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Protection 1 provides primarily wireless security solutions at competitive prices. Showing great confidence in its home security systems and monitoring centers, Protection 1 promises to pay the customer’s insurance deductible up to $1000 if a burglary occurs. Each Protection 1 security system features intrusion protection and environmental monitoring, plus customers can choose still image capture, mobile control, video security and home automation. Customers order by phone and choose from four 36-month plans or customized packages. Service starts at just $29.99/month with no fees for equipment, installation or activation.
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Competitive Prices
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Environmental Disaster Protection
Video Surveillance
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Long-Term Contract
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Protection 1 Security Solutions has been serving homes and businesses since 1988. In 2016 the company merged with America’s oldest security alert company, ADT. Protection 1 security systems are professionally installed and most are 100% wireless. Their simplest plan includes monitoring for environmental threats (fire, carbon monoxide and floods) as well as criminal activity. Their top plans add video security, home automation and other advanced features for safety and convenience. Customers sign 36-month monitoring contracts and get 14-day trials.

Equipment installed by Protection 1 is manufactured by General Electric and other industry leaders. Standard and touchscreen security control panels can connect with a wide variety of devices. Examples are entryway sensors, standard motion detectors, motion detectors with image capture, flood sensors and other environmental monitors, night vision video cameras, and thermostats. The most popular Protection 1 security system control panels support hands-free voice for emergency communication and have tamper protection. If anyone tries to disable the system, a Protection 1 operator will be notified. Protection 1 operates five emergency monitoring centers across the US.

Advertised prices for Protection 1 monitoring assume that cell radio sends emergency alerts. Different prices apply for security systems that use landlines or cell/landline combinations.

Protection 1 Security Solutions is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. The company has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2000 and has an A+ rating for handling disputes.

Customer Service

The protocol for Protection 1 customer service is impressive. One feature we like is how Protection 1 sends you a photo of the installation technician, so you’ll know if it’s safe to open your door. You can also track the technician’s estimated arrival time. The actual execution of this great customer service, however, is getting mixed reviews as the company adapts to new ownership. Ideally you won’t need to wait around, but scheduling can be difficult according to Protection 1 customer reviews.

Protection 1’s customer service center is staffed 24 hours/day, which is above the industry norm. Customer service calls are routed by machine (“Press 2 for customer service”) but, as advertised, an agent then picks up after one or two rings.

Protection 1 Security Solutions is a member of the Better Business Bureau and had an “A+” rating in 2016. On average there are one or two formal Protection 1 complaints filed per week through the BBB.

Among Protection 1 customers who completed a survey, the company’s satisfaction rate is 97%.


Protection 1 features four packages for wireless home security. (The company can also monitor non-wireless systems.) Each wireless security package provides intrusion protection and environmental protection. The advanced packages add features such as two-way voice, video surveillance, home automation and mobile access. Equipment costs and emergency monitoring are combined into monthly charges of about $30 to $50. Prices are higher without electronic billpay. Customers sign 36-month contracts. Here are the main options:

  • Protection 1’s starter package is called Secure. This $29.99/month home security package defends against home intrusion with three entry sensors and a standard motion sensor plus a yard sign and window decals. Additionally it has monitored detectors for smoke, water leaks and carbon monoxide.
  • Secure+ adds two-way voice control to the above plan. This package costs $39.99/month.
  • Smart Control is the most popular home security plan from Protection 1. This $44.99 monthly service builds upon Secure+ with mobile control, image sensing and home automation.
  • The top Protection 1 security package is called Video. This $49.99/month plan includes an indoor video camera with adjustable motion detection and night vision. Protection 1 also installs and monitors outdoor cameras.


Protection 1 customers sign 36-month security agreements. These let customers lock in rates as low as $1/day. However, prices may go up when a contract is through.


Protection 1 provides wireless security devices from General Electric and other industry leaders.
Here are main options for alarm system controls, sensors, recording and home automation.


  • Pushbutton Control Panel
  • Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Two-Way Voice
  • Keychain Remote Control


  • Standard Door/Window Sensors
  • Recessed Door Sensors (Less Visible)
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Infrared Motion Detectors
  • Motion Detectors with Image Capture
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Smoke and Heat Sensors
  • Water Leak/Flood Sensors

Video Cameras and Home Automation

  • Indoor Cameras with Night Vision
  • Outdoor Cameras with Night Vision
  • Pan-and-Tilt Cameras
  • Fixed Security Cameras
  • Keypad Door Locks
  • Remote Light Control
  • Remote Thermostat Control
  • Garage Door Control

Features & Technology

Protection 1 security equipment is cutting-edge yet simple to use. Here are some top features.

Choice of Control Panels

Protection 1 security systems are available with a choice of control panels including the popular wireless Simon XT touch screen model from General Electric. Top choices have tamper alert and support two-way voice communication.

Crash and Smash Protection

Protection 1’s control panel options include the security of “Smash and Crash” protection. If intruders break or attempt to compromise a system, an alert is automatically sent to a Protection 1 emergency operator.

Mobile App Compatibility

Protection 1’s top two monitoring plans are “interactive” or controllable with a mobile app. Owners can monitor and control their security zones, environmental sensors and home automation devices from anywhere in the world.

Still Image Capture

Motion sensors are included with each Protection 1 wireless security package. The top two plans support advanced motion sensors that capture still images when triggered.

Video Surveillance

A Protection 1 security system can monitor up to six indoor and outdoor video cameras. Installed cameras have high resolution by day, plus they have night vision. Texts are sent as an alert when motion is detected. Owners can securely view video online and get 100 MB of cloud storage with their home security plans.

Security Lights

Bright security lights from Protection 1 can scare criminals away. Some of the best home security systems from Protection 1 illuminate their video cameras as an extra deterrent.

Energy-Saving Home Automation

Protection 1 security systems can help users reduce energy bills by automating the use of lights and the thermostat. For example, a thermostat can be programmed to lower the heat whenever the alarm system is set to “Away” mode. Customers get centralized control of their homes through their wall-based control panels and online.

Ease of Use

Protection 1 provides easy-to-use equipment and takes care of installation. Arming or disarming the system is easy with a four-digit PIN or with the click of a keyring-sized remote control. Additionally Protection 1 provides mobile access for its top plans. With the Protection 1 mobile app, customers can log in on a standard computer or mobile device to view the system status, manage users and more.
Customer service is available by phone and with online chat 24 hours.


Protection 1 is a leading option for wireless home security. Prices are competitive and Protection 1 uses a three-year contract, which is standard for the home security industry. Their standard packages meet the needs of a wide range of customers, plus these plans can be expanded upon with extra devices for safety, energy cost savings and convenience.

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