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When a family or individual that has a SimpliSafe security system plans to move, the homeowner likely has questions about the SimpliSafe moving policy, and other concerns related to moving the system to a new home.

Did you move to a new residence and discovered that the home has an existing SimpliSafe home security system? Are you considering getting a SimpliSafe system for the first time, and having it installed in your new home?

SimpliSafe offers details about the moving policy, what to do with your equipment when you have an existing system, and other important information.  Learn how to get new service as a first-time customer, and protect your home, and family members from would-be burglars, or those that commit other types of property crimes.

Moving Out

When you plan to move out of your current home, there are steps to take to make sure that you receive the same high-quality home security from SimpliSafe at your new home. Follow advice in the answers to these questions to ensure a smooth transfer of equipment, to establish your service at the new residence, and receive the SimpliSafe award-winning protections.

What Do I Do with my SimpliSafe Security System When I Move?

When you purchased your SimpliSafe Security system, you benefited from the fact that there was no drilling, and no tools needed to start protecting your home. When you move, you enjoy the same benefit of not having to use tools or drill anything to move any SimpliSafe system or components with you.

Some SimpliSafe customers likely wonder how to remove the sensors when moving out. Simply slide the sensor up, which exposes the adhesive tab. Pull down on the tape to stretch it, and peel it off. If you want to remove everything, check all your sensor locations to make sure that you do not leave anything behind when you move to your new home.

Can I Take My SimpliSafe Security System With Me When I Move?

Contact SimpliSafe in advance of your move, and let them know your move out date. When your moving date arrives, simply remove the system, and all your optional add-ons from your old home.

Take everything to the new residence, and give SimpliSafe a call to set up monitoring at your new address. You receive the same SimpliSafe security system benefits and features at your new address.

If you used a SimpliSafe recommended professional to help with your SimpliSafe system when you first purchased it, let SimpliSafe know that you need help again, when you move to your new home.

Can I Cancel My SimpliSafe Security System When I Move?

Remember that SimpliSafe has no contracts. When you purchased your system, you enjoyed the professional 24-hour monitoring provided by SimpliSafe, with no hidden fees or contracts.

Canceling the service is an easy process with SimpliSafe, unlike with some other companies that provide home security. If you choose to cancel your service when you move, contact the company in advance of moving out.

When you speak to the representative, simply provide your safe word, and the representative helps you through the cancellation process.

What is the SimpliSafe Moving Policy?

SimpliSafe allows customers to take their security system with them when they move, likely allowing for an easy transition of home security between the old residence and the new home.

Customers have benefits provided by the SimpliSafe moving policy, compared to moving policies of some other companies. One of the primary benefits is that because SimpliSafe customers enjoy the freedom of having no contract, they do not have to worry about breaking contracts, or incurring other fees or penalties when they move to a new home.

Moving In

Moving in to a new home is potentially stressful for some families. SimpliSafe offers the same easy set-up, monitoring, and protections that you received at your previous address.

I Moved into a House with a SimpliSafe Security System. How Can I Use It?

If there is a SimpliSafe security system already in place at your new home, contact SimpliSafe.

The representative will discuss the existing system with you, and determine whether you have the ability to use the system, based on factors such as how old the system is, and whether the old equipment works with newer system components, features, and technology.

There is a possibility that you can use the existing system if you complete the other SimpliSafe requirements.

I Just Moved and Need a Home Security System. Should I Get SimpliSafe? 

SimpliSafe offers a variety of home security systems, and packages based on the individual home security needs of every customer. The equipment requires no drilling, and no difficult installation. You have the option of having a professional set up your system if that is your preference.

The company provides the ‘Build Your System’ option for customers that want a truly customized home security experience. This allows homeowners the option of adding a la carte sensors to their basic security system components.

When you choose SimpliSafe, you have the option of choosing between packages that offers basic home security, protects your entire home, and options that include smoke detection features, and that monitors for fire, and water damage.

Some homeowners likely choose SimpliSafe because there are no contracts, and no hidden fees. You pay for your system, and monthly monitoring costs.

The company website reveals that SimpliSafe won the CNET Editors Choice Award two consecutive times. SimpliSafe also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

One aspect of SimpliSafe home security that likely appeals to pet owners is the fact that SimpliSafe does not alarm at the presence of your pets. The system detects people, and ignores your pets. The company explains that the motion sensors in a SimpliSafe home security system use a human-form algorithm.

When you choose SimpliSafe, you have the option of monitoring by what the company refers to as the ‘Better Way,’ which provides protections for all your doors, windows, and rooms with professional monitoring, and guaranteed police alert. Customers have the option to self-monitor their home security system.

Speak with a representative about these options, one of which is likely ideal for your needs and preference.

Are There SimpliSafe Moving Specials?

The first special that a new SimpliSafe customer receives is a 60-day money-back guarantee. Are you moving within the first 60 days of becoming a customer? Your 60-day money-back guarantee stays in effect, even after your move.

You already know that SimpliSafe does not have contracts, which likely saves customers on their home security costs, compared to home security companies that lock customers into a contract. Some of these companies charge penalties or additional fees if you move your home security system from the original address. While this is not a specific moving special, you still likely save on the cost of moving your security system to a new residence.

Receive the same whole home protections, and 24-hour monitoring at your new home at no additional cost over receiving the SimpliSafe protections at your former home.