Medical alert systems provide a variety of services that help protect individuals with medical conditions, at risk of experiencing a fall, or that need medical alert monitoring protection.

There are similarities, along with differences in medical alert systems, and the companies that manufacture them. One difference is that while some medical alert systems come with monitoring, others do not feature medical alert monitoring services.

The benefits and costs of medical alert systems and monitoring potentially help with decisions regarding the ideal medical alert system.

What is Medical Alert Monitoring?

It possibly comes as a surprise to some individuals when they learn that not all medical alert systems come with 24-hour monitoring services.

When you have medical alert monitoring, a live operator responds to calls for help. This allows you the opportunity to talk with the representative. The representative assesses your personal situation, and responds by sending the appropriate assistance.

When a person purchases a non-monitored medical alert system, there is no live two-way communication with a representative. Pushing the button on your system typically leads to the system calling your preprogrammed contacts. Many of the non-monitored systems play a pre-recorded message, advising the contact that there is an emergency situation at your address.

How Much is Medical Alert Monitoring?

The cost of medical alert monitoring varies, based on several factors. One factor is the company that you choose to provide your medical alert system. Some companies offer medical alert systems and monitoring services with no contracts, free shipping, and no activation fees. Other companies require a specific commitment, and other fees, such as activation fees, shipping costs, and other costs.

Another factor related to cost potentially depends on the specific medical alert system and devices that you choose, based on your needs. Do you want a standard in-home medical alert system, or do you prefer optional or upgraded system options, such as GPS monitoring, in-car monitoring, or a high-tech option such as a Smart watch? Do you want to add fall detection, or choose a bundled package?

When you consider options or additional features beyond a basic unit, make sure that you ask about the total medical alert monitoring costs.

Benefits of Medical Alert Monitoring 

The benefits of having medical alert monitoring potentially reduces the feeling of living in fear that you will have a medical emergency, whether at home or away from home. Medical alert monitoring possibly eliminates worrying that your loved one will have a medical emergency, or experience a fall when no one is there to help your loved one.

Another primary benefit of medical alert monitoring is the fact that there is no longer the assumption that medical alert devices are strictly for elderly individuals. Parents of children with medical conditions, or those that simply want to have a way of monitoring their children’s location often choose medical alert monitoring services.

Individuals with chronic medical conditions of all ages benefit from having medical alert monitoring services. Do you or a family member have a diagnosis of diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, hemophilia? Do you have a history of or are you at risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event or stroke?

Medical alert monitoring provides a way to call for help right away when you need it. Rather than waiting for a non-monitored system to call through a list of contacts until someone finally answers, having medical alert monitoring means that you speak to a live employee at a monitoring center.

Some systems provide benefits beyond monitoring for medical emergencies and falls. Some medical alert systems provide monitoring for household dangers, such as fires, carbon monoxide, and floods, giving the customer an additional sense of safety at home.

The Best Medical Alert Monitoring Companies

Several medical alert monitoring companies connect the customer to a live operator or representative. This allows for a quick response in the event of an emergency, at home or on the go.

Bay Alarm Medical 

Bay Alarm Medical provides customers with access to 24-hour live operators at the push of the button. The in-home medical alert system features clear two-way communications, long-life battery, easy portability, and easy installation. There are other available in-home options, such as fall detection, and wireless wall buttons.

Bay Alarm Medical on the go options are not just for seniors. Parents want to have the ability to locate their children quickly in an emergency. Consider putting the GPS device in your child’s backpack.

Adults of all ages potentially feel safer with a medical alert product when away from home. Bay Alarm Medical mobile options provide medical alert monitoring for active seniors, and younger adults.

Consider the 360 Protection Suite for complete medical alert system monitoring at home, in the car, and away from home.


When you push the button on your MobileHelp medical alert system product, the MobileHelp emergency response operators receive your information. They assess your emergency, and take action based on your individualized needs.

Choose MobileHelp Solo and receive two-way in-home communication, and monitoring services 24-hours a day. Receive one help button, and monitoring services in-home and away from home.

MobileHelp Duo provides cellular in-home and on the go versatility. It includes a mobile help button, home base station, 24/7 monitoring, and a free lockbox.

Select the MobileDuo and receive two help buttons with water repellant technology, patented GPS technology at home, and away from home.

There are other MobileHelp technologically advanced options, all with 24-hour medical alert monitoring service.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian offers medical alert systems and monitoring services for every lifestyle. The Classic Guardian is an affordable system that offers 100 percent U.S. monitoring services. It operates with your landline phone, and provides clear, two-way communication when you speak to a live operator.

The Home Guardian uses a nationwide cellular network, works with a wearable emergency button that works within 600 feet of your base station.

Some customers prefer the Family Guardian, with an app that sends instant messages to your email or Smartphone. It offers the same 24-hour monitoring and largest in-home range.

Receive 24-hour monitoring with Mobile Guardian’s on-the go products, with your choice of the Mobile Guardian, Active Guardian, or Freedom Guardian. Each on the go option comes with a variety of features, perfect for your active lifestyle.

Best Medical Alert Monitoring
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