Best Home Security and Smart Home Black Friday Deals

Black Friday has grown into a yearly tradition for many families, when businesses across the country offer their products at huge discounts the day after Thanksgiving. Most retail stores view Black Friday as the official start of the Christmas shopping season, and aim to start with a bang by enticing shoppers with incredible deals.

People often think of products like TVs and phones as the best electronic deals to get during Black Friday, but often overlook home security and smart home devices. It’s really a shame as home security systems provide much more value and peace of mind to your home than any other electronics. Smart home devices, are the perfect example of products you don’t realize you need, until you have one. You can add home security features and smart home capabilities to your home at the same time during Black Friday deals.

What to Expect

While it may be more obvious that Home security systems that you install yourself could be heavily discounted on Black Friday, it is less obvious that monitored security systems that require a monthly subscription will often throw in extra equipment, saving you hundreds of dollars. Smart home devices are advancing every couple of years, and there is heavy competition in the industry, forcing brands to try and out do each other with deeper and deeper discounts. You may also be able to score better warranties and free shipping deals during Black Friday.

When to Buy

Black Friday has been changing a lot over the past decade. Businesses with storefronts used to open at 6am, but the opening time has been pushed further and further back, with some stores opening at midnight the night before. Online stores will generally offer their deals at midnight as well, meaning the best deals could be gone by the morning. You’ll want to research the security systems and smart home devices far ahead of time, so you know exactly what you want and what you’re willing to compromise on if your top choice isn’t discounted. Sometimes it's better to get your 2nd or 3rd choice if they’re offering far better deals that fit within your budget.

Limited Quantities, Buy Fast

Furthermore, most stores will have a limited amount of items available at deep discounts on Black Friday, so you do not want to waste time comparing the products during the sales or else you may miss the deal. Online stores will also have limited amount of items at discounted rates, do not think they’re unlimited or that you’ll be put on a backorder list at the discounted price. If there is a security camera or a smart home device that you’ve been eyeing and it comes up on sale on Black Friday, then do not hesitate to purchase it immediately.


All in all, if you’ve been on the fence about getting a home security system or smart home devices, then Black Friday is a perfect time to add automation and security features to your home. If you’ve been waiting for a great deal, then you can be rest assured that the best deals will be on Black Friday, and no better deal will occur any other time of the year.