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Brinks is a trusted brand in home security and has been for years. In 2009, it merged with ADT, creating a comprehensive home security and monitoring company. It offers some of the most innovative technology for smart home functionality but builds into that the company’s history of providing fast, reliable help when an intruder is present or a sensor triggers. A component of the company’s offerings is a comprehensive monitoring program.

What Is the Brinks Monitoring Service?

Along with providing sensors for doors and windows, motion sensors and doorbell cameras, Brinks monitoring provides 24/7 protection for your home. Using this home monitoring program, homes are protected by licensed professionals. If a trigger of one of your sensors occurs, the company can send the local authorities to your home immediately, giving you the help you need without delay.

The professionally monitored Brinks system will send an alarm to the company’s Alarm Response Center. This location is staffed all of the time. The trained team there can then alert the help you need including the police or fire department, as well as medical providers if an emergency occurs.

A key benefit to professional monitoring is location. If one of your security cameras picks up someone lurking outside your home, that camera may send an alert to your phone. Then, you need to view the alert and call the police for help. Dialing 911 from your cell phone doesn’t help unless you are at home. However, with Brinks monitoring, the team can see what’s happening immediately, and dispatches help immediately, getting help faster.

The company states its average time to notify a customer of an alarm is 30 seconds, compared to 330 seconds by its competitors.

What Does Brinks Home Monitoring Offer?

Home monitoring is available with most of the home security solutions offered by Brinks. One of the key promises of the system is a feature called ASAPer. In short, it is a promise to connect to you and provide help up to 10 times faster in an emergency situation.

False Alarm Protections

The company also offers false alarm solutions. False alarm prevention helps ensure that emergency responders do not come to your home if it is not necessary that they do. It protects against things like improper arming and disarming of the system, animals triggering alarms, accident activations caused by a key fob and unsecured windows or doors.

Group Chat

Another key feature of the monitoring service is an option to use group chat through your app when an alarm is happening. This may allow you to talk to and interact with family or friends in the home or the neighborhood.

Mobile Alerts

The system sends a text message as well as a notification through your mobile app when there is an alarm. This happens within seconds of one of the sensors or alarms being triggered. It then allows you to take action within the app to control what happens, such as calling for help.

How to Get Brinks Home Monitoring

Brinks Home Monitoring is a part of the company’s security systems. Brinks has several systems that include equipment as well as 24/7. Among the options are the following.

Brinks Home Monitoring OptionsMonthly Plan CostMore Details
Smart Security Essential$29See More
Smart Security Complete$39See More
Smart Security Ultimate$39See More

Nest Security

The system price for Nest Secure is $11.08 a month financed or $399 upfront. In addition to this, you’ll pay $29 a month for professional monitoring. This package does not require a contract for long-term monitoring. This system includes cell backup so that the monitoring service is not disconnected if someone cuts the wires outside your home. It also includes tamper protection, home automation access, and smartphone control.

Smart Security Essential

Another option is to choose the Smart Security Essential service, which is a touchscreen-based home security system. It is $199 if paid in full. Monitoring service is $29 a month through a 36-month agreement. It includes the same features, along with LiveVoice Assist, a tool to allow you to communicate directly with professionals when you need help at home.

Smart Security Complete

For those who want more protection and the ability to capture what is happening immediately, the Smart Security Complete package may be ideal. It costs $13.86 a month financed or $499 upfront for the equipment and $39 a month for home monitoring with a 36-month agreement. This package also adds live video streaming and cloud video storage so you can capture what is happening when an alarm sounds.

Smart Security Ultimate

The best option is the Smart Security Ultimate package. This package includes an outdoor camera and doorbell camera and is $1099 plus a $39 monthly service fee. You can finance the equipment for $30.53 a month for 3 years.

It is also possible to expand and customize your Brinks system with additional features including flood sensors, indoor and outdoor cameras, wireless temperature sensors, and much more. Any of these features can be accessed through the professional monitoring service. You can add numerous door and window sensors, use Nest Tags or Nest Guard, and incorporation HD video cameras if you would like to. The Brinks professional monitoring service is an excellent solution for most users.