Ray Walker

Safety and Security Advisor

  • 34 Years in Law Enforcement
  • 1000+ Burglary and Theft Cases
  • 10 Years on SWAT Team

With over 30 years’ experience in law enforcement, and twenty-five years teaching on the subject, Ray Walker is a go-to expert for all things burglary, theft, and home security.

Before retiring in 2012, Walker served with the LA County Sheriff’s Department in several posts. Over the years he moved up in rank and eventually became Detective Sergeant. In this role, he served on the Arson Explosives Detail and worked as a Fire Origin and Cause Investigator, Certified Bomb Technician, and Underwater Hazardous Device Technician.

Walker holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, and has spent the last few decades teaching within the law enforcement community. The courses he teaches include: Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Weapons Training, High Risk Patrol Tactics, Bomb Threat Awareness / Urban Terrorism, Firearms Refresher, Defensive Tactics, and more.

He has also helped to develop, implement, and instruct tactical/procedural training programs for numerous Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Units throughout the United States.

Today, Walker is a recognized court expert in his areas of expertise. And he is a licensed private investigator in the state of Nevada.