Individuals that have hemophilia know that their medical symptoms potentially change at any moment. Following the orders and treatments prescribed by a physician are crucial for anyone with hemophilia.

There is a critical need to have the means of reaching out for help at any minute. Medical alert systems offer the opportunity for an individual with hemophilia to call for help at any time. You or your loved one has the security and peace of mind knowing that assistance is just one push of a button away. Compare this to medical alert jewelry, with no help buttons, and no ability to call anyone in a medical emergency.

Learn why a medical alert system is potentially an ideal solution for a person that has a hemophilia diagnosis, and a better alternative to medical alert jewelry.

The Prevalence and Potential Risks Associated with Hemophilia 

When a mother carries the hemophilia gene, whether Hemophilia A, or Hemophilia B, there is a 50 percent chance that her son will be born with hemophilia, and a 50 percent chance that a daughter born to the mother will also be a carrier of the gene. This is true even if the father is not a carrier of the condition.

If the father is a carrier of the hemophilia gene, and the mother is not a carrier of the gene, all daughters will be born as carriers of the gene. None of the sons born to the father will have hemophilia.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also explains that an estimated one-third of all individuals with hemophilia have no family history of the condition. Some people are not born with hemophilia, developing it later in life.

When you consider the risks of the population, in spite of the rarity of hemophilia, it is important that those with hemophilia and individuals at risk of the condition have an active means of calling for help immediately.

Hemophilia Symptoms That Require Immediate Assistance From First Responders

Hemophilia is a disorder with bleeding as a primary symptom, since there is a clotting issue with the disorder. People that have hemophilia and experience an injury such as a cut or other injury likely bleed more than an individual that does not have hemophilia.

There are internal risks, meaning that a person with hemophilia is at risk for internal bleeding if a blood vessel tears, or there is another type of internal injury. Some people with severe hemophilia experience bleeds for no apparent reason. This type of bleeding possibly occurs near the joints or internal organs.

When a bleeding incident occurs, there is an immediate need for contacting first responders. The Canadian site ‘Living with Hemophilia‘ explains that one of the common approaches to treating hemophilia is on-demand therapy. This means that prompt treatment is of critical importance.

Several sources state that wearing medical alert jewelry indicating that you or your loved one has hemophilia is a helpful action. When you wear a medical alert bracelet, necklace, or other jewelry, there is no way to call for help in a hemophilia emergency.

Even if a Good Samaritan sees your medical alert jewelry, what can that person do to help you, or your child that has hemophilia? The average person likely does not know how to respond when a hemophilia emergency occurs with an adult or a child.

Purchasing a medical alert system provides the means of calling for help at the simple push of a button, sending first responders promptly to your location.

The Value of a Medical Alert System 

Medical alert systems vary from one company to another, yet some companies offer monitored systems that have similar functions and capabilities. An in-home base station allows you to talk to a live operator with the push of a button. The representative assesses your situation and takes the appropriate action to summon help to your location as quickly as possible.

Wear the pendant when you are outside, in the shower, or away from home. Some people with hemophilia possibly consider wearing the pendant at all times, giving the individual an added sense of security and peace of mind, given the potential for experiencing bleeding at any time.

There are other valuable options when considering a medical alert system. Choose the fall detection option for a small additional fee for most medical alert systems. When you have an internal bleed, you likely do not know right away. If you experience a fall due to hemophilia symptoms, fall detection is potentially important to getting help to you as soon as possible. Some individuals choose options such as an in-car medical alert, or other on-the-go options.

Remember that when you wear medical alert jewelry, you do not have the capability of summoning help right away. You do not have the benefit of speaking to a live representative to explain that you have hemophilia, and explain your symptoms at that moment.

Choosing a Medical Alert System When You Have Hemophilia

When you consider medical alert system options, choose a medical alert system that offers the products and services that you need. Choose a system that allows you to call for immediate help, whether at home, or on the go away from home.

Consider purchasing a monitored medical alert system over a non-monitored system.  A non-monitored system usually goes through a list of contacts until someone on your chosen list answers. That system alerts the contact that you need help.

A monitored system typically has a 24-hour live operator, and two-way communication, with the ability to contact first responders right away. An article published by the National Hemophilia Foundation reveals the importance of a person with a bleeding disorder receiving ‘expeditious' treatment when they present to the emergency department.

Consider the symptoms and specific hemophilia condition when making decisions regarding the best solution for you or your loved one. Medical alert jewelry reveals that you have hemophilia. Medical alert systems provide the means for contacting a live representative with capability of sending first responders to your exact location.

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