Travis Goodreau

Deep Sentinel is a professional security service that offers some of the more advanced solutions for security and automation. This includes services such as 24-hour professional monitoring, real-time intervention when it is needed, and 10-second identification to provide fast reaction times. When it comes to Deep Sentinel cameras, these are also some of the most advanced options available with key features that help them to stand out, such as smarter and faster connectivity.


What makes Deep Sentinel cameras so sought-after is their built-in features. Take a look at some of them:

24-Hour Human Monitoring

The cameras are monitored by a professional monitoring team every day, all day long. This is human surveillance, which is unlike other brands that don’t incorporate U.S.-based monitoring.

10-Second Identification

If the camera sees something, there is about a 10-second identification process. That means that it is a much faster reaction time if there is a problem. More so, all of these triggers are managed by people. That means that if there is a problem, such as a crime occurring, and the police are called, the police will arrive at the home. It is less likely there will be any false alarm associated with these systems.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI incorporated into Deep Sentinel is one of the features that bring people to this brand. It helps to ensure that only true risks – not animals or trees – are causing the alarms. Additionally, there is no need to scroll through hours of video to find out what the trigger was. It only records when it is necessary to do so.

Two-way Audio

The two-way audio on the cameras makes them rather empowering. The quality of the audio speakers and the microphone are very good. This allows for two-way communication from your app to those standing outside your home.

Easy Installation

The installation process for Deep Sentinel cameras is very easy to do. It includes just a single screw and a one-step camera mounting process. There is no difficult Wi-Fi configuration process either.

Long-Lasting Battery

This is a fully wireless system. That means it is managed by rechargeable batteries. These last about two months on a single charge. The Hub unit, which is the main communication unit, is also the charging station. There are extra batteries included, which means there is virtually no downtime with these cameras.

Weatherproof Design

Deep Sentinel cameras are also designed to handle just about any temperature with a range from -4 to 122 degrees F. It is not necessary waterproof – you can’t submerge it into a bucket of water. However, it can handle most weather conditions. That’s because the camera is housed in its own housing designed to minimize risks.

Local Storage

The camera’s Intelligent Hub also features local storage. This means that video that’s recorded is stored on the camera system. This can improve privacy and reduce risks to others seeing it. And, there’s also a local processor, which helps to speed up the entire process.

Costs & Prices

Deep Sentinel cameras are sold as a portion of the Deep Sentinel Surveillance Package. The initial package offers three cameras for mounting throughout the home. It also comes with wall mounts to hold them in place and an Intelligent Hub for communication. It includes four batteries that are rechargeable. It is $699 at regular price. However, it can be priced as low as $499 during sales and promotional offers.

In addition to this, consumers also need to purchase a monthly subscription service for the surveillance. This costs $49 per month.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee for anyone that is unsure if this is the right choice for their needs. There is a one-year commitment period. After this first year, the subscription renews each month. After that time, users can cancel at any time.


For those investing in Deep Sentinel cameras, it’s important to know the company’s line up of products is not as extensive as other company options. However, these are still feature-filled and a good option.


The camera available from Deep Sentinel measures 2.56 inches by 5.18 inches by 4.41 inches. It’s weatherproof. It connects wirelessly to the Hub, the main component of the system. The cameras offer 100 percent video verification, which ensures that the police respond to the home because there’s proof of a problem. The hardware is advanced enough to offer a faster response. It also includes two-way audio to allow users to connect. There are audio speakers and a microphone on hand to allow this. The battery lasts about two months. Because a real human views any triggers, there are few false alarms here.

The camera sits in Weatherproof IP65 housing. This housing hull helps to protect the camera from snow and rain. It can handle a temperature range of -4 up to 122 degrees F.

The Hub

For the cameras to work, users need to have an Intelligent Hub. This is the tool that helps manage the camera system. It includes local storage to protect the user’s privacy. This includes 4GB of dedicated RAM as well as 64 GB of ultra-fast flash memory storage. The Hub also features an on-site processor, which makes it possible to process information at a rate of 10 frames per second. It also includes smart recording, in which artificial intelligence is used to eliminate watching hours of footage to find triggers. It also is excellent at detecting things like animals.


There is a lot to like about Deep Sentinel and the cameras themselves. The cameras are well-designed and durable. They also have a lot of onboard features that improve privacy (such as the available local storage) and response time (artificial intelligence). The package does cost a bit more than others out there, but it also comes with true human monitoring and far fewer false alarms. For those who want an easy-to-install system that offers professional monitoring, this can be a good choice.