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Cyber Monday was officially named back in 2004, as online businesses realized everyone was going back to work after a 4 day weekend, with their high speed internet connections, and buying what they wanted for the Christmas shopping season. More and more businesses, especially smaller ones and start ups in the tech world, began offering their biggest deals of the year on Cyber Monday.

Perfect Time For Technology Purchases

Security systems and smart home devices have historically received the best sales and deals of the year on Cyber Monday. Black Friday may traditionally have offered the best deals in brick and mortar stores, but Cyber Monday has increasingly been the time to buy items from online vendors. Marketers know that there is a strong possibility that families are spending time together over the 4 day holiday weekend, and that honestly, people are still recovering from the festivities on the first Monday back at work. They know, Cyber Monday is the best time to hit customers with their best deals of the year to really get a strong start to the Christmas shopping season.

What To Expect

As with Black Friday, there will be some incredible deals and sales but for limited quantities of items. In the realm of home security systems, you’ll want to know ahead of time what exactly you want, what system meets your needs best, and what you’re willing to compromise on in the event your 2nd or 3rd choice is offering far better savings than your 1st choice. Home security and smart home devices are a couple of the biggest selling items this year, as more and more people realize the peace of mind and convenience they bring into their lives. Needless to say, these devices will sell like hotcakes this year during their biggest sales. Extended warranties and free shipping are often additional deals to be had during Cyber Monday.

When To Buy

Cyber Monday can start at various times, as it’s all online and not restricted to the normal business hours of brick and mortar stores. We’ll round up the best deals ahead of time to post below, but generally you’ll want to be ready at midnight the night before. Some online shops will not start the deals until a given time, while others will have an hourly deal for every hour of the day. Again, these deals are usually leaked ahead of time and we will post them all here as well.

2020 Cyber Monday Home Security Deals

2020 Cyber Monday deals for home security are sure to be some of the most sought after today. Cyber Monday is the ideal time for these companies to launch their discounts – after all, for most of them, their largest buying audience is online. What can you expect from discounts on Cyber Monday 2020 for home security systems?

Cyber Monday discounts are likely to be available for most large companies. This includes ADT, Vivint, SimpliSafe, and Frontpoint. You may also see discounts from Nest, Xfinity, and iSmartAlarm. It is likely that each company will offer a different discount for their systems. For example, ADT may offer free professional installation or Frontpoint may offer a percentage off of its packages. Though this information is not available just yet, previous years have brought significant discounts overall.

Cyber Monday discounts for home security are also likely to include savings on packages and plans. Some companies may offer a lower monthly fee for their monitoring services. Others may offer free updates, such as extra door and window sensors or additional cameras for a discounted price. And still, others will make it really easy and offer a percent off with a special promo code.

There is no way to know when Cyber Monday discounts on home security will hit. However, the companies are likely to offer a variety of discounts from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. And, you may even find further discounts in the weeks after as the holiday approaches. Free shipping, discounted installation, free features, and even discounted upgrades are all possibilities from home security companies for Cyber Monday.

The following is a list of the most popular Cyber Monday home security system deals this 2020:

2020 Cyber Monday Security Camera Deals

Security camera companies will not be left out of getting into more consumer homes. Because this is one of their biggest sales times during the year, property owners can count on seeing some sizable discounts available to them on Cyber Monday. Usually, these sales will hit in the first few hours of Cyber Monday – but start looking for them over the holiday weekend.

The discounts on Cyber Monday for Arlo, Ring, and SkyBell, in particular, are likely to be very attractive. They may include larger packages of cameras – two, four, or even five – at a discounted price. We are also seeing packages that include more features offered for a lower price point. In nearly all cases, these companies are likely to focus on their most advanced or most popular cameras. This includes the Arlo and Arlo Pro, Ring’s Video Doorbells and security cameras, as well as SkyBell’s Wi-Fi Doorbell and night vision cameras.

Of course, there is no way to know for sure until the discounts hit. But, considering previous offers from last Cyber Monday as well as discounts these companies have offered over the course of the year, it is sure to be a good time to buy a home security system or home security camera.

2020 Cyber Monday Smart Lock Deals

Smart locks are also on sale for Cyber Monday. These important pieces of equipment tie seamlessly into most home security systems and during Cyber Monday, they are deeply discounted. If you missed the smart locks on sale for Black Friday, take a look at some of the Cyber Monday smart lock deals below:

Other Security Cyber Monday Deals

Don’t forget about your health and financial safety this holiday season either! Cyber Monday is a great time to invest in the following safety devices and services as well:


If you’d rather get the best deals for home security and smart home devices online during your breaks at work the first Monday after Thanksgiving, then Cyber Monday is the best time. The deals will be amongst the best offered during the entire year, if not the best. You’ll just want to plan ahead to know exactly what you want, and to be ready to click that buy button as soon as the Cyber Monday sales and deals begin. We’ll have a round up of the best home automation and home security systems rounded up below for your convenience.