Travis Goodreau

For those seeking a high-quality security system that is a bit more affordable than some of the big brands out there, Abode is a good choice. It’s a company with a lot of innovative features and components available, including sensors that enhance the security of your home. Sensors are not the only feature your home needs – you still need the Abode home security system.

Sensors work to provide information to the home security system. In some cases, they can be paired with the Abode Cam or other video systems. In this case, if a sensor is triggered, the system then responds by sending you an alert through the app or through text messages. It lets you, then, view what is happening on a connected camera. If there is no camera in the area, you know something is happening in your home, and you can take action to ensure things are safe.

With Abode, some of the starter kits do include sensors. For example, a starter kit may include two door sensors (promotions change often so be sure to verify this). From that point, you can add onto the system to ensure the security system fits your home. And, now that Abode connects to your voice assistants, including Google Assistant, that lets you control these sensors and other features with just a voice command. That makes securing your home easy to do.

Abode Window Sensors

Protecting the entrances to your home is your first step. With Abode window sensors, you can do that rather easily. These sensors, normally priced at $29 each, allow you to position them on your windows by simply attaching to the frame. You do not need any tools to install them. Rather, they have a peel-and-stick design with a magnet. Window sensors work well on bottom floor windows, but can also be used upstairs, especially if accessing these windows is easy to do.

The Abode window sensors have a long battery life of up to 10 years. Once you install them, you don’t have to think about them again. However, these keep working for you. If they are triggered when your system is armed, they will send you the status of your window. Another key feature is that you can program the system to turn on the lights whenever the window sensor is triggered. This can help to deter anyone trying to break into your home. It all connects through the AbodeRF communication tool.

Abode Door Sensors

With Abode, the same window sensors are used as door sensors. These Abode door sensors are a powerful tool because they allow you to monitor any door without any wires or complex installation. They are not obvious, either, which means no one really has to know that they are there until you point them out. The Abode window sensors offer that very effective light control – imagine someone trying to break into the home and the sensor turning on the front lights to display who that is. With your Abode Cam present, you can clearly see who is there and what they are doing.

Also, Abode offers Mini Door and Window Sensors. These are smaller and easy to install. They can work on any door and have more of a sleek design. Or, you can choose the Slim Strip Sensor. It fits any gap of the door (or window and frame) to provide added protection. For hidden security, check out the Recessed door and window sensor. It is hard to see.

Abode Glass Break Sensors

Glass breaking is a very important sound to hear. It could indicate someone is trying to break into your home. And, glass has a very specific sound to it. That is why the Acoustic Glass Break Sensor from Abode can be an excellent investment for your home. It is able to pick up the sound of glass breaking across the room. If you have a large bank of windows in your living room or a large glass patio door, this can be an important investment. Its normal price is $59.

It offers a 25-foot level of detection range per sensor (you may want more than one). It is easy to mount without any tools required. You can see the status level at any time to ensure it is working. It’s wireless and has a 2.5-year battery. You can also set the sensitivity settings to fit your goals.

Abode Motion Sensors

Motion could mean someone is outside your door or window. With the Abode Motion Sensor, you can pick up this information so you can react to it properly. This device detects movement when your system is in the “away” mode. If it detects something moving, it will send you a notification of it. You can install it in large rooms with numerous windows or in entryways or hallways. It is normally priced at $55.

It provides up to a 110-degree field of view and a 35-foot range. It uses AbodeRF to communication. The battery lasts up to five years. It’s also easy to install and has a built-in LED light to test placement.

Abode Garage Door Sensors

Garage door sensors are an important part of home security and one of the most forgotten options. However, Abode doesn’t have a specific garage door sensor available. It is possible, though, to purchase a compatible garage door sensor. Since Abode works with many third-party brands, this is one way to get this feature.

Abode Water Leak Sensors

Water is a big problem in homes, and the Abode Water Leak Sensor can help. It alerts you when there is water present in the area fast, so you can take action right away. This sensor’s normal price is $59.

It sends a notification to your phone whenever it detects water. It also has an audible siren that will activate when it detects water – that is a loud 85dB siren to ensure you can take action. This system has a battery that can last up to 10 years.

Any of the Abode sensors can be valuable assets to your home. Consider a customized plan to add just those features right for your needs.