August is a manufacturer of a wide range of dock locks and access tools. The company offers smart locks in several styles as well as a doorbell camera, a Connect Wi-Fi bridge tool, and a smart keypad. The company has a wide range of products to offer, and they’ve become one of the most well-respected names in smart door access. For those who want to find a good price on August products, such as the Smart Lock Pro, buying during the holidays can help. August Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have been significant, meaning that buying during this time could mean significant savings for you.

What August Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Are Available?

August Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday discounts are very likely to happen. This company offers some competitively priced products, but it also does a very good job of offering sales throughout the year, including over the holidays. If you are planning to buy a smart lock during the Thanksgiving holiday, buying on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is an excellent way to save money.

However, we do not have any information on the upcoming discounts and sales available on August smart locks just yet. Most of the time, the company does not release the details of these discounts until right before the actual event. You can expect to learn more about Black Friday deals in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday deals can be announced all weekend, but may not be revealed until the day itself.

What Are Past Black Friday Sales?

There is no way to know what the next big deal will be from August for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. However, one thing we can do is look back at previous deals and use that information to estimate what the future holds.

In previous years, August offered discounts on many of its product. The largest discount – $50 off – was on the August Smart Lock Pro and Connect bundle. This was priced at just $229 on the sites selling it. This is an excellent savings option. The company also discounted the August Smart Lock by $30, putting the price at $119.

When Can You Find Out About Black Friday Sales on August Home Security Products?

You can find out about the latest discounts and deals for Black Friday by checking back here. Our August Black Friday sales will be published as soon as the company reveals them. You can also learn more about discounts as they come out by signing up for the company’s email list or alerts. This is a good way for you to find out about the company’s products, too. Keep in mind that August Black Friday sales are likely to be released in the days before the holiday – but limited quantities may be available.

How to Find Updates on August Pricing and Discounts?

As noted, August smart locks are some of the best out there. The company is very good at pricing their locks competitively throughout the year. It also offers sales on August products from time to time. It is possible to wait until Black Friday to find the best deals on August products, but you may be able to get a competitively good price by just buying online now. Keep in mind that we don’t have any advanced notice of deals more so than just updating our product lists as soon as they are released. Check out the sales on August smart home features today.