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Are you moving and have questions or concerns about how to move your Vivint home security system to your new address? Current customers likely wonder how the Vivint moving policies affect them.

What happens if there is already a Vivint security system at your new home?

Perhaps you plan to move and realize that you need a home security system. How do you determine if Vivint is the ideal option for your home security needs?

Receive answers to your questions about moving when you have an existing Vivint home security system, if you plan to establish service as a new, first-time Vivint customer, or want to know about Vivint moving specials.

Moving Out

If you currently have active service with Vivint, you likely want to know what to do when you move out. Vivint encourages customers not to worry, that they ‘thought of everything.'

The company offers the same level of ‘smart' security technology and award-winning customer support when a customer moves out of their current home.

What Do I Do With My Vivint Security System When I Move?

Notify Vivint that you are moving two weeks in advance. Have your move out date information, and your Vivint account information available when you call the company.

The company provides a variety of security system options for customers that move to a new home. When you inform Vivint of your move out date, ask questions about what you should do with your current security system.

If you are an active duty member of the U.S. Military, the company offers a free move of your Vivint equipment. Discuss your options when you contact Vivint.

Can I Take My Vivint Security System With Me When I Move?

Vivint understands that some customers likely prefer to take their existing security system with them when they move. The company advises customers to take their panel, and any plug-in items to the new residence.

The website offers specific instructions for removing the SmartHub, SkyControl, or GoControl panels. Customers that move their equipment save the cost of a removal fee.

Vivint offers customers other options, including letting company representatives professionally remove your system and install it in your new home, or allowing customers the opportunity to customize a completely new system once they move to a new home.

Can I Cancel My Vivint Security System When I Move?

If you wish to cancel your Vivint security protection, call the company in advance of the move out date. Discuss the reason for cancellation with a representative.

Vivint has a cancellation policy that considers extenuating circumstances. If you plan to move after experiencing a bankruptcy, death, transition to an assisted living facility, or experience another potentially life-changing event, let your Vivint representative know about it when you call. The company requires documentation of the event.

If you do not experience a situation that qualifies for consideration by Vivint’s Exceptions Review Team, you likely remain responsible for monthly servicing fees according to your purchase and service agreement.

Vivint has an option that possibly allows a customer to transfer their Vivint service. Contact the Customer Loyalty team for details about this policy.

What is the Vivint Moving Policy?

Vivint offers a program that allows customers to choose the right option for their specific needs. Choose the new home, new system option if you are a qualifying customer, and prefer to create a customized system that incorporates the latest smart home products, with a new monthly service plan.

The new home, same system option allows customers to take their panel and plug-in equipment with them, and receive new starter equipment at the new home. Customers also have the option of moving their entire Vivint home security system. Contact the company to discuss this option.

Moving In

When you move into your new home, one of the first priorities that you likely have is getting your Vivint security system installed. Some families move and discover that a Vivint security system is already at their new home.

I Moved Into a House With a Vivint Security System. How Can I Use It?

If you move into a home with a Vivint security system, you potentially have the option of receiving Vivint home security at your new address. Vivint focuses on making life easier for existing customers, as well as new customers.

Contact the company and discuss your options for activating, and customizing the existing system to your home security needs, Vivint offers featured products, with a variety of security and camera options, and state-of-the-art controls.

I Just Moved and Need a Home Security System. Should I Get Vivint?

Vivint provides award-winning customer service and home security protections. Vivint offers home security systems with the best in smart home technology, including with its security cameras. Vivint Playback allows customers the opportunity to receive 30 days of continuous recording.

The streamlined home automation in a comprehensive system allows for protecting your whole home without multiple gadgets, and apps. The latest alert systems and sensors warn of potential dangers.

Customize your home security package to the needs of your family, whether you spend a lot of time at home, or away from home.

Vivint provides 24-hour professional customer support, which means they are there when you need them.

Are There Vivint Moving Specials?

Vivint offers no upfront moving costs when you follow the Vivint guidelines for moving your service. Customers that remove their panel and take it to their new home avoid a removal fee.

Vivint replaces up to three items when you move, including door locks, doorbell cameras, and thermostats.

There are no changes to your current contract terms or monthly payments when you move. Customers still receive the full warranty and service plan benefits after moving to their new home.

Do you want to receive a credit on your Vivint account? Vivint offers a referral program that provides a current customer with a nice credit on their bill for referring a new customer to Vivint. Once the new customer establishes services, that customer receives the same credit. While this is not specifically a moving special, it offers a nice savings that helps reduce your moving expenses.