Founded in 2007, Frontpoint has more than a dozen years of experience providing home security solutions. Frontpoint prides itself on putting their customers first by tailoring each security system to fit customers' unique lifestyle and needs and by providing unmatched customer service. The company uses the most up-to-date technology and was one of the first home security companies to use a cellular connection for every system. Frontpoint was the very first home security system to combine a do-it-yourself installation with professional monitoring, which has become the standard in modern security.

Frontpoint remain our highest rated home security company for their impeccable response time and variety of devices. Frontpoint maintains the industry's fastest response time due to their Rapid Response Monitoring Services (RRMS). RRMS has two monitoring centers and monitors for security systems, burglary, fire, and medical alerts. Frontpoint offers monitoring services for their standard security packages and those you custom build. Frontpoint is the safer, smarter, simpler home security system.

Frontpoint Customer Service Number – (877) 602-5276

Frontpoint only hires the best for their customer service team, which is why they consistently score top marks for customer support. Customer service representatives with Frontpoint care about giving you the support your home security system deserves. Customer service can answer your questions about Frontpoint, your system, and their devices. Customer service representatives can also help you set up and troubleshoot your security system and add new hardware to an existing system.

Frontpoint Sales and Quotes Number – (866) 997-3237

Frontpoint is a unique company, because they train their sales representatives to do what's right for the customers and not focus on making big sells. Sales representatives make your safety their top priority, and that informs everything they do. Home security products make a positive impact on the families that use them, and the Frontpoint sales team always keeps that idea front and center. You can call Frontpoint to purchase a new system, to add new devices to your system, to upgrade your system, or to request a free quote. There's no pressure, so you can call back at a later time to discuss that free quote.

Frontpoint False Alarm Number – (800) 932-3822

False alarms are causing big problems across the country with fire departments and other emergency responders hurrying to homes that do not need their services. Rockland fire department in New York found that between 2009 and 2012 one third of all dispatches were for false alarms. These mistakes are costly for the city and to people who are truly in need of the emergency responders. False alarms happen with every home security system, but when they do, you should be prepared. Have your passcode ready when you call so that the monitoring center can cancel the dispatch without any delay.

Frontpoint Number to Opt Out of Contact – (866) 252-7630

If you would like to opt out of phone contact from Frontpoint, call their opt-out number at 866-252-7630.