Some homeowners choose individual components of home security products. Other homeowners invest in an all-in-one security system, likely believing that the all-in-one system better meets their needs.

Understanding what an all-in-one security system is, the advantages, disadvantages, and vulnerabilities likely helps homeowners decide if this is an ideal option that best suits their home security needs.

What is an All-In-One Security System?

Some common home security measures include placing fake security signs on the premises, purchasing quality locks, investing in a security camera, or a security system. All-in-one security systems feature flexibility, along with portability, in a complete security system.

This type of system works for nearly all types of homes, including smaller homes, and rental properties. Landlords and property owners typically do not permit drilling, installing, or placing devices outside the property, and likely limits these same actions on the inside of the premises.

Some homeowners prefer to forgo the complexity of certain home security devices and choose an all-in-one security system. There are several reasons that people choose an all-in-one security system over other types of security options. One is the fact that the cost of purchasing individual security devices adds up quickly.

An all-in-one security system usually comes complete with motion sensors, built-in live-streaming cameras, sirens, arming and disarming functions, and other features. Some additional features are unique to the specific brand or system.

How Much Does an All-In-One Security System Cost?

The cost of an all-in-one security system varies, the same as with other types of security systems. Several factors determine the costs, including the manufacturer, the particular security system, and the company or retailer selling it.

All-in-one security systems are remarkably affordable, usually costing only a few hundred dollars. Compare this to some traditional home security systems that range from several hundred dollars to $1,000 or more. Add on installation costs and monthly monitoring fees, and you likely understand the actual costs of some traditional home security systems.

Examples of All-In-One Security Systems

The all-in-one security system market is a limited market. CNET contributor Megan Wollerton expressed that she was ‘shocked' that the market has not taken off more, given the exceptional potential of these home security systems.


The Canary All-In-One security system features multiple sensors, a 90-decibel siren, and arm and disarm capability. It also features a 1080p camera that records activity and events, with live streaming anytime that it detects motion.

Feel safer and more comfortable with the air quality, temperature, and humidity sensors.

Pay less than $200 for this all-in-one security system option. Certain features require a membership plan.


Protect your home, your family, and your possessions with the Guardzilla 360, featuring a 360-degree live streaming camera. See everything going on in a room at the same time in HD, rather than the limited angle of some other cameras.

The self-contained all-in-one system features arm and disarm modes, a 100-decibel alarm, motion detection, night vision, and Smartphone control.

Homeowners pay slightly over $200 for this Guardzilla system.

Abode iota

The Abode iota costs slightly more than the Canary and Guardzilla systems. It is the latest home security system from Abode.

The Wi-Fi capability allows you to put the Abode iota nearly anywhere in your home that makes sense to you. The all-in-one security system features a motion sensor, and built-in HD camera. The camera captures the cause of any alarm, and sends it directly to your phone.

Abode iota offers homeowners, and other approved users multiple ways to arm and disarm the system. Communicate via two-way voice, and connect up to 160 smart devices to your all-in-one security system.

Alternative to an All-In-One Security System

SimpliSafe offers an excellent alternative to all-in-one security systems. SimpliSafe is an award-winning, trusted name in home security that offers ‘whole home protection.'

SimpliSafe protects with glass-break detection, video security, and entry and motion detectors. The system easily arms and disarms, similar to all-in-one security systems. Feel safer with fire, gas leak, and water damage detection.

There are no contracts, and no hidden fees.

Home Security System Trends

The home security system continues to grow on a global basis. This is particularly true when considering all-in-one security systems, and similar home systems that offer whole home protection.

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