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Last Updated On: October 16, 2019
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What Sets Canary Apart

Simple, flexible, and powered by AI technology. Welcome to Canary. This home security company allows you to choose your pricing and contract length. Get the basic package with no-contract (but high upfront fees), or join the $10/mo Canary membership and get big discounts and neat features like zone masking, two-way talking, and 30-day video storage. Canary’s achilles heal is that it doesn’t support home automation features. See what our experts say in our Canary review.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • DIY Installation
  • Remote Control
  • Environmental Protection
  • Home Automation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Low Monitoring Fees

Canary Price & Packages

There are three different versions of the Canary home security system. No contracts are required with any of the plans. Memberships that offer extended features can be purchased for as little as $9.99/mo.

Canary Package Costs

Canary offers multiple packages that give you all the equipment you need to secure your home. Packages are less expensive when you subscribe to a 1-year or a 2-year Canary membership plan. Canary packages can be found below.

Canary PackagePackage CostWith 1-Year MembershipWith 2-Year MembershipMore Details
Starter Pack$349$289$229See More
Outdoor Security Pack$389$329$269See More
Total Home Pack$539$469$399See More

Canary Product Costs and Price List

Canary offers 3 main products; the Canary Flex, the Canary All-in-One and the Canary View. Just like the Canary packages, Canary cameras are discounted when paired with a Canary membership plan. The following are the Canary products offered and the discounted prices for each when purchased with a Canary membership.

Canary ProductCostWith 1-Year MembershipWith 2-Year MembershipMore Details
Canary Flex$199$149$99See More
Canary All-in-One$169$119$69See More
Canary View$99$49$0See More

Canary Monthly Prices & Plan Costs

Canary offers a membership plan that not only provides 30-day video history, unlimited video downloads, two-way talk and desktop streaming, but also offers discounts on Canary products. The following are the costs of a Canary membership.

Canary Membership PlanMonthly Membership CostAnnual Membership CostMore Details
Basic Experience$0$0See More
Complete Experience$9.99$99.99See More

Current Deal

At the time of this writing, Canary was not offering promotions of any kind.

Basic Experience


+ Upfront Costs*

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  • 24/7 Watch Live
  • Motion-activated Recording
  • One-touch Access to First Responders
  • 1 Day Video History
  • Person Detection
  • 1 Year Device Warranty
  • HD camera

    Complete Experience


    + Upfront Costs*

    View Packages
    • 24/7 Watch Live
    • Motion-activated Recording
    • One-touch Access to First Responders
    • 30 Day Video History
    • Person Detection
    • Unlimited Video Downloads
    • Desktop Streaming
    • Two-way Canary Talk
    • 2 Year Device Warranty
    • HD camera

      About Canary Security

      The Canary system is rather simple. Although it uses multiple sensors and cameras, it relies on the abilities of a few pieces of integral equipment to create a virtual boundary around the home and detect changes in the home’s environment. Instead, the system relies on the wide angle lens of the camera and the All-in-One device’s ability to sense changes in your home’s environment. Check out the full review of Canary here.

      Surveillance Cameras

      Canary cameras offer “watch live video” and two-way communication through either the Flex or View cameras.

      Mobile Alerts

      Canary offers apps for both iOS and Android systems, providing mobile capabilities. It also allows for two-way communication and the sending of alerts and notifications.

      DIY Installation

      All of the devices offered by Canary can be easily installed by the homeowner.

      24/7 Monitoring
      24/7 MONITORING

      Canary is set up for self-monitoring through “Watch Live” technology. The system is set up to immediately notify law enforcement if there is a breach in the security portion of the system and the alarm is set off.

      Power Outage Protection

      The system offers a battery backup with rechargeable batteries. When it comes to connectivity, there is an ethernet port, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. It also runs on a low-wave blue-tooth connection.

      Remote Control

      The remote features offered by the Canary system include the ability to arm and disarm the alarm and cameras through the use of a mobile app that is supported by geoservices.

      Voice Response

      The View and All-in-One devices offer two-way communication and allow you to interact with Google Assistant, Wink and Amazon Echo.

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      1. Avatar Ernie Cain says:

        I have a canary camera that Installed outside but the power cord and the cable did not withstand the heat and the humidity. the Camera works just fine. Is it possible to replace just those parts that I mention without having to but the camera also?
        Ernie Cain

        1. Avatar Editor says:

          Hi Ernie,
          Sorry to hear that. We’re not Canary, so you’d need contact them to ask about replacing those parts.

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