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What Sets Friday Apart?

There are several features of the Friday Smart Door Lock that make it stand out from the crowd. The first of these is its history as a crowdfunded project that found its way to the market. The competition for this sort of funding is fierce and the fact that a product sees production is impressive in and of itself.

However, the flagship of the Friday Smart Door Lock’s marketable features is its diminutive size and appearance. Unlike most other smart locks on the market, the Friday version is not bulky or obvious. They have the smallest dimensions of any retrofit smart lock available today.

Another stand-out feature it the ability to choose between several materials and finishes for the Friday Smart Door Lock shell. These shells are easy to change out allowing customers to change their style as they see fit with finish selections that include steel, bronze, brass, gunmetal, nickel satin, porcelain, and copper.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth Lock
  • App Control
  • Remote Lock & Unlock
  • Mobile Alerts
  • DIY Installation
  • Home Automation

Friday Lock Price & Costs

There appear to be two avenues to obtaining a Friday Smart Door Lock. The first is via the Friday Home website and the second is the online marketplace Each option has its own drawbacks and benefits.

The Friday Home website offers their smart door lock as well as several shell options. The door lock itself is $249.99 with free shipping while shells run $40 each. In addition, when purchased through this official avenue, every Friday Smart Door Lock comes with a global two-year warranty. Orders from Friday Home can be shipped throughout the United States as well as to Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Canada.

Amazon offers the Friday Smart Door Lock for only $184.99 with minimal shipping costs or free shipping if the customer is already a member of their Amazon Prime service. While this is a savings of more than $50 over the “official” price of Friday’s door lock, it is important to note that purchasing a device from anyone other than Friday Home directly voids the warranty offered by the company.

Furthermore, all orders from Friday are guaranteed to include the lock, rechargeable battery, two tailpiece adaptors, a door adaptor plate, USB charger, and a quick start guide. Those from Amazon carry no such guarantee. While they should include the same items, the fact that they are being offered by a third party negates any guarantees.

Current Deal

At the time of this writing, there were no deals or sale prices available for Friday Smart Door Lock or its alternate shells. As stated above, if a customer wishes to get this smart lock at less than the $249.99 listed on the Friday Home website, they can order through Amazon. Although this voids any guarantees or warranties offered.

About Friday Locks

Marcus Kjellsson designed the Friday Smart Door Lock in conjunction with Bjarke Ingels Group. The inspiration came when Marcus found the smart locks available at the time to be bulky, unattractive, and less secure than he felt they should be.

Once a design for a new smart door lock was created, Marcus and the rest of the Friday Home team took their product to the crowdfunding site Indiegogo where it raised more than $150,000 to launch the production of the Friday Smart Door Lock.

Collectively, the Friday team has more than 100 years of development and manufacturing experience within the consumer electronics industry. That experience allows Friday Home to provide easy to use products with ideal function and an aesthetic appeal that blends seamlessly with any décor.

The online mega-marketplace Amazon has listings for Friday Smart Door Locks as well as customer ratings for the product. Of the twenty reviews available, the vast majority – 75 percent – are negative ratings of one or two stars. The primary complaint listed among these 15 reviews is regarding the function of the locking mechanism. Only four reviews were positive, indicating that there may be more development needed for the Friday Smart Door Lock. Read our full review of Friday smart locks here.

Keyless Access

Never worry about locking yourself out or losing your keys again with keyless entry via Bluetooth technology that recognizes you via your smartphone when you approach and automatically unlocks the door for you.

Mobile App

Control all of your home automation products via the Friday Smart Door Lock app which allows you to set up your smart device to function as a home hub, remotely controlling and automating your home automation features from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Auto Lock & Unlock

With the optional Friday Assist feature, geofencing technology allows the Friday Smart Door Lock to recognize you as you approach and unlock the door automatically.

Door Activity Alert

Always know when somebody is at home by receiving notifications of each and every action the lock performs.

Apple HomeKit Compatible

By allowing customers to connect their Friday Smart Door Lock and other home automation features via the Apple HomeKit, they can control their entire system easily from one central App hub.

Remote Door Control

Open and close the Friday Smart Door Lock from anywhere in the world via secure remote access utilizing Siri.

Door Access History

Review a comprehensive report of everyone who has been coming and going through your door over the past month as well as when they are doing so with Friday’s detailed door access history.

Voice Control

Utilizing the Siri to function Friday’s secure remote access allows the lock to be engaged or disengaged with voice commands from anywhere in the world.

Two-Layer Encryption

Friday Smart Door Lock utilizes the same security and encryption as internet banking which includes multiple redundancies with 128-bit SSL & AES-CCM encryption.

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