Travis Goodreau

Investing in a Nest product is an excellent way to add value to your home as well as convenience, security, and peace of mind. Overall, Nest can be an affordable system, but with numerous components and add-ons, the prices can rise rather quickly. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of ways to save on Nest. This includes all of the latest discounts and special offers on Nest and the company’s equipment.

Deals and Sales

Discounts and sales happen all of the time, but not always. Nest has run a few specials from time to time. Third party organizations selling Nest also offer discounts intermittently. However, the company’s best deals are listed here. Check back often as these deals change all of the time.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Perhaps the best time to buy a Nest is during the holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have, in the past, been times when Nest and other home security systems become available at a discounted price. There is no way to know about these sales just yet – they are typically announced just before Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November. You may also consider July sales events. In the last few years, Amazon’s Prime Day has encouraged a wide range of retailers to place security systems on sale at discounted prices. This will happen around July 15th.

Discount Codes and Coupons

Discount codes and coupons may be available for your Nest purchase. However, the company does not offer a large number of these at any given time. Ring is very aggressive in its marketing and discounts. This works in your favor because the company offers a number of savings methods. Here are some of the latest discount codes and coupons you may want to check out.

Rebates and Rewards

Nest is very good about helping you to save if there’s a way to do it. Here are a few offers:

  • If you live in some areas, you may qualify for the Columbia Gas of Ohio discount. This gives you a $75 rebate on a Nest thermostat if you receive natural gas heating from the company.
  • Liberty Mutual also offers a rebate as well. You will receive $100 off some Nest products if you are a Liberty Mutual customer. In addition, you could qualify for a discount on your home insurance through the company.

Insurance Partner Discounts

Other insurance companies may offer you a savings option as well. Adding Nest products to your home can help to make your home safer. As a result of this, many insurance providers will offer you a discount on your premium costs. Let your home insurance agent know you have a Nest installed. Savings options as high as 5 percent may be available to you.

Energy Partner Discounts

Nest works with a variety of energy companies to offer residents discounts. These savings opportunities range widely between companies, but typically offer a rebate or a percentage off just for installing the system in the home. To find out if your energy provider offers such discounts, contact them directly.

Airbnb Superhost Discounts

Those who are an Airbnb Superhost may also qualify for some important discounts. If you are an Airbnb Superhost, you may qualify for a rebate. The company offers a discount of 30 percent off their home products in some countries.

Special Offers and Promotions

Another way to save is through special offers or promotions. These run randomly – generally can be created at any time, and they can be hard to learn about in some cases. Here’s a look at some of the current special offers and promotions available from the company and other third-party providers. Be sure to check all promotions and special offers carefully – some will have hidden fees. Always buy from a trusted source for any Ring product.

0% APR Financing

Nest is partnering with Affirm to provide buyers with an opportunity to finance their purchase of Nest products. The deal, for those who qualify, includes 0% APR financing for purchases from the Nest Store. Additionally, it allows consumers to make payments for 24 months. Individuals have to qualify for Affirm to obtain this discount, but for those who want to invest in a comprehensive, high-end system, this is a good, low fee way to do so.

Current Offers

Nest typically offers a variety of savings options, though these change often. You will find a variety of Nest discounts available at any given time. They may include savings on the Nest Thermostat E with Google Home Mini – a price savings of $49 is available right now. You can also save $49 on the Nest Learning Thermostat with Google Home Mini. The savings increase if you purchase more than one thermostat, too. Be sure to check in often to find out what the latest sales are.

Free Expedited Shipping

What you may not know about a great deal of other companies is that they charge significantly for shipping. Nest currently offers no cost shipping. Most people do not want to have to pay for shipping, and this is one way to accomplish that. However, this, too, may change from time to time.

*Sales, Deals & Discounts as of July 27, 2018