Travis Goodreau

Brinks Home Security is one of the most well-known and trusted of all security systems – and with good reason. The company has provided services like this for years to come. It has become a trusted brand for its dependability and its response. If you are thinking about purchasing a Brinks home security system, you can count on nice features like smartphone control over your system, 24/7 monitoring, and home automation. It also offers features such as Crash and Smash Protection, LiveVoice Assist, and automated arming and disarming.

All of this offers some of the best and most advanced technology available for reducing your home security risks. However, it also comes at a cost. Brinks can be a bit expensive, depending on the product you decide on. And, you may be locked into a long term, three-year contract, which can significantly increase your costs. Plans are affordable at the starting point – which is just $29 per month. However, professional installation costs also add to the overall cost of purchasing a system.

All of this equates to the need to find discounts and deals on Brinks home security systems. That is one of the best ways to reduce your overall costs and still tap into some of the best solutions available. Here is a look at some of the best ways to do that.

Deals and Sales

Deals and sales on Brinks home security are out there, but they can be hard to find for the most part. For those who want to save, finding a sale is often a good step to take if you are buying at the right time of the year. Brinks may run a discount at any time.

Black Friday

One of the best times to save on a new Brinks home security system is at the holidays. Brinks, like many other home automation and security companies, realizes that people are readily willing to invest at this time. TO help them secure new discounts, they offer big discounts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in November. In the past, Brinks has offered a percentage-off discount. It has also offered specific camera and system savings options.

Cyber Monday

The Monday after Thanksgiving is another key savings opportunity. Cyber Monday tends to offer online discount options from Brinks. In the past, the company has offer a site-wide sale on its products. This includes a wide range of savings on its systems.

There is no specific information about Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales just yet for this year. This information tends to be made available only closer to the date. However, if you are buying at this time, this could be an ideal way to reduce costs.

Discount Codes and Coupons

Many security companies offer discounts through third party sellers. Brinks, for example, can be purchased in a variety of retailers. Those retailers may receive a promotion code for a savings option. However, this is not common with Brinks.

Brinks Home Security coupons and discount codes are not often available because the company promotes an open pricing plan. That is, the best prices tend to be easily found on the company’s website (as well as through this site). When these promotions have been available in the past, they tend to offer between five and ten percent off the cost of a new system. Home security products – those sold separately and in systems or packages – may be a significant savings if you purchase them like this.

Special Offers and Promotions

Brinks offers a variety of promotions and savings options from time-to-time that are worth checking out. For example, there are times of the year when the company will offer a $0 activation price. The company has also offered promotions to provide free installation of its home security system. This is the ideal way to cut costs for initial installation (installation costs can range widely throughout the country but tend to be a significant amount).  In other cases, installation may be offered at a set discount, such as $200 off. Availability of this type of discount ranges regionally.

Another way the company helps consumers to save is with special financing. If you qualify, you may be able to get a low-interest or zero-interest APR for a set number of months. This type of discount tends to be available on the more expensive systems.

Brinks Home Security is often available through promotions that reduce the monthly subscription fee. This may help you to save money in the long term on the system, though upfront costs may be a bit higher.

To find the latest promotions and savings options, we encourage you to visit our website frequently. We always offer the best discounts and sales available from Brinks right here.