Travis Goodreau

Frontpoint is the top contender in home security for people who want lots of choices when it comes to protecting their home. Frontpoint offers professional monitoring, self monitoring, professional installation, DIY installation, packages, and single equipment purchase. You can buy equipment with a one-time payment or lease to own. Frontpoint has three options for professional monitoring plans, depending upon your needs, and though Frontpoint gives you six equipment packages to choose from, you can always build your own. They offer a wide range of home security products, including sensors, cameras, and automated devices like smart door locks. Frontpoint isn’t big on limitations.

Smart Lock Options

Frontpoint lets you choose to use a smart door lock as part of a larger security system or as a stand-alone product. To use the door lock by itself, you will still need the Frontpoint Hub and Keypad, since these form the base of your command center for your Frontpoint home security system. Both the hub and the keypad use 100% cellular connection with Wi-Fi built in as a backup, that way, if one service goes down you are still protected and your automated devices still work. The system is smash-proof and uses powerful encryption. If an intruder smashes the Hub, your alarm signal will still go through to the monitoring center.

Frontpoint App

Home automation is seamlessly integrated with your Frontpoint home security system. The 4-star Frontpoint app lets you control your security system from anywhere. With the mobile app, you can arm and disarm your home’s security with the press of a button. You can receive real-time texts, emails, or push notifications for programmable events. You can view video recordings and the camera’s live streaming. You can control your smart lights, thermostats, locks, and more.

Monitoring Options

For customers interested in Frontpoint’s 24/7 professional monitoring, there are three options: the Protection Plan, the Interactive Plan, and the Ultimate Plan. Only the Ultimate Plan supports automated equipment like the smart door lock. This monthly monitoring plan allows you to customize and control your home’s security. The plan offers automated system checks, geo-location services, a log of sensor history, motion-triggered alerts, night vision on cameras, and remote access and control of your smart devices, including lights, cameras, and smart locks. The Ultimate Plan is both expandable and portable.

Specifications for Frontpoint Smart Door Locks

The Frontpoint Smart Door Lock is manufactured by Yale, a dependable provider of door hardware since 1840. This smart lock integrates with the Frontpoint security system using Z-Wave Plus technology. You can lock and unlock your door using the backlit keypad, so you won’t have to worry about losing or carrying your keys again. You can create and share up to 50 unique entry codes for welcome visitors. The lock comes in two colors, oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel, and uses a deadbolt motor attachment.

Frontpoint Security Packages with Smart Lock Options

Frontpoint is all about their options. You can purchase the Frontpoint smart door lock by Yale as a stand-alone product for $179.99, or you can add it to a Frontpoint equipment package. Frontpoint doesn’t require you to purchase any special equipment package to use their smart products.

The Yale smart door lock can be a customized addition to the simplest package, the seven-piece Safe Home Starter package that starts at $69, or as an addition to their most robust package, the eighteen-piece Safe Home Elite package that starts at $832.84. You can also build your own Frontpoint security system from the ground up. You start with the Frontpoint Hub and Keypad and then add the devices you want and nothing you don’t. Frontpoint systems are personalized and powerful to meet the specific needs of your home, your family, and your lifestyle.