Patrick Conesa

Safety and Security Advisor

  • 17 Years in Security
  • 10 Years in Law Enforcement
  • 600+ Burglary and Theft Cases

Patrick Conesa has an extensive background in security. He brings 17 years combined experience in organizational and residential security, emergency, and safety operations. About 10 of those years were performing law enforcement operations in the U.S. and overseas.

Patrick holds an MBA in Security Management and a Bachelor’s in Technical Management & Security. Throughout his education and practical experience, he has sharpened his investigation skills and has learned to implement and lead security programs for large organizations.

The respected positions he's held include: Safety Chairman of the Washington State Department of Corrections, Security & Project Manager of Apache 6 Security Group, Security Operations Manager at Washington State House of Representatives, and Police Officer in the U.S. Army.

Patrick is the proud owner/operator of Conesa Security Consulting, where he offers customized, cost-effective security and safety planning methods to community members. His goal is to increase public safety through education and awareness by providing many free and cost effective resources anyone can use.

Driven by a passion for public safety and helping others, Patrick believes quality, proactive education will go a long way in decreasing risks associated with community crime.

After all, he has performed and supervised hundreds of residential crime investigations. So he knows what works and what doesn’t in protecting your home and family.

Patrick is also a published author, having recently published the book “Community Safety Guide – Security Planning for Everyone.” Free digital copies are available to public organizations like victim advocates, public schools, and neighborhood watch groups. You can go to his website at for more info.