Frontpoint’s smart security devices and 24/7 security monitoring services are a popular option for homeowners who want to protect the things that matter most. But not all Frontpoint systems and plans are created equal. Frontpoint puts an emphasis on customization, and the company allows customers to build out their own systems by choosing the specific equipment that their homes need. And Frontpoint’s monitoring services come in different flavors, too. Frontpoint offers three tiers of monitoring protection: the Protection Plan, the Interactive Plan, and the top-of-the-line Ultimate Plan.

It’s the last of these that we’ll be discussing in depth below. Frontpoint’s most complete monitoring plan is a little different from its other options, and it’s important to understand how the plan differs from the ones at other price tiers, how it relates to Frontpoint’s equipment offerings, and which consumers might be most interested in this elite monitoring option. We’ll cover everything that you need to know about Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan right here, so read on!

What is Frontpoint Ultimate?

Before we go much further, we had better clarify exactly what we’re talking about here. What is Frontpoint Ultimate, and how does it fit into Frontpoint’s suite of product and service offerings?

The Ultimate Plan is one of Frontpoint’s monitoring subscription options. Like most security providers, Frontpoint’s offerings can be sorted into two basic categories: security equipment and security monitoring services. Security providers will outfit your home with equipment like sensors and cameras, and then they’ll monitor your system in order to contact you and the authorities if and when it becomes necessary.

Again, the Ultimate Plan is part of this second category, not the first. Which security equipment options you choose will not really affect the Ultimate Plan’s offerings; this is a separate thing.

The Ultimate Plan is not the only monitoring plan available from Frontpoint. It is, however, the most comprehensive. We’ll cover the differences between the Ultimate Plan and the other two Frontpoint plans (the Protection Plan and the Interactive Plan) a bit later on in this article.

What is Included in Frontpoint Ultimate?

We just established that the Ultimate Plan is the most complete monitoring plan available from Frontpoint. But what does that mean? What does Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan actually include?

Below is a full list of what you’ll get in the Ultimate Plan. The items in bold are unique to the Ultimate Plan and are not available at lower price points. This list is from Frontpoint’s website, and we’ve edited it a bit to clarify the meaning of some of the Ultimate Plan’s features.

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • 100% wireless and cellular monitoring connection
  • Automated system checks
  • Expandable and portable (you can change your equipment or move your system to a new home and keep your Ultimate Plan)
  • Crash and smash protection (crooks can’t prevent the alerts from going out by smashing your equipment)
  • Geolocation services
  • Mobile alerts, email notifications, and text notifications
  • Remote access and control
  • Sensor history
  • Live video streaming
  • Video and image history
  • Motion-triggered alerts
  • Night vision-enabled video
  • Smart light control
  • Smart lock control

Frontpoint Ultimate vs Protection

We’ve just seen that Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan offers a handful of features that Frontpoint’s other two monitoring plans do not. Let’s get a bit more specific about how the Ultimate Plan differs from Frontpoint’s most basic monitoring plan, Frontpoint Protection.

The Protection Plan is pretty basic. It includes monitoring of your security sensor equipment — stuff like window and door sensors and glass break sensors — and, like all of Frontpoint’s monitoring plans, it covers you 24/7 and relies on a wireless cellular connection (which means that you won’t need a land line in order to keep your system monitored).

But Frontpoint’s Protection Plan does not include next-level features like crash and smash protection and convenient mobile, text, and email alerts. (Frontpoint’s website does not make it clear why the Protection Plan does not have crash and smash protection listed as a feature despite having the same cellular connection and working with the same control panel and hub as the other two plans.) You won’t be able to use the Frontpoint app to arm or disarm your system remotely, and you won’t be able to use geolocation services (which can be used by security systems to know when you’re home and when you’re not).

If you want a system with security cameras and want to go back and check out what your cameras and sensors have seen, the basic Protection Plan is not a great choice. It lacks support for cameras and does not include sensor history reports.

Frontpoint Ultimate vs Interactive

Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan is its most impressive, and its Protection Plan (which we just discussed) is its most basic. In between is the Interactive Plan. How does that mid-tier option measure up to the top-of-the-line Ultimate Plan?

Like all of Frontpoint’s monitoring plans, the Interactive Plan includes monitoring of your system’s sensors and uses a wireless connection to keep track of issues and, if necessary, alert the authorities. Like the Ultimate Plan (and unlike the Protection Plan), the Interactive Plan will also alert you via text, email, and mobile app notifications. The Interactive Plan also shares the Ultimate Plan’s “crash and smash” protection. Like the Ultimate Plan, the Interactive Plan will allow you to check out your sensor history report.

But the Interactive Plan can’t quite match all of the Ultimate Plan’s perks. Specifically, it falls short in the security camera department. If you get the Ultimate Plan, you’ll be able to check out live feeds of your video cameras, get motion-triggered alerts, and look through your cameras’ video and image history. That’s not possible with the Interactive Plan.

The Interactive Plan is also not capable of allowing you to manage certain smart home and smart security devices — namely, smart bulbs and smart locks. The Ultimate Plan, on the other hand, allows you to control such things remotely (provided you have the compatible products from Frontpoint, of course).

How Much Does Frontpoint Ultimate Cost?

Frontpoint’s Ultimate plan is, appropriately enough, the ultimate Frontpoint monitoring service. It’s also the most expensive. The Ultimate Plan costs $49.99 per month with a three-year monitoring contract. Here’s how it stacks up against the other options:

  • Ultimate Plan: $49.99 per month
  • Interactive Plan: $44.99 per month
  • Protection Plan: $34.99 per month

In each case, these prices come with three-year contracts attached. To get Frontpoint, you’ll have to commit!

These are just the monitoring prices, of course. You’ll also have to buy the hardware — though Frontpoint tends to discount it quite a bit (some of the equipment cost is presumably built into the monthly rate for these three plans over the life of the three-year contract). Frontpoint offers pre-built bundles that, as of this writing, range in price from $69.00 to $832.84 (those are discounted prices offered to customers signing up for a plan, not sticker prices). It’s worth noting that a system that uses Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan may well include cameras, while a system built to work with either of the other two would presumably not (since they don’t support cameras), so you can expect an Ultimate Plan-ready system to be pricier than the more basic sorts of systems that you’d pair with the Interactive or Protection Plan.

Who is Frontpoint Ultimate Ideal For?

Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan offers more features than its other two plans. But Frontpoint offers three plans for a reason: each of them can be an ideal solution for a different sort of customer. So what sort of customer would find the Ultimate Plan to be the perfect fit?

Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan is the obvious choice for customers who want video camera coverage. Of Frontpoint’s three monitoring plans, only the Ultimate Plan supports security cameras. With the Ultimate Plan, you’ll be able to check out live feeds from your cameras and look over images captured by them previously.

The Ultimate Plan is also a great choice for tech-savvy customers who want to improve their home’s smart home capabilities. While you certainly don’t have to be tech-savvy to enjoy the Ultimate Plan (or Frontpoint’s security services in general), fans of smart lights and smart locks will find even more to like about Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan.

Is there ever a reason not to choose the Ultimate Plan? Sure. If you don’t feel that your security setup needs to include cameras, your best bet is likely the Interactive Plan. Customers looking for a bare-bones option on a budget will want to take note of the Protection Plan. But make no mistake: for the full Frontpoint experience, the Ultimate Plan is the way to go.