Frontpoint provides its customers with 24/7 professionally-monitored home security, home automation and control. The Frontpoint home security system is one of the most comprehensive, reliable and safest home security options available on the market. Frontpoint offers a range of features and services. Frontpoint allows customers to access and manage the system from anywhere using the Frontpoint app or online.

What is Frontpoint Security?

Frontpoint Security provides DIY home security systems that protect properties against break-ins and environmental damage, and that offers home automation options. The company’s customer service is widely hailed, and its systems are designed to be easy to install and upgrade.

How does Frontpoint Work?

Like most effective security systems, Frontpoint’s systems consist of two different types of offerings: security hardware that can detect entry, record video, and otherwise monitor your home; and 24/7 monitoring services that will get you the help you need in the event that your system detects an issue.

Frontpoint’s hardware devices are largely wireless, and they communicate primarily via cellular connection (Frontpoint does recommend connecting your security hardware to your Wi-Fi network, too, as a backup). Cellular connections are also used to connect your Frontpoint hub device to Frontpoint’s 24/7 monitoring center.

Where is the Frontpoint Corporate Headquarters?

Frontpoint’s corporate headquarters is located in Vienna, Virginia.

Does Frontpoint Require a Contract?

Frontpoint requires that you sign either a 1-year or 3-year contract. Renters can only sign 1-year contracts, while homeowners with credit scores above 600 who sign 3-year contracts have access to steep equipment discounts.

Can I use Frontpoint Without a Contract?

When customers ask this question, they’re usually asking one of two questions: first, is it possible to get Frontpoint hardware without a monitoring contract? And, second, is it possible to keep using Frontpoint’s equipment after cancelling the monitoring contract or letting it expire?

The answer to the first question is no. You can’t get Frontpoint security hardware without agreeing to a monitoring contract. As for the second question, that’s a pretty firm “no” as well. Frontpoint has, at times, used hardware that can be utilized by other systems; but, for the most part, your Frontpoint hardware will work only with Frontpoint’s monitoring services and app, and will offer very little functionality if you don’t have access to those things.

Does Frontpoint Require a Credit Check?

Security companies that lock customers into contracts tend to use credit check to make sure that they can rely on customers to pay. Frontpoint is no exception: To be eligible for one of Frontpoint’s security plans, you’ll need to pass a credit check.

How Much Does Frontpoint Cost?

The prices for Frontpoint security systems depend on the plan you choose, any add-on equipment you wish to include, and your access to discounts. Monthly monitoring ranges from $34.99 to $49.99 before tax.

Can Frontpoint be Used Without Monitoring?

Frontpoint requires you to have an active home security monitoring plan in place to use the system.

Who Monitors Frontpoint?

Frontpoint’s 24-hour professional monitoring is handled by Rapid Response Monitoring Services. They’re located in California and New York and will quickly dispatch the appropriate assistance in the event of an emergency or a break-in. This service has extensive backup systems, so they’re always available to help.

What Equipment Comes with Frontpoint?

The Pro Package includes a keypad panel, three door and window sensors, a motion sensor, a glass break sensor, and a keychain remote. The Pro Plus Package adds two additional sensors, one additional motion sensor, and a smoke/heat sensor. Add-on equipment includes indoor and outdoor cameras, flood sensors, garage door sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, smart locks, panic pendants, and signs.

How Much is Frontpoint Equipment?

Equipment packages start at $199.95 and vary depending on the add-ons and plan that you select.

Can Frontpoint use ADT Equipment?

Frontpoint does not support ADT equipment.

What Cameras Work with Frontpoint?

Frontpoint's home security cameras are developed by Third-party cameras are not compatible with this system.

Does Frontpoint Offer Outdoor Cameras?

Frontpoint offers a few different camera options to its customers, and one of those options is a hardy outdoor camera that can stand up to the elements.

What Thermostats Work with Frontpoint?

Frontpoint supports Z-Wave compatible thermostats.

Does Frontpoint Work with Nest?

No, Frontpoint doesn’t work with Nest products or the smart thermostat.

Does Frontpoint Work with Google Home?

Yes, Frontpoint works with Google Home and has security system automation as well as voice-activated commands.

Does Frontpoint Work with Alexa?

Yes, Frontpoint is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Does Frontpoint Work with Apple Products?

Frontpoint’s app works with iOS mobile devices.

Does Frontpoint work with Ring?

Ring makes some great smart home devices, including its impressive doorbell camera. But that doorbell camera won’t work with Frontpoint’s app and monitoring services, which only want to deal with Frontpoint’s own doorbell camera product.

Where Can I Buy Frontpoint Security?

You can purchase your system on Frontpoint’s website or by phone.

Does Frontpoint Offer Professional Installation?

No, Frontpoint does not offer professional installation. But that’s part of the point: Frontpoint offers simple, wireless smart security devices that are easy for customers to install on their own. Frontpoint says its DIY installation process takes less than 30 minutes, and that customers benefit by saving on the professional installation fees that some Frontpoint competitors demand.

Can I Use Frontpoint Without Wi-Fi?

Frontpoint’s security hardware communicates wirelessly. Does this mean that you’ll need to have a steady and reliable Wi-Fi connection at all times for your home to be protected?

Actually, no, it doesn’t. Frontpoint’s wireless devices communicate primarily via cellular connections. With that said, Frontpoint does strongly suggest that customers connect their systems to their Wi-Fi networks. While Frontpoint does not rely on Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi connections make a good backup for cellular connections.