A medical alert can save your life or the life of someone you love in an emergency situation. Deciding which medical alert is right for you and your family is a decision that requires serious consideration. Medical alerts come as stand-alone apps or as part of a medical alert system.

Medical Alert Apps

You can download a medical alert app for your smartphone that is either monitored or unmonitored. A monitored app is one where you can connect to a company's help line with the push of a button, and an unmonitored app connects you directly to 911 or to a preprogrammed phone number. Monitored apps are the most common.

Popular choices for medical alert apps include Life Alert, Freedom Guardian, MobileHelp Connect, and LifeLine Response.

MobileHelp Connect

The MobileHelp Connect app works with MobileHelp systems and is the app of choice for anyone wanting to track their health or the health of a loved one. MobileHelp offers products for in the home and on the go, and the systems are mobile. The app includes a Help Button that activates an alarm in the case of a fall or other emergency. The app charts biometric information, such as activity level, and over days, weeks, and months, the biometric charts can help reveal trends in your or your loved one's health. When you have a better picture of your health, then you're empowered to make well-informed health decisions. The app works with many MobileHelp products, including a blood pressure cuff, a pulse oximeter, a weight scale, and glucometer.

You can get started with a MobileHelp system risk free for 30 days. The systems start at $359 per year (or $19.95 per month) for the MobileHelp Classic and go up to $599 per year for the MobileHelp Touch.

The MobileHelp Connect app is designed for seniors and caregivers who take an active interest in tracking health who also want an online platform.

Freedom Guardian

The Freedom Guardian app works as a companion to the Freedom Guardian medical alert smartwatch. The watch shows a three-day weather forecast and has an emergency system that can send out an SOS signal. The companion app helps you stay connected and to keep track of your vital signs. The app includes a Message Center where you can send and receive SMS texts, a Location Tracker that allows you to pinpoint the exact location of the smartwatch, and Watch Vitals so that you know the smartwatch's battery status, Wi-Fi signal strength, and more. With the Freedom Guardian app, you can also keep track of when the alert button was pressed.

You can purchase the Freedom Guardian system (smartwatch with companion app) with a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual subscription. When you purchase an annual subscription, you get one month of Freedom Guardian free and a free lockbox. The secure lockbox is designed for keys, so that entry into your home is immediate in case of an emergency. Freedom Guardian has a one-time $99 equipment cost, and plans range from $41.20 per month (for an annual subscription) to $44.95 per month (for all other subscription types).

The Freedom Guardian app is ideal for seniors and caregivers who take an active interest in tracking health.

LifeLine Response

LifeLine Response is a medical alert app from Phillips that provides “the fastest and most accurate assistance possible.” The app works with the Philip's LifeLine medical alert system.  When you press the alert button or if the system detects a fall, the app connects you with the 24/7 professional response center. The response associate at the response center will then assess the situation to determine how to best help. The LifeLine response associate will send you the help you want: emergency service, neighbor, or family member, and they will later follow up to ensure you received that help. The LifeLine Response app uses your phone's GPS signal to send your personal information and exact location to emergency responders. When the medical alert has been triggered, your phone will flash and emit a siren that can be heard for miles.

You can get started with this stand-alone app for free with a 14-day free trial, and then the price for the app bumps up to $4.99 per month. You can also use the app as part of a larger medical alert system for added functionality. The Philip's LineLine systems start at $29.95 per month with a $50 activation fee and go up to $54.95 per month with a $149 device fee.

The LifeLine Response app is ideal for people who want a stand-alone app (not a medical alert system) from a trusted brand.

Life Alert

The Life Alert app is designed for when you have an emergency outside of your home. You can push a button to speak with an emergency professional at the Life Alert monitoring center, and with twice as many phone operators as a typical home security company, Life Alert is well-prepared to handle your call. Life Alert's professional monitoring center handles two million emergency calls each year, and the emergency operator remains on the phone until help arrives. You can set up your Life Alert account to include your medical information, so that in an emergency situation, the monitoring center can provide your medical information to the paramedics. The Life Alert app includes a flashlight to signal for help and a high-pitched yell or whistle sound to call for help.

The Life Alert app works in connection to the Life Alert system. The Life Alert with Mobile is $89.95 per month plus upfront costs. You get one month of Life Alert free when you purchase a one-year subscription.

The Life Alert app is designed for people who want quick access to a professional monitoring center where the center operator stays on the phone until help arrives.

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