Travis Goodreau

SimpliSafe offers a wide range of monitoring tools to support users in protecting their home. With these smart home features, you can control just about any aspect of your home’s safety and security. Sensors provide a way to monitor what’s happening around your home. Whether you are there or not, you’ll receive a notification from SimpliSafe either through the app or through text message about any problems. This can give you complete confidence in knowing your home is as safe as possible.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are an essential part of the security around most homes. SimpliSafe motion sensors are available to manage full room needs, providing up to 30 feet of protection with a 90-degree field of vision. It’s easy to install by simply placing it on a shelf, or it can be attached to the wall. It’s ideal to place it in a corner to give you the best control. A nice feature of the SimpliSafe Motion Sensor is that it will not detect pets that are under 50 pounds, reducing false alarm triggers.

Glass Break Sensors

The thought of someone breaking glass to get into a home isn’t one that anyone wants to have. Yet, this is a concern in many homes with windows and doors that could allow access. Glass break sensors from SimpliSafe can help. They are designed to “hear” the sound of shattering glass. This triggers an alarm. They can detect glass breaking for as much as 20 feet away in any direction. SimpliSafe’s sensors have a detection algorithm that works with its Digital Signal Processing to ensure accuracy in glass break. These sensors are small, measuring about three inches, and they can be discreetly placed where your risks are. You can control the sensitivity of the sensor, too.

Entry Sensors

Entry sensors are an important part of any security system. SimpliSafe’s entry sensors are designed to be placed on any door or window. They send an alert when the sensor detects any type of motion. They are easy to install. A magnet is placed on the window or the door, and the sensor is then placed on the frame. The sensor fits just about any type and size of door or window. They adhere to these surfaces using an adhesive tape. When the magnet moves more than two inches away from the sensor, the sensor then detects the motion and communicates it to your app.

Water Sensors

The Water Sensor offered by SimpliSafe is an excellent tool for homeowners who are at risk of leaks and floods. It helps to alert you of a water-related problem before it becomes extensive, helping to reduce the amount of damage present. The sensor will trigger an audible alarm if there is any contact between the sensor and water. You may also receive a text message or an email alert when these alarms occur, depending on the plan you have. This is an excellent tool for those who have issues with water in their attic, basement, or other areas and need to be able to take fast measures to prevent the worsening of it.

Flood Sensors

The flood sensors, which are a component of the SimpliSafe Water Sensors, is designed to monitor for the amount of water present. Placed towards the lower level of the room or home, it can detect and send a message to you if it comes into contact with water. This can help you to get help fast if the home is flooding or there is water entering the problem from a specific area. It sends an alert to your app, a text to your phone, an email, and creates an audible alarm you can hear in the home. This gives you the ability to get help fast.

Freeze Sensors

A Freeze Sensor can prove to be a very valuable tool for those who have a vacant home. Freeze Sensors are designed to help you know when the temperature in a space is getting too close to the freezing point. When this happens, it can cause pipes to burst. The SimpliSafe Freeze Sensors work to send an alarm whenever the temperature within the surrounding space falls to 41 degrees. Then, it can send you a phone call, text message, or a ping through the app to let you know of the temperature. This is also an excellent choice for those who are going on vacation during the colder months.

Window Sensors

SimpliSafe has an Entry Sensor that works well on windows (it also works on doors). It detects whenever the window is opened. To work, the sensor has two components, a magnet that is placed on the window and a sensor that goes on the frame. When there are more than two inches of space between the two, it sends an alert. This allows you to know that there is someone opening the window, so you can take proper action. The breach will trigger a message to your app, text message, or other an email depending on your setup.

Door Sensors

The SimpliSafe Door Sensors, which are the company’s Entry Sensor, work to detect whenever a door is opened. As noted, they work using a magnet and a sensor, and when there are more than two inches between the two, it will send an alert to let you know of this. Also, there is a door chime feature. When you have your SimpliSafe security system off, and your door or windows are open, the SimpliSafe Base Station will create a chime to let you know that someone is entering the space. This allows you to know what’s happening even when the door is opened.

SimpliSafe offers a variety of sensors designed to be connected to its home security and home automation support. These work with the company’s professional monitoring service as well. They can be one of the best ways for you to connect with your home from a distance, knowing what is happening at any given time.