Travis Goodreau

If you are looking to buy a home security system, there is one feature you should pay particular attention to—the monitoring. The monitoring is probably the most important feature of any home security system, because, without 24/7 monitoring, your security system will be pretty much useless…right? So let's take a look at the highlights of Nest Secure Monitoring.

Brinks Home Security, MONI, LiveWatch—What?

In 2015, Monitronics acquired LiveWatch, and a little over a year ago, MONI AND LiveWatch were rebranded as Brinks Home Security. So going forward, they are all being branded as a single entity under the Brinks Home Security name. Therefore, you might hear the other brand names being referred to from time to time. But don't be confused, they are all now just Brinks.

What Is Nest Secure and How Much Does It Cost?

Brinks Home Security has three package options including Nest Secure. Their Nest Secure package option is the only one of the Brinks packages that doesn't require you to sign a 36-month contract. However, you do have to buy their equipment upfront (which can be financed if you qualify). The Nest Secure equipment is $399; however, Brinks sometimes offers a $100 gift card to offset some of that cost. The Nest Secure package and all the Brinks monitoring packages require you to pay a monthly monitoring fee. The monthly monitoring fee for Nest Secure is $29/mo.

What Is the Response Time of Nest Secure Monitoring?

With Brinks Nest Secure, you can expect some of the fastest response times in the industry. Nest Secure monitoring consistently delivers a less than 30-second response time compared to other brands that can average more than a 300-second response time.

What Is the Brinks Nest Secure ASAPer Feature?

One of the reasons Brinks has such a quick response time is because they deploy what they call their ASAPer alert system. When your home security system alarm goes off, the ASAPer service will immediately send an alert to either SMS, voice, or your email depending on what you've configured. This allows you to handle the situation and report a false alarm if need be. You also have the option of contacting the monitoring center if you have an emergency. And, if you don't respond to the alert you were sent, the monitoring center will dispatch the police.

With this feature, you can also check on all your emergency contacts using the system's group chat. This will enable you to check on everyone at the same time versus having to make multiple phone calls or texts to do that.

Can I Get Professional Monitoring with Nest Secure?

Yes, professional 24/7 monitoring comes with the Nest Secure package option. Additionally, all of the Nest Secure products, as well as the Google Nest Guard keypad, motion sensors, and Google Nest Detect activity sensors will all work with professional monitoring. The only options that are not monitored are the Google Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms.

What Comes with a Nest Secure Professional Monitoring Subscription?

With Nest Secure professional monitoring, you get 24/7 responsive monitoring. This service also comes with a cellular backup included with your subscription. And again, the only options that aren't professionally monitored are the Nest Protect smoke and CO alarms.

How Is Professional Monitoring Different from Cellular Backup?

Professional monitoring is what enables the monitoring center to respond to your Nest Secure alarms. The cellular backup feature adds a cellular data connection to your Guard so even if you lose power or your Wi-Fi connection goes down, your alarm will still work and you will still continue to receive alerts on your phone. The cellular backup feature doesn't actually contact the monitoring center though, but it will make sure a connection is available if needed. The cellular backup feature is included when you subscribe to the professional monitoring services.

How Do I Sign Up for Nest Secure Monitoring?

If you want to sign up for Nest Secure monitoring, you can contact Brinks or you can click the link on this page to subscribe if you would like. Alternatively, you can subscribe directly from the Nest app. From the Nest app, you go to the home screen and select “Settings,” then “Security,” then “Professional Monitoring,” then “Add a Subscription.” That's it—done! However, please keep in mind that Nest subscriptions are only available to U.S. customers.

How Can I Confirm My Nest Professional Monitoring Is Working?

To get information about your professional monitoring service, you can go to the “Security” section of the Nest app. You can also contact your professional monitoring service directly to confirm they are receiving updates from your Nest Secure alarm system.

Can My Nest Secure Professional Monitoring Give Me Exact Details?

When the monitoring center receives an alarm from your home, your system can tell them which alarm was triggered and the monitoring center will give you their assessment of what triggered it. Additionally, your system will alert you if you or someone else in your family forgot to set the alarm, at which time you can arm it remotely using the Nest app.