5 Times Burglars Got Busted by Home Security Cameras (with video!)

This home security footage will make any thief reconsider a 9-to-5.

Burglar prying open a door

If you’re a burglar, you had better make sure your hair is right and you’re looking your best before your next big heist. Because, chances are, you’re going to be on camera.

That’s thanks to the millions of savvy U.S. homeowners who have been quietly turning the tables on neighborhood prowlers with smart home security cameras available off the shelf for as little as $59.

As we’ll see in these five epic busts, you don’t need anything fancy to make a thief think twice about ever stepping inside your home ever again.

1. A Night Vision Nightmare

A homeowner’s worst nightmare may be hearing a burglar’s footsteps in the dark. But burglars will be bummed to know that if they run into a home security camera when they’re on the prowl, they aren’t in the dark anymore — thanks to crystal-clear 1080p video and infrared “night vision” LEDs, two standard features with many top home security cameras these days.

The two armed crooks in this video, seen down to their hairstyles and distinguishing tattoos, had one more big surprise coming to them.

The absent owner of this Canary camera got an alert on his phone as soon as movement was detected in his apartment. He flipped on the audio and told the thieves to get the heck out. Check out the video to see what happened next.

2. Smile. You’re on Camera. Again.

Plenty of burglars case homes before they strike. Others — like the masked cat thief featured in this video — don’t check for anything.

This midnight closet creeper, in full bandit attire, knows exactly where the expensive stuff is, which suggests he’s been inside the house before. What he doesn’t know is that there are cameras aimed at him — outside in the front yard and inside two feet from his head — as he rummages through the closet.

FYI, if you’re ever caught by a camera in the middle of a heist, don’t try throwing shoes at the lens. You’re still on camera.

3. Doggy Door Invasion

Most normal people learn from their mistakes. Park in a tow zone once, and after that $200 fine, you won’t do it again. Not so for your average lowlife on the prowl for their daily haul.

The two thugs in this harrowing video hit this Boynton Beach, Florida, homeowner twice. The second time, they slid in through the dog door. But this time they were caught on camera. Not a very high-res camera, but it did the trick.

As soon as she got an alert on her iPhone, the panicked homeowner called 911. The police arrived just in time to surround the house and pull out the badly busted burglars.

4. This Robber Really Needs His Shotgun Back

Not all thieves rely on stealth to take what they want from our houses. Some blow through the front door, shotgun loaded and pumped.

It wasn’t the security camera in the corner of the living room that busted this armed home invader, however. That was all the work of the homeowner, whose fight-or-flight instinct said fight. After an adrenaline-fueled tussle with the armed thug, the would-be robber tripped down the steps and skedaddled.

Minutes later, he showed up at the door again, this time knocking. He wanted his shotgun back, which likely slowed him down long enough for the cops to get there and arrest him in his car.

5. Ring and Run

Would-be thieves love front doorbells. They ring them to test the waters. Then, if you don’t answer, they sneak in through the back door and make off with your valuables — unless a Ring video doorbell happens to catch them in the act.

That’s exactly what happened to the Cape Coral, Florida, sneak thief, aka “The Tube Top Bandit,” seen in this video. The burgled homeowner uploaded the footage to YouTube, and it was seen so many times that the cops eventually got a tip and nabbed their thief.

Don’t have a video doorbell like this? Consider adding one to your home security arsenal. And, of course, make sure the lock on your backdoor is nice and sturdy!

Final Thoughts

Security cameras, if spotted, will usually keep the goons off your property. That’s because clever burglars, if we can put those two words together, don’t want their faces on TV. So if you’re thinking about catching a thief red-handed with a hidden camera, like the folks in these videos, you might actually be better off putting it front and center.

Most important of all, if an invader ever does breach your home and you’re inside, unless he’s threatening your family, get off your video feed, get to safety, and phone the police. Bungled burglaries might look funny on YouTube. But make no mistake, an armed thief in your home at any hour of the day, for any reason, is no joke at all.