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Feature-rich smart locks from a family-owned Danish company

Last Updated On: October 16, 2019
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7.9 SecureScore™
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Danalock Smart Lock Ratings

They gave us Vikings and LEGO. Now the Danish are back with Danalock, a smart lock security solution. The family-owned company offers the latest in innovation like a hold-back latch, twist assist, and auto unlock. Issue and revoke access on a moment’s notice. And if you want a smart home, Danalock integrates with third-party platforms. Unfortunately, the product is a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. See what our experts say in our Danalock review.

  • Versions that support major smart home ecosystems
  • Keeps costs low by offering a Bluetooth only option and putting remote connectivity in an accessory
  • Flexible access control

  • Could face problems if you change your smart home ecosystem in the future
  • Pricey when all extras are added


Danalock is a family-run business started by a Danish father and son pair. Their primary focus is to create products that offer smart monitoring and access control for rental and vacation properties. They originally planned on offering devices from another manufacturer, but that company failed to fulfill the contract so Danalock started creating their own solutions. It was a rocky start, but the company has hit its stride with their third version of their smart lock design, released in 2017. They were partially acquired by a large electronic lock manufacturer, Salto Systems and continue to play an active role in the development of their product line.

Features & Technology

Variety of Connectivity

Danalock V3 supports many common smart home connectivity options. The default is Bluetooth, but HomeKit, Zigbee and Z-Wave Plus versions allow you to get the perfect lock to fit your home. It also supports the IFTTT service to set up integrated triggers between services and platforms. Amazon Echo voice commands and Airbnb booking are also integrated into the lock.

Hold-Back Latch

Want to have your door automatically unlock as you walk through it? Have the latch stay open for up to 15 seconds as you walk in the door and close it.

Twist Assist

You only need a slight bit of pressure to activate the motor in the lock to open it. This feature is particularly great for people who may have trouble with hand strength or otherwise want help with the latch.

Remote Access

If you pair your Danalock with a Dana Bridge, you can control the smart lock remotely via the mobile app.

Worldwide Compatibility

The Danalock design is compatible with deadbolts, oval lock cylinders and euro cylinders. Danalock does make parts to retrofit some thumb turns so that it’s compatible with this device.

Permanent and Temporary Guests

Choose whether someone has long-term access to your home or simply one-time access. You can receive notifications whenever someone on your guest list goes in and out of your property. Your guests receive an invitation to use the lock via the Danalock app. If you have the Danalock keypad, you can send PIN codes via SMS.


The way the auto unlock feature works is by using GPS to detect when you’re arriving. The detection zone ranges from 300 meters to 2,000 meters, and you can configure this through the app. Once you get within 50 meters of your Danalock, it sends unlock requests to your smartphone. You don’t have to worry about it accidentally unlocking while you’re in your house, either. You must completely leave that auto-unlock area before this feature activates again.

Strong Encryption

These devices use AES 256 to encrypt the data that is sent and received by the Danalock. It prevents hackers from intercepting this information or altering it.


The Danalock is designed to stand up to anything the elements have to throw at it.

Entry and Exit Notifications

Get a running log of everyone who is going in and out of your house. This information is incredibly useful for peace of mind, whether you need to see if the contractor got there on time or you want to know when your children arrive home after school.

Ease of Use

You don’t need to be a home improvement pro to install this lock. The process is simple for most locks. You either need to put a mounting plate on your door, or you can simply replace your locking cylinder with the one in the Danalock kit. The company provides video guides along with full installation manuals, so you have help on hand if you get stuck.

Customer Service

Danalock has complete guides on using the app and the devices. An FAQ covers most of the questions you’ll run into, and you can reach customer service via email. It would be nice for Danalock to offer more customer service channels, especially via the phone, but the people who answer the service inquiries know the products and feature sets very well.


Danalock’s pricing structure is set up so you buy exactly what you need. The base level Danalock V3 is 126 € and only includes Bluetooth connectivity. If you want one of the versions with smart home connectivity, the price increases to 168 €. The Danapad V3 is 99 €. Added parts, such as new cylinders or connectivity upgrades, are also available. These prices are mid-range for smart locks and are reasonable for the features that you get. The Dana Bridge is coming out soon, and the Universal Module receives a price quote directly from the company.


Danalock V3 Smart Lock

This sleek smart lock makes it simple to get into your home – when you walk up to the door, it detects that you’re there and unlocks it for you. You can easily give other people access to your property, and if you use the bridge accessory, you can even do this remotely. The battery lasts up to 12 months and you can keep an eye on its level through the app.

It supports an unlimited number of digital keys so you can set up access for anyone who needs to enter your house. Opt for temporary or permanent access, based on the person’s needs. You’ll get a notification whenever someone uses their key, so you always have an updated access log. After you get through the door, you can set up an auto lock feature.

The Twist Assist feature activates the motor when you turn the Danalock. Whenever you turn the lock, it engages and helps you easily unlock and lock the door. The Hold Back Latch feature will keep the door unlatched for a set period before locking again.

The design stands out compared to many smart locks on the market. It uses a Danish style that is simple and sophisticated. It’s made from anodized aluminum that is resistant to scratches.

You can use the Danalock on standard US deadbolt locks, Euro cylinders and Scandi cylinders. When the Danalock V3 communicates with your smartphone, it encrypts the data to keep it safe and secure. It uses the same level of encryption that banks, the government, and the military use.

The biggest benefit of using the Danalock in your home is its ability to integrate with a broad range of smart home platforms. The locking and unlocking can trigger commands to the rest of the house. It has SDKs and APIs available that make it easy for other companies to support integration with the Danalock. You can get the Danalock in several connectivity options: Bluetooth, Z-Wave Plus, Zigbee, and Apple HomeKit.

It’s powered by four AAA batteries and supports up to 20 PIN codes. You do need the Danapad smart keypad to use the PIN feature.

Universal Module V3

Interested in using Danalock technology in places other than your door? This product, which is sold to professionals only, will automatically lock and unlock garage doors, magnetic locks, windows, shades, and other smart equipment as needed. The primary reason that this device is only sold to professionals is that it has a more complicated installation process than the standard Danalock, so a contractor needs to put it in for you. You can create permanent and temporary access codes that get sent through SMS or email. This module supports Bluetooth, Z-Wave Plus and IFTTT.

Dana Bridge V3

The Dana Bridge connects your smart lock to your home’s Wi-Fi. If you’re interested in controlling it remotely, you’ll need this companion accessory.

Danapad V3

This smart keypad syncs with the Danalock and allows access to your home without a key or a smartphone. You simply set up the PIN codes through the app and then use those to open the door.


Danalock offers an excellent smart lock experience at a mid-range price. Since additional functionality is added through optional accessories, you can keep your costs down while still enjoying most of the features. It particularly shines by offering support for the major smart home ecosystems on the market.


  1. Avatar Michael says:

    The homekit version does not work at all, I have been trying with their support for 8 months without success. We tried new locks, updated SW, resetting etc etc
    and now since 6 weeks it out s dead silence from the support

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