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Mobile medical alert systems for seniors with active lifestyles

SecureScore™: 6.2 /10
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6.2 SecureScore™
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How We Review

ResponseNow Ratings

Reasonably priced medical alert services and a focus on mobile medical alert devices sets ResponseNow apart from the competition. While they might not have the most high-tech equipment available, they do have a solid feature set.

  • Affordable pricing
  • UL Listed
  • 30 years of experience
  • Mobile-focused devices

  • Limited equipment set
  • No mobile app


ResponseNow has been in the life safety market for more than 30 years, giving them a substantial amount of hands-on information about this industry. They focus on improving the safety and quality of the life that their customers live. ResponseNow offers traditional systems and mobile medical alert options, and mobile is where it really shines.

You receive 24/7 medical alert monitoring from US-based call centers. The operators who pick up receive specialized training that allows them to respond quickly and provide effective assistance in the event of an emergency. This company is UL listed and has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Features & Technology

Fall Detection

The Belle+ or upgraded fall detection pendant for your in-home system looks at several data points, such as the speed and direction of the person, to determine whether a fall happened and if it should send an alert to the response center.

Device Location

The Belle+ supports device location tracking, although this does cause the battery on the device to drain more quickly.

All-In-One Mobile Pendants

Everything you need to talk to the emergency responders is contained in the Belle and Belle+.

AT&T Cellular Network Coverage

AT&T has an extensive cellular network, so ResponseNow depends on it for their devices. The reliability is essential when it could be a life or death situation.

Personalized Medical Alert Plan

You can give advanced direction for what to do in a medical emergency. Some problems don’t need the help of trained professionals. You may just need a friend or family member to stop by and help you out.

Ease of Use

All you need to do to install the traditional home unit is to plug it into power and the landline. For the mobile devices, the only thing that’s necessary is turning the devices on. Using it is just as simple: press the button and get a reply in seconds.

Customer Service

You only need to wait between 30 and 60 seconds to talk to a human on the other end of the medical alert system. The responder finds out what kind of help you need after you push the button and directs the appropriate resources your way.


ResponseNow operates in nearly every place in the United States. If you have AT&T cellular coverage in your area, you can use this service. A 30-day money back guarantee protects you against getting locked into a service that doesn’t work out for you.

You don’t have to sign long-term contracts, and your price that you sign up with is the one that stays in place until you cancel. If you pay for a quarterly or annual plan, shipping is free for all equipment. A $14.95 shipping fee applies to accounts paid monthly. If you have an annual plan, then you get a free lock box included with your account and the $35 activation fee is waived.

Traditional Plan

Do you spend most of your time at your house? This traditional medical alert system has a console that connects to your landline, along with a paired medical alert pendant or wristband. The traditional plan starts at $24.95 per month.

Mobile Medical Alert Plans

ResponseNow specializes in mobile solutions, and has two medical alert devices that fit the bill: the Belle and the Belle+. Both devices leverage the AT&T cellular network to offer coverage around the country. The Belle+ also includes GPS capabilities and fall detection. Mobile medical alert plans start at $34.95 per month.


The Traditional Plan includes a paired base unit and medical alert pendant. The base unit must connect to a landline and does not have any other connection options. You can wear the shower-proof pendant as a pendant or a wristband.

The Belle and Belle+ plans include 3G cellular coverage and shower proof all-in-one medical alert pendants. The Belle has 30 days of battery life and it charges to full in 3 hours. The Belle+ has more of a power draw due to GPS technology and fall detection. You need to charge this device every five days.

Add-On Equipment

Fall Detection Pendant

Get an upgraded medical alert pendant and allow it to automatically send an alarm if you fall. You can add a fall detection pendant for $11.95 per month.

Lock Box

Give family members and emergency responders access to your home even if you can’t make it to the door. You can add a lock box for $3.95 per month.


ResponseNow focuses primarily on mobile medical alert pendants, with all-in-one pendants that go wherever the customer wants to. They do offer a traditional landline based system for those who spend most of their time at home. ResponseNow doesn’t offer many innovative features, but they provide a useful service for seniors who find themselves on the go for a lot of the day.

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