Travis Goodreau

Frontpoint is one of the best home security systems on the market today. However, before you make any final decisions, you might want to perform a little due diligence first. Not every home security system is going to be right for every person. There's no one size fits all solution. Therefore, you can begin by determining if you want a wired or wireless home security system. Once you know that, you can continue by learning about the installation process. Do you want a professional installation or would you prefer to install it yourself?

Some brands offer DIY installation home security systems, others offer professional installation with or without charging you for it, others offer both.

Let's look at the Frontpoint installation processes. We will also go over whether Frontpoint offers a professional or DIY installation, and how much the installation will cost you if anything.

Frontpoint Installation

The Frontpoint components are all wireless (except for a few doorbell camera wires) and they use a cellular signal to communicate; therefore, they are all very easy to install. So Frontpoint doesn't offer any professional installation services, but you really don't need them. However, that also means you don't have to pay for professional installation either, which is great! Frontpoint offers many help options for installing your home security system. They have a PDF quick start installation guide, step-by-step installation videos, and a Smart Home Concierge all available to you.

Here are some of the basic Frontpoint component installation processes.

Doorbell Camera

The Frontpoint website will tell you that the Frontpoint doorbell can be installed in minutes and to follow the instruction provided with your camera. They also have Smart Home Concierge's standing by to help you if you ever need it. Additionally, Frontpoint also provides you with step-by-step videos of exactly how to go about installing their doorbell camera which states the following.

You will need the app, doorbell mounting plate and mounting screws, a Philips screwdriver, and the provided anchors if you are installing your doorbell in masonry or stucco. You will then remove your old doorbell, install the doorbell mounting plate using the screws provided, and pull the existing wires through the center hole in the mounting plate. Next, you will slightly loosen the two mounting screws that are on the mounting plate, insert one of the exiting doorbell wires around each screw making sure the wires are securely fastened. Then you will take your doorbell camera and put it over the mounting plate and snap it into place, tighten the set screw located at the bottom of the mounting plate, you will then see the doorbell camera begin to power up. You will know it's charging because the doorbell button will be pulsing blue. Once it's powered up it will flash green and red. You can now move on to the syncing process using your mobile app. Just follow the online instructions to complete the syncing process.

Control Panel

The Frontpoint control panel is very easy to install. You simply, connect the two wires on the back to each other. You will hear a beep once they have connected. These wires are for the battery backup. Then you place your control panel in a central location, preferably away from a window or door where a criminal could easily get to it. Next, plug the power adapter into a power outlet.


Frontpoint has a quick start PDF installation guide that will help you with how and where to place your sensors for best results.

To install the Frontpoint sensors, determine where you want to place them on your windows and doors. This should be an area that is within 100 feet of the control panel. Then you will wipe the area so it's free of dirt and dust so the adhesive will hold. All the sensors are numbered to help make the setup easier. The sensors are in two pieces, the magnet, and the transmitter. Together they detect the opening of any window or door, etc. Before sticking them in place, make sure the arrows are properly aligned at no more than a thumb's width apart. Next, peel off the stickers and stick each part in place and hold it for 60 seconds.

You will then need to install the motion sensors. Just place them where you want them. You will again install them using the adhesive to affix them in place.

Then place them high enough so the view is not obstructed and low enough to capture as much of the room as possible. Once this is done the setup wizard will look for the sensors, then the wizard will ask you to hit activate. Then, continue to follow the online prompts for setting up your system with a password, etc.

Security Cameras

The Frontpoint indoor security cameras can be installed by performing the following.

Login to your account and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your cameras. First, click the Video tab, attach the antenna by screwing it into the back of the camera, connect the Ethernet cord to your camera and router before you plug in the power adapter, connect the power adapter to the back of the camera, then plug the cord into the non-switch portion of your electrical outlet. You will then wait for the lights on the front of the camera to switch from red to green, name your camera, and click continue. This will take about a minute. You will continue to follow the wireless setup instructions shown on the screen. After that, you can remove the power and Ethernet cords from the back of the camera. Then take the camera and place it in your desired location as a freestanding unit or using the provided camera stand. You will now need to reconnect the power cord to the camera and plug it into the non-switch portion of your electrical outlet. Once again, you will wait for the lights to go from red to green, then confirm on the screen you have completed these steps by clicking the “Above Steps Completed” button. Now you are done and should be able to see a live screen of your cameras. Just make sure you've downloaded the Frontpoint mobile app so you can access, view, and control your system remotely.

Installation Cost

Since all the Frontpoint equipment is wireless, everything is a DIY installation, so you never have to pay for a professional to come to your house and install your equipment for you. It can all be installed in minutes with no drilling or wiring except one quick step when installing the doorbell camera. Additionally, everything comes pre-configured so there is no manual programming required either.

How Do I Activate My Frontpoint Home Security System?

Once you are done installing all your home security equipment, call Frontpoint's Customer Activation line, so they can activate your system and get it up and running for you.

Can Frontpoint Be Installed in an Apartment?

Yes, in fact, Frontpoint has one of the best home security systems for apartments on the market. Just make sure you check with management to find out exactly what they will and won't allow you to do when installing a home security system in an apartment.