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Our Advisors

Here at SafeHome, we rely on a growing team of expert advisors to give our editorial team and our readers a full and accurate picture. This carefully assembled team represents the best and brightest minds in the industry. Retired burglary detectives, directors of security, and public safety consultants — we’ve recruited multiple experts across a handful of specialties.

Individually they bring a wealth of knowledge on everything from home security to identity theft and fraud. And together they form a leading panel for all things home and personal protection. Their experience speaks for itself.

SafeHome’s expert advisors collectively bring:

  • Over 200 years in law enforcement and security
  • 20,000+ cases of burglary and theft
  • Thousands of criminal investigations and home invasion cases
  • And more

When you read our reviews, guides, and recommendations, you can trust that you’re getting the facts from a reputable source.

That’s a SafeHome promise.

Meet Our Expert Advisors:


Robert McKay

Retired Police Detective, Cleveland Police Department

Read Robert McKay's profile

Kenneth J Mahoney

Retired Law Enforcement, Security, and Emergency Management Specialist

Read Kenneth J Mahoney's profile

Lawrence Scottini

Security Consultant and Investigator

Read Lawrence Scottini's profile

Nick Breul

Former Police Detective and Senior Director of Security

Read Nick Breul's profile

Ray Walker

Retired Detective Sergeant, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Read Ray Walker's profile

Travis Goodreau

Retired Burglary Detective

Read Travis Goodreau's profile

Gary Lawrence

Retired Police Detective and Hostage Negotiator, San Diego Police Department

Read Gary Lawrence's profile

Patrick Conesa

Former Law Enforcement, Security Expert

Read Patrick Conesa's profile