Ring’s Security System Gets a Facelift With Ring Alarm Pro

The system now comes with a built-in Wi-Fi 6 router and range extender.


Jaime Fraze

When we first reviewed Ring Alarm many years ago, it was the first whole-home alarm system released by the Amazon-owned company. It consisted of a keypad, siren, and motion sensors, and it was especially suitable for folks who live in apartments, or just anyone who doesn’t like a lot of fuss with their connected devices. Like Ring’s top seller, the Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Alarm was built with convenience in mind.

Now, the new Ring Alarm Pro, announced as part of Amazon’s massive product launch in late September, builds on Ring’s already stellar home security features and adds the power of an eero router. With the new router, Ring Alarm Pro builds on the brand’s two previous generations of the system (Ring Alarm 2 was released in 2020) to develop a central hub that gives users more options than ever in terms of installation, secure Wi-Fi communication, and 24/7 Ring Protect monitoring.

Ring Alarm Pro hub and keypad. (Photo: Ring/Amazon)

Ring Alarm Pro hub and keypad. (Photo: Ring/Amazon)

With the Pro package, you’re getting access to local video processing and storage, compatibility with third-party devices like smart door locks and smart garage door openers, and stellar privacy features, thanks to the eero Wi-Fi 6 router. As we’ve come to expect from Ring, the alarm system pairs easily with all of Ring’s existing doorbells and cameras, too. This includes many of the cameras we’ve tested from Ring, including Ring Indoor, Ring Stick Up, and Ring Floodlight cameras.

Ring 3 Cams Outside

Ring 3 Cams Outside

Though the Ring Alarm Pro hub is larger and a bit heavier than the previous two generation’s hubs, there’s an advantage to adding this — especially if you already own Ring Alarm equipment from previous generations. Starting Nov. 3, 2021, you’ll be able to buy the new Ring Alarm smart hub for $249 as a stand-alone product, and it’ll pair smoothly with your existing equipment.

Alternatively, you could snag an 8-piece Ring Alarm Pro package for $299, which includes motion and contact sensors, a range extender, and that super-smart Wi-Fi hub. The new system is exactly $100 more than the previous Ring Alarm generation at $199. It’s a sizable (and not cheap) upgrade, but we are talking about Ring here, one of the most trusted brands for home security. For larger homes, Ring Alarm Pro has a 14-piece kit for $399.

The new Ring Alarm Pro is just one offer in an exciting list of upcoming products and services coming from Amazon this fall. Along with upgraded hardware, the brand also rolled out a couple of subscription services that add more control and peace of mind to your system and home at large.

Ring Protect Pro and Virtual Security Guard

If you’d rather save your video footage to the cloud instead of locally through a micro SD card, Ring Protect Pro’s new service includes ample cloud storage and processing; it also includes Ring professional monitoring and Alexa Guard Plus, a hands-free emergency helpline. You’ll also get custom activity alerts for packages, vehicles, and other types of motion.

FYI: For $20 per month or $200 annually, you can add Ring Protect Pro to any Ring device or system, including many of Amazon’s newest products and services like the Ring Always Home Cam and the Ring Jobsite security kit.

Additionally, Ring announced a new Virtual Security Guard subscription service that surpasses traditional home monitoring. This service allows RapidResponse, a home monitoring center, to keep a close eye on your Ring outdoor cameras. For comparison’s sake, this is similar to the way Deep Sentinel does its monitoring, though Deep Sentinel security cameras aren’t nearly as popular or reliable as Ring’s.

Plus, with Ring, there are plenty of ways to customize how you’d like to be notified if danger is detected. You can choose to allow RapidResponse to take over your camera’s two-way talk functionality and communicate with potential intruders, and even trigger the siren and dispatch emergency services.

Ring Spotlight Night

Ring Spotlight Night

Between now and Nov. 3, we urge you to check back here for the latest announcements on shipping and launch dates for all of Amazon’s new products, including a new Blink doorbell and floodlight (Blink is Amazon’s affordable camera brand), along with a new autonomous smart home robot named Astro and an Amazon-branded smart thermostat. Stay tuned!