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Last Updated On: October 16, 2019
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The MobileHelp Classic is a basic home monitoring system. It offers some key features that help make it worth investing in, but it is not the on-the-go system some seniors may need instead. Rather, it uses a cellular network to provide emergency medical help when needed. It does not require a landline to work and is very easy to use.

  • Fast response to medical needs
  • Easy to install system
  • Medical reminder services

  • Simplistic system
  • Pricy system


The MobileHelp Classic is an at-home monitoring system. It features a large home base that sits anywhere in the home. It connects to a 24/7 emergency monitoring provider that is based in the U.S. The system is very easy to use, requiring the user to just hit a button to summon help. Designed to be simplistic and durable, the overall functionality is good. It also has a small wearable device that can provide for help in calling for help as well. The system uses the AT&T network for connectivity, which means there is no need for the user to maintain a landline to use the system.

Features & Technology

For those seeking a medical alert system that is good for at-home use, the MobileHelp Classic works very well. Here are some key features that help make it stand out.

Two-Way Communication

When an individual hits the button on the device to summon help, the device allows the user to communicate with the operator openly. The two-way communication allows the operator to learn what is happening so that the right type of medical response can be given to the individual in need as soon as possible. This helps speed up the response time.

U.S. Based Monitoring

Medical emergency monitoring is provided 24/7. When the user hits the button to call for help, the user is connected to a monitoring team based on the U.S. This can help to make communication a bit easier to manage.

Automatic Fall Detection

The basic system does not include this feature. However, if the user wants to, he or she can add an automatic fall detection button to the system. This is an additional cost of $10 per month. With it, the system automatically detects when the person wearing it falls. This way, it can summon help right away even if the individual is unable to do so, such as when he or she has blacked out.  The MobileHelp Fall Button, as it is called, automatically works to send a signal for an emergency when a fall like this occurs.

Lockbox Included

Another nice feature of the MobileHelp Classic is that it includes a lockbox. The lockbox is a device that users can place outside of their home with important information as well as keys for access to the property. Only those who have the code for it are able to open it, and that information is available only through the monitoring system.

Ease of Use

Overall, the MobileHelp Classic system is very easy to use. There is no need to maintain a home landline for it. And, users do not have to purchase a cellphone for it either. Rather, it works over the AT&T cellular network which spans the country. The functionality of the system is also very easy. The device has a large button the user presses when he or she needs help. It is easy to press, too.

Customer Service

MobileHelp is a respected company in the home monitoring industry. It offers good service and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In terms of use, the company has a toll-free number that is available for questions and account access. There is also an online chat feature on the website which can be used to ask questions. The site has information including a FAQ for most questions.


The Classic version of MobileHelp is available for $359.40 for an annual rate. This is the only price for the equipment itself. There are no activation fees or other hidden charges. It is possible to add features to the system that increase the cost. MobileHelp Connect is one of these features. It allows for a set of online tools to be made available to the user as well as caregivers.


The system is a basic answering-machine-like device that sits on a desktop or counter. There is also a pendant that the user can wear around his or her neck, but the only speaker for the two-way audio is available on the base station or the mobile devices.


Overall, MobileHelp Classic is a good option for in-home monitoring only. It provides a wide range of benefits to the user in a simplified design. While it does not offer on the go support, that may be something some do not need or want.

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