lock options command a premium price, and may not be worth it for typical family usage.


Padlock $109

The igloohome Smart Padlock has many quality of life features that are uniquely targeted for the sharing economy crowd. It also does an excellent job at handling residential properties that have many people needing access.

igloohome does not need your guests to download an app. Instead, it works with existing communication channels to send the PIN code. You can set up access that lasts for a specific duration, is only for one-time usage, is recurring, or permanent.

Since this is a padlock setup, you can set this smart lock up in many areas of your home, whether you want to keep a certain door locked or secure a storage box.

Smart Mortise Lock $499

This premium smart lock supports unlocking with PIN codes, Bluetooth keys and a physical key. It’s remotely accessible via the igloohome app, so you can send your guests the entry codes they need when they visit your home. The Mortise doesn’t need to be online to open, due to the way that it encrypts and syncs the data. This protects it against people trying to hack it via your Wi-Fi network. An anti-panic exit system unlocks the door completely when you pull down on it from the interior of your home. When you walk in the door and close it behind you, it locks for you.

This device has a particularly useful feature – electrostatic discharge protection. Power surges can wreck a lot of havoc on smart home devices, so having built-in protection is helpful. If someone tries to input the wrong code more than five times, the keypad prevents a retry for five minutes. If they tamper with the lock, a siren starts to go off. A privacy mode prevents anyone from getting in the house while it’s activated.

It also has a temperature sensor. If the temperature indicates that a fire is in your home, the door automatically unlocks to help you escape and to let firefighters and emergency personnel in.

Deadbolt 2S $249

The Deadbolt 2S has a sleek, thin design and allows entry via a Bluetooth key, PIN code or backup physical key. Like other igloohome products, it can work offline. You have full remote access to this deadbolt, allowing you to stay up to date on people coming and going from your home, issuing and revoking keys and checking on the status of your deadbolt. Security lockout keeps your home more secure, and a privacy mode can prevent unexpected guests from walking right through the front door at inopportune times. A tamper alarm goes off if someone attempts to take apart the deadbolt or otherwise damage it. Timer and sensor relocks give you peace of mind that your door gets relocked after you walk through it.

This device also syncs with Airbnb bookings, if you’re a home sharing host. Whenever someone books your property, it will issue an access code limited to the time of their booking. Worried about someone looking over your shoulder and learning your PIN code? Just embed it in the middle of a random string of numbers via the decoy security code feature.

If your batteries run out before you can replace them, you can jump start the deadbolt in an emergency.


igloohome smart locks give you a purpose-built range of options for keeping entry to your home secure. You get the most use out of it if you have a property on a room sharing site like Airbnb, but it’s also excellent for homes that have lots of guests, family members and service providers going in and out.

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