Kenneth J Mahoney

Safety and Security Advisor

  • 42 Years in Law Enforcement
  • 15 Burglary and Theft Cases
  • 10+ Years in Risk Management

Kenneth Mahoney has 42 years of experience in law enforcement, security, and emergency management.

As a consultant with Mahoney and Associates, he was heavily involved in system upgrades for alarm monitoring software. Mahoney developed a Threat Assessment Program and monitored security systems including closed circuit TV, security and panic alarms, and public access duress alarms.

Mahoney also served as Chief of Risk Management and Physical Security Officer / Antiterrorism Officer at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant, where he held the position of Federal Police Officer at the exclusive federal jurisdiction facility.

Taking his skills to the field of crisis management, Mahoney helped to manage natural disasters and various crisis situations for top crisis response organizations.

Today he serves as Firefighter and Emergency Management Coordinator for the Kempner Volunteer Fire Department in Kempner, TX.

From decades of industry experience, Mahoney knows the importance of home protection. He’s a strong proponent of home security and safeguarding against potential threats, as the majority of property crimes are target driven and preventable.

Mahoney holds a Law Enforcement certificate from Central Texas College.