If you are looking for residential or commercial home security monitoring or systems, Alarm Relay offers some of the best monthly monitoring rates backed with superiorly rated response centers. Here is what you should know about this popular company and how it stacks up against top competitors.

What is Alarm Relay?

Alarm Relay provides modern alarm systems for new customers, but also is one of the few companies that offers monitoring services for those with existing alarm systems. Currently, more than 400 other systems are listed by Alarm Relay as being available for monitoring coverage in the United States and Puerto Rico. Most Alarm Relay systems must be monitored and accessed via a company-specific mobile app. This technology gives users a great deal of security and control over the security and functions within home or business from anywhere in the world. The company also uses the app for their RESCU button that immediately connects to emergency responders–no communication is even required.

Customers seeking remote access and home automation controls over lights, thermostats, locks and other implements will appreciate Alarm Relay’s Z-Wave connectivity that can access hundreds of devices. Advanced features include door, window and motion sensors and environmental controls that detect fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, water, temperature and more. Customers can also view live streaming and record video clips during surveillance monitoring with Alarm Relay. Depending on the services and additional equipment monitoring customers choose, monthly costs will vary but are still considered one of the most affordable packages on the market today.

How Much Does Alarm Relay Cost?

While Alarm Relay proudly touts its monitoring services as starting at $8.95 per month, that only includes their most basic coverage and is one of the two packages that requires a landline. Hence, there is no app access, nor availability for upgraded features. That being said, the Alarm Relay website doesn’t make it clear how much upgraded packages are for video monitoring, WiFi controls, remote home control, etc. However, they do state that the RESCU package is $7.99 additional monthly but don’t mention costs associated with most other home security perks.

Concerning those seeking new monitoring service or an entirely new home alarm system, prepare to pay a $35 administration fee to set everything up plus the cost of the kit selected. The most affordable and most basic landline kit is the Helix Starter at $179.99 with WiFi enabled systems averaging between $299.99-$399.99. The Alarm Relay Helix Premium Kit is the full-blown ‘bells and whistles’ package that offers both landline, WiFi and extra equipment for maximum protection. Most contract periods with Alarm Relay are 12 months, with discounts for those who pay annually instead of monthly.

What Do Alarm Relay Reviews Say?

Customer reviews seem to tout the no-haggle approach taken by Alarm Relay customer service associates. Those with existing systems report never feeling pressured to replace their old model with a new one with a pushy sales pitch. Users report an easy installation process with remote activation that only took minutes to complete. Many like the option of having landline connectivity or Internet options or both for maximum protection. Reviews also reiterate the super fast response times and immediate notifications for intrusions, emergencies or when the system goes offline. Most of the verified reviews we see are between four and five stars for Alarm Relay, making them a top choice for those seeking greater home security.

Considerations for Alarm Relay

The disadvantages of Alarm Relay are minimal, with one of the biggest complaints being the lack of upfront pricing information available without contacting the company. Some may also find their security systems to be somewhat pricey, but they are on par with most major competitors. However, the basic system is very basic, with just one key fob and one door sensor. Another drawback for some—while considered a perk for others—is that six of their eight systems require mobile app operation.

The Top 3 Alternatives to Alarm Relay

Those looking for alternatives to Alarm Relay should look at the following three competing companies.


Both Alarm Relay and Frontpoint are happy to customize many alarm packages and monitoring services to meet customers needs. Both have a basic package that are upgradable with cameras and home automation at additional costs. These companies have similar touchscreen and traditional panels, and both are self-installation ready. However, expect to pay a bit more for Frontpoint’s security equipment and monitoring services compared to Alarm Relay’s basic system and $8.95 monthly rates.


Vivint is similar to Alarm Relay in that it offers 24/7 home monitoring, fast response times, multiple automation services, smartphone apps, and reliable equipment. However, Vivint is known for costing a pretty penny, with the lowest security system priced at $550 plus installation cost. Beyond cost, expect the standard features of Alarm Relay, such as environmental monitoring, live camera streaming, remote access, and medical alert fobs for emergencies.


While the features offered by ADT are comparable to Alarm Relays, these companies do business a bit differently. ADT primarily leases equipment packages, but does allow purchases of their costly devices. They require a three-year contract for either landline or WiFi connectivity options, and tend to charge high cancellation fees. Overall, these home security monitoring companies get great reviews, but prepare to pay more for monitoring and installation.

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