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What Sets Ackerman Security Apart

Ackerman Security is primarily focused on providing dependable home security and smart home control. They provide professional installation, monitoring and equipment. Their alarm systems are customized for each customer. So, they do not offer any pre-existing packages. They provide a free in-home consultation to evaluate each customer’s individual needs. Ackerman’s Home Security systems are best for customers that want a customized security system that provides reliable home security.

Ackerman Security offers powerful performance for its price point. They use Honeywell Security equipment, which has long been known to provide reliable performance.

Ackerman Security is also the only security company in the United States that provides a Guaranteed Response Time. So, Ackerman guarantees their monitoring response time.

Key Features

The best features of this system

  • Intrusion Protection
  • Professional Installation
  • Medical Response
  • Environmental Protection
  • Home Automation
  • Low Monitoring Fees
  • Wi-Fi and 3G Cell Alerts
  • Wireless Equipment

Ackerman Security Price & Packages

Insider Tips: There are several important things to note about Ackerman Security. First of all, you can bring your existing compatible equipment from another company and switch your monitoring for nothing out-of-pocket. Ackerman also offers free upgrades at the end of every contract. Just return your equipment and you can get new, upgraded equipment for free. Also, you can move your equipment from your current location to a new place for free.

Ackerman Security also offers a No-Theft Guarantee. So, if you are burglarized while you are a customer, Ackerman will cover your loss and pay you double the amount that you are out.

What’s Included: Every Ackerman Security System features professional equipment, monitoring and installation.

Current Deal

Ackerman is currently offering a free HD indoor camera with any interactive security plan.

Standard Residential Plan


+ Upfront Costs*

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Fire and Smoke Monitoring
  • Custom
  • Security Cameras

About Ackerman Security Security

Ackerman Security has been in the home security business for nearly 50 years. They are experts at keeping families and houses safe and secure. Ackerman’s reliability and dependability can be seen in their safety and security systems. The home security company goes above and beyond compared to the other numerous home security companies on the market today. They help businesses and homes reach the highest level of safety possible. Ackerman stays ready to secure homes, family and businesses at all times.

Ackerman Security has a 24/7 professional call center that is rated 5-stars by the U.L., a safety organization that evaluates the safety of monitoring centers among other things. Ackerman Security provides robust security at a very affordable price.

Smart Home Options
Smart Home Options

You can control your lighting, thermostats, cameras, locks and garage door opener from your tablet, laptop, smartphone and other internet-enabled devices.

24/7 Monitoring
24/7 Monitoring

Ackerman Security offers professional and affordable monitoring 24/7 for burglary, medical, fire and water damage. The monitoring center has achieved several certifications including the CSAA Five Diamond Certification and U.L. Certification. These ensure that the monitoring center is safe and reliable.

Surveillance Cameras
Surveillance Cameras

Ackerman Security provides you and your family with internet based video cameras. The cameras can be accessed from anywhere at any time through a smart or web-enabled device. You can view live video footage 24/7 from the Ackerman Security app.

DIY Installation
Professional Installation

Professional installation is included when you purchase an Ackerman Security System. Ackerman provides service after the install. So, if you have problems at any time, you can contact them to have a professional technician come out and troubleshoot your alarm.

Disaster Protection
Disaster Protection

Ackerman Security protects against disasters like fires, smoke and carbon monoxide. They provide essential monitoring when you use their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Their detectors use ionization detection technology to provide rapid detection in the event of smoke or a fire.

Mobile Alerts
Mobile Alerts

With Ackerman Security, you have the option to create mobile notifications that are sent to you when a security, disaster or medical event occurs. The alerts are managed through the Ackerman Security app on your mobile phone or another smart device.

Medical Alerts

Medical monitoring is available from Ackerman. They offer a medical alert pendant, which is paired with medical monitoring. If assistance is needed, you press a button on the pendant for immediate medical help. An instant medical alert will be sent to the monitoring center and they will summon emergency technicians if needed.

Remote Garage Control

You can control your garage door remotely with Ackerman Security. In addition to being able to close and open the garage door from your smartphone, you can also choose to receive instant notifications when the door has been open for an extended period.

Power Outage Protection
Power Outage Protection

Ackerman Security provides cellular radio monitoring, which works during a power outage as long as the battery is charged. Most Ackerman Security Systems are equipped with a backup battery that offers 24-plus hours of charge. As long as it stays charged, you can communicate with the monitoring center.