SimpliSafe offers easy-to-use, award winning home security. SimpliSafe has won the CNET Editors Choice Awards for home security twice in a row. SimpliSafe’s products are designed specifically for simple home security and protection. Some of their features include SmashSafe protection, power outage protection and deep encryption. SimpliSafe cuts out the middleman to offer transparent and fair pricing without any contracts or hidden fees.

What is SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe is a DIY wireless home security and monitoring solution that offers comprehensive protection for the home. The company has 6 equipment packages available, along with customization via a la carte devices. This well-established company has sold more than 2 million security systems and operates on a direct-to-consumer model to cut out the middlemen.

Where is the SimpliSafe Corporate Headquarters?

SimpliSafe corporate headquarters is based in Boston, MA.

How Does SimpliSafe Work?

SimpliSafe deters intruders using 4 different methods. The entry and motion sensors detect unusual activity and can sound the alarm. If someone tries to get into your house through the entryway when the system is armed or walks into the path of motion sensors, you’ll know. Glass break detectors can listen for criminals who smash through windows or glass doors to prevent an intruder from attempting to disarm the sirens by rushing in. Video cameras give you an eye on the scene and pairs well with professional monitoring. And with the mobile app, even if you leave the house and forget to arm your system, you can control it remotely, or disarm your system in the event of a false alarm.

How Much Does SimpliSafe Cost?

SimpliSafe offers 6 base plans, and you can add more equipment to customize it for your house layout and needs. These plans are: 

  • The Foundation $229
  • The Essentials $259
  • The Hearth $374
  • The Knox $449
  • The Haven $489
  • The Oakhaven $499

What is the Monthly Monitoring Cost of SimpliSafe?

The monthly monitoring cost for SimpliSafe starts at $14.99 per month for basic monitoring and can go up to $24.99 per month if you want to add home automation.

Who Monitors SimpliSafe?

When an alarm goes off with the SimpliSafe system, operators at C.O.P.S. Monitoring get an alert. This agency has won awards for its monitoring performance and has multiple locations, so there’s backup in the event of major emergencies like a natural disaster.

Can SimpliSafe be Used Without Monitoring?

You have the option of canceling emergency monitoring while retaining the use of the equipment. If you don’t have the professional monitoring plan in place, the alarm on your system goes off for 5 minutes to alert people in earshot.

Can I Add Monitoring to SimpliSafe Later?

Buying a SimpliSafe system will kick off your monitoring plan, but there’s nothing to stop you from cancelling your monitoring services immediately and having an unmonitored system right from the start. If you feel later that you’ve made a mistake, you can call up SimpliSafe and add the monitoring services back in at the usual rate.

Which SimpliSafe Plan is Best?

In terms of monitoring, there’s only one SimpliSafe plan: for $14.99 per month, you’ll get 24/7 monitoring of your system.

If by “plan” we mean hardware package, then it depends on the nature of your space. SimpliSafe’s “The Haven” package is clearly its most robust, but smaller spaces will feel just as secure with “The Essentials.” Perhaps the best option of all is to choose a custom system and select exactly the hardware that you want — you can do that on SimpliSafe’s website.

How Long are SimpliSafe’s Contracts?

Actually, SimpliSafe doesn’t have contracts — something highly unusual for a space in which typical contract commitments can run for years.

A more traditional security contract might include hardware and installation at no extra charge; but, in return, you’d be locked into paying for monitoring services for a significant period of time (typically three years). SimpliSafe swaps this model for one under which you pay for the equipment and subscribe to monitoring services on a month-by-month basis. Despite this model, SimpliSafe’s up-front costs aren’t too shocking. SimpliSafe claims that “lower markup” keeps their model cheaper in the long run, and it’s hard to argue with that.

How Do You Install SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe, as the name implies, is designed for a simple and straightforward DIY and tool-free installation. All you need to do is to power up the base station, place your sensors on doors, windows, and hallways, and perform a brief guided setup on your computer. If you get stuck, SimpliSafe offers step by step instructions and a 5-minute set-up video online.

What Do I Need for SimpliSafe to Work?

SimpliSafe security systems require monitoring hardware to work. The two essential pieces are the base station (which acts as a hub for your other security devices and is responsible for contacting the monitoring team when your alarm is tripped) and a wireless keypad controller. Obviously, you’ll also need some number of monitoring devices, like cameras and sensors, for the system to work.

Who Makes SimpliSafe’s Equipment?

SimpliSafe says that it “partners with many companies around the world” to produce its security hardware. That doesn’t exactly narrow it down, but it does suggest that SimpliSafe’s equipment is largely produced abroad. However, SimpliSafe does design all of its own equipment, and final assembly and testing on all equipment is does in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Where Can the SimpliSafe Base Station be Placed?

The SimpliSafe base station needs access to a power outlet. If you want to connect it to a landline, it should also be close to the phone jack. Outside of those two requirements, you have a lot of flexibility in where you can place it. The closer to a window you can get it, the better, as that improves the wireless signal.

Can SimpliSafe Use Existing Equipment?

SimpliSafe is not compatible with existing home security equipment, such as sensors that are already installed in your home.

Can SimpliSafe Use ADT Equipment?

No, SimpliSafe cannot use ADT equipment.

What Cameras Work with SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe manufacturers its own security cameras, and they are the only ones compatible with this system.

Are SimpliSafe Cameras Wireless?

Yes, SimpliSafe cameras are wireless in the sense that they have a Wi-Fi internet connection. However, they require a wired AC connection in order to be powered.

Are SimpliSafe Cameras Outdoor and Weatherproof?

SimpliSafe does not currently offer waterproofed outdoor versions of their security cameras, but they have recently announced that they will be adding this option in the near future.

Does SimpliSafe Work with Alexa?

Yes, SimpliSafe is compatible with Alexa devices.

Does SimpliSafe Work with Nest?

Yes, SimpliSafe is compatible with Nest smart thermostats and other Nest products.

Does SimpliSafe Work with Ring?

No, SimpliSafe is not compatible with a Ring video doorbell. SimpliSafe does offer its own video doorbell for your security system.

Does SimpliSafe Work with Google Home?

SimpliSafe does not work with Google Home.

Does SimpliSafe Work with Apple Products?

SimpliSafe does not work with Apple smart home devices. The app does work with the Apple iPhone.

Does SimpliSafe Work for Apartments?

SimpliSafe works great in apartments — in fact, that’s why the company was founded in the first place! SimpliSafe’s wireless system was designed with renters in mind, and it doesn’t require any tricky installation processes like drilling holes or running wiring. SimpliSafe is a great choice for apartment-dwellers and renters.

Does SimpliSafe work for Businesses?

SimpliSafe is well-known for its home security offerings, but it offers great commercial security options, too. Prices for business security systems will vary depending on the size of your space and your business’ specific security needs — just head to SimpliSafe’s website to get a price quote.

Does SimpliSafe Work for RVs?

SimpliSafe works wirelessly and can use cellular networks, which makes it a solid choice for RV security. However, you should be aware that SimpliSafe’s monitoring services won’t necessarily be able to dispatch local police officers or firefighters if you can’t provide them with a physical address. Still, plenty of SimpliSafe’s features work perfectly well in an RV environment.

Is SimpliSafe Pet-Friendly?

Yes, they are. SimpliSafe says its motion sensors are designed to detect “the unique heat signature of humans” and to ignore pets. High-tech security systems like SimpliSafe can use motion detectors to spot intruders. But you don’t want an alarm system that goes off every time your dog chases its tail. Are SimpliSafe’s sensors smart enough to avoid triggering a response over a pet?

Does SimpliSafe Use Wi-Fi?

Yes, SimpliSafe is a wireless home security system.

Does SimpliSafe Have an App?

Yes, the SimpliSafe app gives you full control over your home security system. You can see your video camera streams, get notifications, and arm and disarm your system with it.

Where Can I Buy SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe is offered directly through the website, as well as through major retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.

Can SimpliSafe be Moved to Another Location?

Yes, you can move all of your SimpliSafe equipment to a new location.

What is the SimpliSafe Return Policy?

You can return your home security system within 60 days to take advantage of the company’s money-back guarantee. SimpliSafe even pays for the return shipping.

Why Choose SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe offers a DIY-friendly, wireless home security system that doesn’t require contracts or inject hidden fees. The 24/7 professional monitoring keeps a close eye on your property, and the equipment that SimpliSafe uses includes many useful features.

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