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What Sets Danalock Apart?

One of the biggest things that set Danalock apart from the competition is its history. The founder of Danalock is often credited with creating the first wireless smart lock.

Danalock provides a sleek futuristic Danish design, advanced encryption algorithms, and quality anodized aluminum construction to provide a secure elegant smart door lock. The Danalock V3 is globally compatible with a number of country-specific adaptors that fit the three most common door cylinders: United States deadbolt locks, Euro drop shaped cylinders and Scandi oval lock cylinders.

In addition, Danalock offers the ability to create an unlimited number of digital keys. This enables you to allow friends, family, contractors, and guests access to your home. Access is easily granted and revoked to keep the Danalock system secure.

Moreover, the Danalock V3 Smart Door Lock can be established as the trigger for smart home commands. This means that when users get home from a long day at work, simply unlocking their door can turn on the lights, trigger the thermostat to come on, and more through smart home integration.

In fact, the Danalock V3 is the most flexible and versatile smart lock platform on the market with regards to interoperability. The Danalock platform allows for a vast range of third-party applications to be integrated with the system. It sets new standards in the field of cross-platform interoperability and comes with Bluetooth or in versions supporting major smart home gateway systems and platforms including Zigbee, Z-Wave Plus,, and Apple HomeKit.

Engineered for easy installation, the Danalock V3 Smart Door Lock comes with all the parts necessary to install it in your specific region. The long-lasting – average of more than a year – battery life means that once your Danalock V3 is installed it will not have to be removed for quite some time.

The online giant Amazon has 57 customer reviews that provide a closer look at the Danalock Smart Door Lock. Of these, more than half – 51 percent – are the lowest possible rating one can be given, one star, with only 12 percent garnering the highest rating of five stars. The majority of complaints about the Danalock Smart Door Lock involve difficulty of setting up as well as the failure of the mechanism to lock as it should.

Key Features

  • DIY Installation
  • Bluetooth Lock
  • Remote Lock & Unlock
  • App Control
  • Home Automation

Danalock Price & Costs

The Danalock website presents their products with prices quoted in Euros. Of the four varieties of Danalock V3: the basic Bluetooth version, an Apple HomeKit version, a Bluetooth and Z-Wave combo version, and a Bluetooth and Zigbee combo version. All of these are sold on the Danalock website with the basic Bluetooth version list at 126€ and all others being 168€ or $143.11 and $190.82 respectively.

The Danalock V3 can also be purchased through their network of global distributors and retailers. In addition, Amazon has this smart door lock technology for sale as well.

Current Deal

Like may other smart door lock companies, there are no current deals on the Danalock website. Savings can be found by purchasing a Danalock Smart Door Lock through one of their distributors or retail sellers such as Amazon. These sellers often offer their locks at lower prices than the manufacturer’s website.

About Danalock

In 2003, Henning Overgaard and his son Hans founded Danalock. At that time, they intended to provide wireless smart control and monitoring for holiday resorts and rental homes. Born out of necessity when a supplier failed to deliver, Henning Overgaard created the first wireless retrofit smart lock with a gateway and some sensors. After several setbacks and almost losing everything, they launched their flagship Danalock Smart Door Lock – the Danalock V3 – in the spring of 2017. Read our full review of Danalock here.

Apple HomeKit Compatible

There are several versions of the Danalock V3, each supporting different smart home gateway systems and smart home platforms, including one that is compatible with Apple HomeKit to integrate your entire home automation and security system.

Auto Lock & Unlock

Using advanced sensors, the Danalock V3 Smart Door Lock senses a registered key holder’s approach and automatically unlocks the door for them. It can also be configured to automatically relock after entering.

Mobile App

The Danalock app allows customers to control and monitor your Danalock Smart Door Lock from anywhere with an internet connection.

Remote Door Control

The ability to control the Danalock Smart Door Lock from anywhere that has a connection to the internet available is provided via the Danalock app.

Two-Layer Encryption

The same encryption technology the military and government use to secure their information is used to secure the Danalock V3 Smart Door Lock. This includes the TLS 1.2 advanced security protocol and HSM chip storage.

Keyless Access

The Danalock V3 senses registered key holders as they approach and unlock the door for them.

Door Activity Alerts

The Danalock Smart Door Lock allows users to set up alerts to let them know every time the lock is used and whose registered key accessed it.

One Touch Locking

The Danalock V3 Smart Door Lock comes with a feature known as Twist Assist that, when activated, allows for one-touch locking and unlocking. After only turning the Danalock a few degrees the motor takes over to complete the action.

Door Access History

With the Danalock app customers can view who has accessed their Danalock Smart Door Lock and when.

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