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Sophisticated hardware makes this medical alert system a smart choice

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6.2 SecureScore™
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Rescue Alert Ratings

Rescue Alert is a well established medical alarm company that has an innovative base unit that makes it possible to use this service with VoIP and cable phone lines alongside traditional ones. The plans are somewhat pricey, but the solid and dependable hardware makes the price worth it.

  • VoIP, cable and traditional landlines work for the device
  • GPS location requests
  • Upfront equipment costs and one-time payments available

  • Prices are somewhat high
  • This service does not come with an app
  • Accessories are limited


Rescue Alert has more than 30 years of experience in the medical alarm field. Their goal is to empower seniors so they can live their best lives independently. The hardware and service tiers target seniors who have an active life outside of their home. The pricing for this service starts at $27.95 per month, although you can lower your monthly obligation by paying for the equipment upfront.

Features & Technology

Equipment Purchases

You have the option of purchasing the medical alert equipment outright. It’s rare to see this offered. You do still need to pay a much lower monthly monitoring fee, however.

One-Time Payment

Another interesting payment option is the one-time payment offered on the basic plan. You never have to worry about another equipment or monitoring payment again.

Flexible Landline Options

Unlike other medical alert companies, the traditional landline based system also accepts VoIP or cable, as well as the regular type of landline.

Cellular Network Option

If you don’t have any type of landline within your home, you can leverage a cellular-compatible base unit instead.

Fall Detection

Don’t find yourself unable to call for help if you fall. Fall detection automatically sounds the alarm for you.

GPS Location Tracking

Your friends, family members, caretakers and emergency responders can find you if it’s necessary.

Self-Diagnosing Hardware

Don’t worry about your equipment dying on you. It troubleshoots itself and makes sure that it’s in good working order.

Ease of Use

The installation process couldn’t be easier. Just plug everything in and start using it. Assistance is a mere button press away once you have everything set up.

Customer Service

You can reach the medical alert representatives at any time via the button, and someone will reply quickly. If you have issues that are less urgent, then you can call the regular customer support line or send them a message.

Rescue Alert generally has good reviews for their customer service, with well-trained and attentive staff members ready to guide you through your medical emergency. However, Rescue Alert does not have certifications that are common for medical alert call centers, such as Five Diamond.


Rescue Alert offers a wide range of medical alert plan options that start at $27.95 per month. You receive discounts based on your subscription term, with annual subscribers receiving the highest discount.

Rescue Alert Landline

This traditional medical alert system has a base station that is installed in a central location in your home and a paired medical alert button that lets you call for help. You need a landline connection in your home to use this service tier. The company sometimes runs promotions and offers a free lock box or another personal help button. The equipment cost is included in the monthly, quarterly or annual payment that you make. However, you do have two options if you prefer to purchase the equipment. You can pay an upfront fee of $199.00 and then $15.95 per month going forward if you don’t want to spread the equipment cost throughout your subscription term. You also have the option to pay a one-time fee for $849. The Rescue Alert Landline starts at $27.95 per month.

Rescue Alert 3G Cellular

This medical alert system is identical feature-wise but differs in that you don’t need a landline going to your house. Instead, this system uses a 3G mobile data network to keep you connected. You have the option of paying $299 for the equipment upfront and paying $25.95 for monthly monitoring. The Rescue Alert 3G Cellular starts at $37.95 per month.

Rescue Alert GPS

This all-in-one medical alert device is light and convenient to carry around with you everywhere. It uses 3G cellular networks and GPS tracking to ensure that you get medical attention and assistance wherever you decide to go. You can talk directly through your pendant. The Rescue Alert GPS starts at $37.95 per month.


With the exception of the Rescue Alert GPS service tier and corresponding all-in-one medical alarm, you receive the following equipment as part of your monthly fee.

MXD Landline Base Unit or MXD3G Cellular Base Unit

The landline base unit is compatible with VoIP, cable or traditional phone systems, which sets it apart from other medical alert companies that tend to focus only on the latter. Clear two-way voice communication ensures that you have the best chance of communicating what you need and understanding the operator on the other end.

This base unit can self-diagnose hardware problems, and it’s capable of tracking battery life of both devices and determining the status of the phone line. The Response Center at Rescue Alert receives this information so they know whether you’re running into problems. You can also use the MXD Medical Alert base unit as part of a medication dispenser system.

The cellular version of this device uses AT&T’s 3G network and most of the country has coverage by these cellular towers.

Rescue Alert GPS

This device is only available through the service tier of the same name. You get 48 hours of battery life, a constant connection to AT&T’s 3G network, and you can put it in your purse, clip it on your belt or put it in your pocket. The medical alert GPS sends updated location information every 15 minutes, so emergency responders can get to you fast. You can talk to the medical alarm professionals directly via the pendant, which allows you to go wherever you want.

Add-On Equipment

Slimline Lock Box

A lockbox is an excellent accessory for your medical alert plan. You can store two keys in this box and the combination is kept on file by Rescue Alert. If first responders need to get into your home, they can do so without kicking the door down. You can add a lock box for $39.99 per box.

myActive Alert

This upgraded personal help button can detect whether you experience a fall. It has a range of up to 1,000 feet from the base station, so it covers you when you’re in the backyard or another place where you’re prone to falls. You can add myActive Alert for $10 per month.

Wall Buttons

You can set up wall buttons throughout your house in locations where you may not wear your pendant. They work just like your personal help device, with the exception of being permanently mounted on your wall. You can add wall buttons for $5 per month.


RescueAlert is doing some exciting things with its payment options, broad definition of landline and hardware that can fix its own problems. The service is somewhat pricey for what you get, but the hardware really steals the show here.

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  1. Avatar Jan Mack says:

    Had Rescue alert for several years. Cancel because I got service for free. When I asked for a sticker for postage, I was told by one of the service people they didn’t do that. Very disappointed cost $11.95. On a very limited income

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