Home security is likely of special concern to active duty military personnel and their family members. When members of the military are away from home, they want to feel confident that their home and belongings are safe and secure. Military members with family at home want the knowledge that their family is safe, and protected from burglars or other intruders.

Some companies widely publicize the fact that they offer military discounts. Military personnel sometimes have to search for information about whether a company provides military discounts, including in the home security industry. Learn about military home security discounts, including how to find them, the type and amount of savings, and requirements for obtaining a military discount on home security systems and services.

Do Home Security Companies Offer Military Discounts?

One way that members of the military provide security at their home is by purchasing a home security system. Many of the companies that provide home security systems and monitoring services offer home security discounts for members of the military. Veterans often receive the same or similar military discounts when investing in home security.

Several home security companies recognize the contribution of military service members, and the sacrifices made by both active duty members of the military, and by veterans. These companies try to show appreciation by offering a discount on home security.

What Type of Savings Can I Expect from a Military Discount?

Home security discounts for military service members and veterans vary from one home security company to another home security company. Some companies offer a specific percent discount off the cost of monthly monitoring, while likely offering a certain dollar amount off the cost of installation.

Certain home security companies feature a discount for military service members, and often for veterans, where the approved individual receives a free or reduced cost system, and pays only the cost of monthly monitoring services.

There are home security companies that offer savings for members of the U.S. Military by providing a gift card, one or more free accessories, or the ability to transfer their home security system without cost when transferred to another location.

There are a variety of other home security systems available, which vary by company.

What are the Criteria and Requirements to Receive a Home Security Military Discount?

The criteria and requirements for receiving a home security military discount vary among the different companies providing home security products and monitoring services. Some companies offer military discounts only to active duty members of the military, while others offer discounts to immediate family members, and to veterans of the U.S. Military.

The rules and criteria are typically strict, and require ongoing strict compliance in order to receive the discount. This is true for all types of military discounts, whether the company provides a free or reduced cost home security system, free or reduced cost of installation, special contract exceptions or other military discount benefits.

It is important that every military service member, their family members at home, or veterans know the requirements for obtaining the initial discount, and the criteria for receiving the continued discount.

Another important point to verify when considering the rules and criteria is to make sure that you understand the time period that you receive the discount. Is the discount limited to installation? Is the discount limited to one free or reduced cost month of home security monitoring? Does the discount apply for as long as you have the products or monitoring in your home, or when you are away during training or deployment?

Where to Find Military Discounts on Home Security Systems

The thought of where to find a military discount on home security systems and monitoring is potentially overwhelming for some service members and veterans. There are easy-to-find discounts available. You simply have to know where to find them.

If you have certain credit cards or accounts at certain financial institutions, those companies sometimes offer military discounts on home security for their members. Check with your credit card company or financial institution to learn if they offer a military discount on home security.

Visit the website of several home security companies and research the discounts offered to members of the military, their family members, and veterans. Make sure that you fully understand the amount of discount, how you obtain the discount, and any restrictions or exclusions. Understanding the terms of the discount before you invest in home security with a specific company is of great importance.

Several sites list discounts for military service personnel and veterans. Never pay a fee to join a military discount site or club. There are websites that offer this information at no charge to site visitors.

Contact the individual home security companies by telephone, and ask if they offer a discount. If you discover home security discount information on the company website, and need additional information, call and ask questions before you invest in their home security equipment or monitoring services.

The Importance of Purchasing and Securing a Home Security System

Investing in home security is an important decision for current military members. You do not want the worry or stress associated with wondering about the security of your home and your belongings, and the safety of your family while you serve in the U.S. Military. Having a home security system, and 24-hour monitoring, potentially alleviates your primary concerns about the safety and security of your home and family.

Be aware of scams and security risks related to the home security industry. The website military.com reminds readers that hackers are a threat, and that there is a need to thwart their efforts, including when you have home security. Make sure that your router is updated and encrypted to avoid risks. Check your access logs. If you find any potential security risks, notify the home security company immediately.

When you research military home security discounts, you likely discover the ideal discount that best fits your home security needs. Keep your system updated to increase protection, provide safety and security at your home, and feel confident that while you serve in the military, you have a reliable home security company providing for your home security needs.