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Affordable medical alert systems offering basic protection and A+ service

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One Call Medical Alert Ratings

One Call Alert has a 20-year history in serving the medical alarm market, helping seniors achieve their goals of independent living through in-home and mobile packages. The company offers reasonable prices and covers the basics well, but falls short in value-added features, equipment and services.

  • Reasonably priced system
  • Well-established medical alert company
  • Willing to create custom packages if necessary
  • US-based medical monitoring

  • Barebones feature list
  • No smartphone app
  • No advanced functionality
  • No environmental monitoring


One Call Alert has over 20 years in the medical monitoring industry and the company has spent a lot of that time listening to customer feedback to tailor its services to their needs. This A+ Better Business Bureau Accredited business has a number of pre-configured medical alert systems available, and they’re also willing to create fully customized ones.

Features & Technology

Choose Who to Call First

Your medical needs may not require EMTs to show up whenever you have an emergency. You can create a plan that establishes who One Call contacts first so you get the exact type of help that you need.

Fall Detection

Don’t get stuck on the ground and unable to push your alert button due to an injury. Fall detection automates this alert, as it can be a serious condition for many seniors.

24/7 Medical Monitoring

You’re protected every day of the year with the One Call service.

Wear Your Medical Alert Button Everywhere

Accidents don’t pick a convenient spot to happen in. You can take your button all over the place, and it’s designed to stand up to the elements that you might have to deal with.

Clear Fee Structure

One Call is upfront about how much you have to pay to use this system, so you won’t be subject to hidden fees and other financial concerns.

Ease of Use

The setup process is as easy as pie. You just need to get everything plugged in and follow the installation guide to activate your system. After that, you just need to put your medical alert button on so you know that help is at hand.

Customer Service

One Call Alert has a US-based medical alert monitoring center that’s available 24/7. When you press the button to send an alert, you get through to a well-trained professional quickly. You never encounter an automated system when you need help, nor do you need to worry about getting charged per alert.


One Call Medical Alert offers several home and mobile plans. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees or long-term contracts. Activation, equipment and shipping are all free as well, making this an affordable medical alarm system for many budgets. The price that you pay at the beginning of your service is the price that you pay at the end with the lifetime price guarantee.

In-Home Landline $24.95 per month

This at-home medical alarm system gives you exactly what you need to have peace of mind when you’re living independently. The base station and medical alarm button work together to put you in communication with the people who can help during a medical emergency. You need a landline to use this service tier.

In-Home Wireless $34.95 per month

No landline? No problem! One Call Medical Alert offers a wireless version of their in-home system for an additional fee.

ResCube Pro Mobile $39.92

Do you find yourself out of your home on a regular basis? An at-home system won’t do you much good. You need something that is as active as you are. The ResCube Pro mobile is an all-in-one medical alarm button that works on a cellular signal and can be your reliable travel companion.

You have two add-ons for these medical alarm services. Fall detection, at $10 per month, automatically sends a medical alert if the pendant thinks that you’re falling. If you’re worried that you’re going to break or damage a pendant over time, you can protect it for $4 per month.


All of the basic equipment needed for core medical alert functionality is included in each tier. If you choose to add-on fall detection, you get a medical alarm pendant with that upgraded functionality. The base units have a 600 to 1,000-foot range, while the mobile medical alarm pendant works everywhere.

Add-On Equipment

Lock Box

Keep extra copies of your keys in a lockbox that EMTs can access if they need to come into your home and assist you. You can add a lock box for an additional $2 per month.

Extra Emergency Alert Button

Would you like to give an alert button to your spouse, or keep a spare on hand? You can add them on as needed. You can add an additional emergency alert button for $5 per month.


One Call Alert is a relatively barebones medical alarm system that covers the basics but doesn’t offer much in the way of advanced functionality or smart technology. The prices are average for medical alarm companies and you don’t have to worry about equipment costs or long-term contracts.

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  1. Avatar DARRIBELLE L DIEHL says:

    Passport through Medicare pays for my call button. It doesn’t pay for a land line to use when my electric Is out.

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