Travis Goodreau

Frontpoint’s home security system is fully faceted with a wide range of features and tools to help keep a home safe. From the 24-hour professional monitoring to the company’s high-quality indoor and outdoor cameras, there’s an eye to monitor the home. To be able to provide proper monitoring, the company uses a variety of sensors technology. As a consumer, you can choose which of these types of sensors you would like to add to your home and package to create the level of security you need. Here’s a look at some of the most important Frontpoint sensors.

Frontpoint Window Sensors

The Frontpoint window sensors are designed to provide a powerful level of monitoring for all areas of the home. You can use these on any window in the home. You can also interchangeably use these in the home on anything that opens and closes, including cabinets or drawers. If the small but mighty sensor detects the window opening, it will send an immediate notification to your app or the alert you set up. It will also sense when a window has been left open accidentally to alert you of that. The window sensors from Frontpoint have a long battery life of up to six years and are simple to install. If you do need to replace them, they are a coin-sized, lithium battery. They are fully wireless.

Frontpoint Door Sensors

Frontpoint’s door sensors are the same as the company’s window sensors. They are small, measuring 0.77 inches wide by 1.8 inches in height, which makes them easy to tuck out of sight and keeps them from being very noticeable. These door sensors are very important for those who are looking for a solution for entry doors as well as any other door in the home. They can also work well for cabinetry, drawers, medicine cabinets, or any type of storage unit. Because they simply fit into place, you can move them if you need to do so. As with the window sensors, they will send an alert any time the door is left open or if someone opens it when the system is armed. It communicates directly with your Frontpoint app.

Frontpoint Tamper Sensors

One of the ways Frontpoint works to help protect your home is with a tamper sensor. Many of the sensors it offers – such as those for your main system or the doors and windows – will feature a tamper sensor. That means if someone tries to remove the security system or tries to deactivate it, it will alert you of this. Tamper protection is one of the most important features of a home security system, but it is not something all companies offer. It’s a good idea to consider these solutions to ensure that your home remains protected in case someone tries to break in by disarming your system.

Frontpoint Glass Break Sensors

Glass has a very unique sound, and Frontpoint’s glass break sensors can “hear” it. Glass breaking is a common first alert to someone breaking into a home. If you have near-to-the-ground windows or doors with glass, this type of sensors allows you to be alerted if the device hears shattering. It uses pattern-recognition software to determine that sound. The glass break sensor can work in most rooms as it has a 20-foot range. It also has a 360-degree range of picking up those unique sounds. It is a bit larger than the other sensors at 4.24 inches wide by 3.13 inches high but is still hard to spot when placed by a set of windows or by the door.

Frontpoint Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are an excellent tool for enhancing the security of your home. And, they can be very easy to use with your Frontpoint system. The company’s motion sensors are actually some of the industry’s leading options for long-range. They can cover as much as a 44-foot area. It also has a wide-angle of 90 degrees, which creates a significant range of view, especially if you tuck them into the corner of a room. The Frontpoint motion sensors work very well for providing full coverage for living rooms, bedrooms, or other areas. They can work well in areas where there are numerous windows, and you want to be alerted to someone walking near those windows. The good news is they also have features that allow you to minimize false alarms from pets. The motion sensors are fully battery operated and last as long as 8 years.

Frontpoint Garage Door Sensors

The Frontpoint garage door sensors are designed to provide ample protection to your biggest entrance area to the home. The garage door title sensor is designed to help you avoid forgetting to close your garage door when you leave the home. This smaller sensor is placed on the top portion of the inside panel of the garage door. Because it detects the tilt of the door. If that happens, it will send an alert to your Frontpoint app or phone to let you know. Keep in mind that it only does this if the garage door is left open for what it determines is a longer than normal amount of time. Best of all, this device can work with virtually all brands of garage doors that have panels that open like this. The batteries last as long as 8 years and this unit can also handle a wide range of temperatures.

Frontpoint Water Sensors

Frontpoint’s flood sensor, or water sensor, is an excellent tool for those who have a higher risk of flooding. It is one of the leading sensor technologies the company offers. It is designed to detect even a very small amount of water present, such as a leak from a pipe. It has a range that is considered as much as five times more than the competitor’s products. If there is water detected, such as from the washer overflowing, it will send an alert to you to let you know. You can then take action to get help to stop the water damage.