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Travis Goodreau
8.8 SecureScore™
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How We Review
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Freedom Guardian is a wearable medical alert watch designed to be easy to use, durable, and connected. The company’s main goal with this watch is to allow adults the ability to live life with fewer limits. And, it works well-to-do that with a number of key features.

  • GPS and Wi-Fi tracking
  • Provides messages
  • Alerts for calendar
  • Mobile app
  • Fast response time

  • Doesn’t offer fall detection feature
  • Can be expensive for some


The Freedom Guardian is a watch that provides comprehensive support for users on the go. It’s designed to give seniors the help they need to remain connected, but to be able to live life at the same time. It features a fast-acting emergency button if there is a problem so they can quickly call help right to their location. That location is known no matter where the individual is due to the GPS and Wi-Fi location tracking available. The watch features a super easy-to-use touch screen interface that makes it possible for seniors with sight concerns to navigate it. And, it has features such as built-in SMS messages to help stay connected.

The Freedom Guardian (boxed)

The Freedom Guardian (boxed)

Features & Technology

Take a closer look at the key features that help the Freedom Guardian watch to stand out.

Advanced Location Tracking

A key component, it offers tracking through Wi-Fi positioning systems, GPS as well as triangulation, which can help to give families peace of mind when it comes to knowing where someone is. It works across the entire country and provides exact location monitoring. If a person is unable to give their location, the watch still works to communicate this.

Reminders and Alerts

The Plus model provides users with a reminder system. This can send the wearer a reminder, for example, to take medications or when a doctor’s appointment its. The Calendar Alerts works well for day-to-day tasks as well as one-time meetings or appointments. It’s very easy to set up and use as well.

Text to Speech Messaging

For Plus purchasers, the Text to Speech feature is a nice add on especially for those who are a bit more tech savvy and want something that’s more flexible to use on the goal. This allows the system to read text messages out loud to them. Without the use of any keyboard, the watch can also listen to a person’s voice and send a message response. This feature works with anyone within the user’s Care Circle.

Weather Forecast

Another nice feature for those seniors who love to be outdoors, the watch offers a three-day local weather forecast. It is easy enough to look at the watch to see exactly what the weather will be like in the coming days for plans.

Easy-Wear Design

The Freedom Guardian

The Freedom Guardian

With an adjustable watch band, it’s easy enough to fit most people comfortably. The band is made using a high performance, soft silicone, which keeps it durable and capable of handling routine use, but still comfortable enough.

Ease of Use

The Freedom Guardian watch is rather easy to use. It has a few key features to make it a bit more comfortable and usable for seniors. This includes oversized icons with a high-resolution color screen. It also has larger icons overall to make it easier for those with eyesight concerns to see well. It features a comfortable analog watch face, which makes it easy enough to tell time with. The side button is designed for multi-functional use, making it easy for users to learn which button to press to navigate through a variety of features.

Customer Service

Use of the Freedom Guardian is mostly done through the watch or the Care web portal. This Customer Care portal provides caregivers and users information and support as needed. There is a chat feature to make communicating about problems or account needs easy to do. Medical Guardian has one of the better customer service teams in the medical alert industry.


The Freedom Guardian watch is priced at $99 for the watch itself. That’s significantly less than some other watches. In addition to this, there is a monthly charge of $44.95 for 24/7 emergency response or, for those who want to choose the Plus option, the monthly charge is $49.95. This Plus model also comes with a portal for caregivers to connect.


The equipment itself is reliable. It offers a dual-core 1GHz CPU and features 512 MB of RAM. The touch screen has a 240 by 240-pixel resolution.


Overall, the Freedom Guardian is an excellent wearable for those who want to take emergency medical care with them when they are going for a walk, traveling, or doing anything else. It can be a bit pricey depending on the monthly package selected but overall offers the features most need in a comfortable, easy-to-wear watch. It does not take a lot to learn how to use this watch either, which is an important benefit for many seniors.

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Travis Goodreau
Safety and Security Advisor
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