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A simple and senior friendly flip phone by GreatCall.

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8.0 SecureScore™
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Jitterbug Flip Ratings

The Jitterbug Flip is a flip-style phone provided by GreatCall, one of the more well-known brands of medical security alarms and systems. The phone is very versatile and easy to use but provides for some key features that make it ideal for seniors. That includes 5Star Urgent Response, an easy way to get help immediately if you need it. It offers a number of features but keeps operations as easy as possible.

  • Easy to use with simple navigation
  • 5Star Urgent Response service
  • Bright screen that’s larger than normal flip phones

  • It’s not a smartphone, which means no internet access
  • Lacks microSD card slot


The Jitterbug Flip is a feature-packed flip-style phone designed specifically for those who want to have emergency medical care available to them on a phone they will likely use every day. The phone features voice dial, a 2.0-megapixel camera, a magnifier with a flashlight, and a powerful speaker built into it. It also features 5Star Urgent Response. It’s also available in two colors.

While this seems to look like and function as a simple flip phone, there are a number of key features that help to make it ideally suited for those with medical needs.


What makes the Jitterbug Flip a desirable phone is that it is highly usable with a number of built-in features including those specifically beneficial to seniors or those with a medical need. Consider some of the most important features.

5Star Urgent Response

The best quality feature on the Jitterbug Flip is its emergency assistance feature called 5Start Urgent. This feature allows the user to press a button to get connected to a live operator to provide 24/7 immediate help. If you fall, are in an accident, or are suffering from a health crisis, it is very easy to get help sent right to your location.

With the Urgent Care feature, individuals can connect to a live, registered nurse or a board-certified medical doctor 24/7. It is also possible to get prescriptions for some medications through the phone. This helps individuals to get help right away – there’s no insurance needed to access these features either.

GreatCall Link

When a family member or friend downloads the GreatCall Link to their smartphone, this app helps the family member keep an eye on their loved one. If a person with the Jitterbug Flip uses the 5Star Urgent Feature, it automatically sends an alert to this app on the connected loved one’s phone. This allows you to have some control over where your loved one is.

Big Screen

To help with improved eyesight, the Jitterbug Flip has a big screen with large numbers displayed on it. This makes dialing a phone number easy to do. It also has a keypad that is backlit, which allows those numbers to stand out well even in low-light situations.

Loud Speaker

The phone has a built-in strong speaker. This is an upgrade over previous versions. The loud speaker makes it easier for the user to hear better. The speaker quality is good, too, meaning it is clear and crisp. There is no need to yell – it picks up sounds easily through the phone’s microphone. There is also a hands-free feature you can use while on the go.

Navigation Tools

Some flip phones require a person to toggle through numerous steps to get to the end result. That does not happen here. The menu is designed to be very easy to use overall.  When scrolling through it, you can press Yes or No to move through – that makes it easy to avoid complicated tree-style menus. What’s more, the menu has a built-in design that offers a flashlight and magnifier. That means you have an easy way to improve your vision.

Ease of Use

The Jitterbug Flip is very easy to use and seamlessly reliable. With the easy navigation- including bright screen and big numbers – most people can operate this phone. It is also very simple to move through the various menu options using the Yes and No feature.

Customer Service

GreatCall, the company behind Jitterbug, is known for being a reliable provider. The company offers free customer service at any time. There’s also a website packed with information.


The Jitterbug Flip phone is normally priced at $99.99. That includes the phone only. From there, users can select from three available GreatCall Health and Safety Packages. These range from the Basic plan at $19.99 per month up to the Preferred Plan at $24.99 per month, to the Ultimate Plan at $34.99 per month. All plans offer 5Star Urgent Response, check-in calls, MedCoach, Daily Health Tips, Brain Games and The Wellness Call. The Preferred Plan also includes Urgent Care and GreatCall Link features. And, the Ultimate Plan adds a Personal Operator and a product replacement feature. Additionally, individuals can purchase monthly minutes and text based on their usage of the phone.


A durable, compact phone, the Jitterbug Flip is designed to provide good quality performance. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor and a 2-megapixel camera with 5x zoom. It’s a simple phone, and that’s why so many love it.


Overall, the Jitterbug Flip is a dependable and well-built phone. It’s compact and easy enough to use with big, bright wording, but it is also very stylish and modern. It feels like a quality phone especially when you factor in the wide range of tools it offers to help you (or your loved one) to remain safe.

Reviewed By
Travis Goodreau
Safety and Security Advisor
Travis is a retired Burglary Detective, having tallied 5,000+ burglary and theft cases throughout his career. He also served as an Arson Investigator, where he cracked the case of a serial arsonist, and made the arrest and prosecuted the would-be bomber of ABC-7 Studio in LA. We couldn’t be happier to have him as a Safety and Security Advisor. Learn more about Travis here
Written By
Andrew Garcia
Lead Security Editor
As Lead Security Editor, Andrew strategically guides SafeHome and the resources we publish. He holds a BA in business, and has 10+ years of experience in content development. Today, Andrew edits and publishes articles, guides, and other resources to meet our rigorous standards. Learn more about Andrew here

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