Are you shopping for a home security system? That's great, but before you get started, it would be a good idea to learn everything you can about how the different brands and their components are installed. For example, do they sell hardwired or wireless home security systems? Do they offer DIY installation options or will they require you to have them professionally installed? If they have a professional installation requirement, is the cost included in the price or do you have to pay for that separately? How much does professional installation cost? Having this information will help you decide whether the Abode home security system is right for you.

What Installation Options Does Abode Offer and What Do They Cost?

Fortunately, Abode offers both a DIY installation option and a professional installation option. Obviously, the DIY installation doesn't cost anything and their equipment is extremely easy to self-install.

However, if you opt for professional installation, it will cost you $99 for the Starter Kit and $25 for 1-5 additional devices. Abode uses a company called HelloTech to perform their installs. But don't worry because HelloTech has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and has been recognized in many top publications. Therefore, HelloTech is a name you can trust.

Abode Installation

Let's go over the Abode installation process for some of the basic components. This will help you decide whether you want to self-install your equipment or pay for a professional installation.

Installing the Base Station

The Abode base station is easy to install, you simply set it where you want it and plug it in. Then you connect it to your router by using the included adapter and Ethernet cable and plugging them into the back of the main hub. Then plug the other ends of those cables into an outlet and an available Ethernet port on your router respectively. Then the hub will begin booting up automatically. Then you find the battery backup switch on the back of the hub and push it down. That will activate your battery backup so you have coverage if the power goes out.

Installing the Abode App

Next, you will download and install the Abode app on your mobile phone. Open the app, tap “Register,” input your email address, create a password, then tap “Create Account.” Then you will verify your email address and tap “Close.”

After you have completed those steps, you will need to go to and open the email from Abode and tap “Activate Your Account.” This will open up the Abode website where you can continue filling out your account information then hit “Continue” at the bottom of the screen and hit “Continue” again when you get to the next screen. You will then enter your activation key which is a six-digit code that can be found on an insert from inside the Starter Kit box. Enter that code, then hit “Continue” again and once again after it says your activation was successful.

Installing the Cam Streaming Camera

The Abode streaming cameras can be installed by plugging them into a power source and affixing them onto a wall or other surface using the provided adhesive strips. These are stationary cameras so the viewing area can't be changed, so be sure you place them, then test them in the spot you would like to view or record before affixing them to the wall or another surface.

Installing the Motion Sensors

To install your Abode door and window sensors you will need to determine the optimal location to install them, pull off the battery insulator tab on the back of the product, enable the test feature, align the magnet using the alignment dots, remove the plastic coating film from the adhesive strip on the magnet and install your magnet on the chosen location. Abode has a detailed step-by-step process for installing the door and window sensors on their website, as well as providing you with a YouTube video showing you how to do it as well.

Installation Help & Tips


Abode offers a wide variety of installation videos on their website, as well as on YouTube. These are easy to “view and do” videos that will help you set up your new Abode system quickly and easily in no time flat.

Installation Manual

There is not a single combined Abode Installation Manual provided. However, Abode makes it easier by providing a separate written guide and installation video on their website for each of equipment. So all you have to do is look for the component you want to install, open the guide or video and follow the instructions. It's really pretty simple.

Tools Required

The good news is you won't need tools of any kind to install your Abode equipment because no tools are required.

What about Abode iota?

If you are looking for a home security system that does not require any installation, then the Abode iota may be perfect for you. Abode iota is what's known as an all-in-one security product, meaning limited (if any) installation is required. This is a single home security device that combines three products into one unit. In this case, the Abode iota has an HD camera, motion detector, 2-way talk, and advanced smart home automation functions all built-into one product. The Abode iota is basically a complete DIY home security/automation system in one small device that allows you to use it anywhere in your home using Wi-Fi connectivity.

About Abode

Abode offers high-quality home security systems with a choice of self-monitoring or paying a small monthly fee for professional monitoring. They also offer temporary professional monitoring in 3- or 7-day increments. This will allow you to only pay for monitoring when you need it versus paying a recurring monthly fee. Additionally, the Abode works well with Z-Wave, Zigbee, and it has Wi-Fi capabilities so you can also add any third-party home automation features you would like. In fact, the Abode system has the ability to support up to 150 connected devices and up to six cameras.