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Alert1 Medical Alert Ratings

Alert1 offers a full lineup of medical alert systems to help seniors regain their independence. The equipment is reliable, the customer service is friendly, and the words “contracts” and “equipment fees” are not in their vocabulary. Whether at home or on-the-go, you’re sure to find an affordable Alert1 system that suits your needs. While there’s no mobile app or caregiver portal, we still think this medical alert system might be worth your time. See what our experts say in our Alert1 review.

  • Has home and mobile services
  • Offers useful add-ons such as a medication dispenser and a fall protection pack
  • Affordably priced
  • Often runs promotions
  • Well-established company
  • 5-Diamond Certified monitoring centers

  • No mobile app available
  • No smart home automation integration
  • No caregiver portal


Alert1 is a medical alert company that got its start in 1988. It’s based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and serves clients all over the United States. This UL-listed medical alert service is TMA 5 Diamond Certified and a Thayer Certified Fair Employer. This company offers home and mobile medical alert products designed to help seniors live independently while having emergency assistance close at hand. Alert1 has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, along with a high rating on Consumer Affairs.

Features & Technology

24/7 Monitoring with Multiple Monitoring Centers

If one of Alert1’s monitoring centers is unavailable for any reason, you get connected to one of the other ones so you’re always protected.

Unlimited Talk Time and Button Pushes

You’re not charged based on the number of times that you push the emergency button.

Personalized Emergency Response

You put together a customized plan that instructs Alert1 on who to contact in different types of situations, as not every medical issue needs the help of EMTs.

Advantage Plan

The Advantage Plan is a warranty plan that starts at $24.99 quarterly. It covers free replacements and repairs on your equipment, free upgraded priority shipping on any orders, and free standard shipping on any equipment that needs replaced. You get covered for damage and destruction with the equipment. You’re limited to one free replacement per year.

Circle of Care

You can designate three friends, family members or caregivers in your Circle of Care. These people are authorized to help in medical emergencies.

AT&T and T-Mobile

Alert1 leverages AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile networks to provide complete cellular coverage for the wireless systems. That way, a network outage on one service won’t impact your ability to get assistance.

Ease of Use

You can be up and running in a few minutes with any of the service plans. The one that requires the most setup time is the Home plans, but you just have to plug in the device and go through a quick activation process.

Customer Service

Alert1 customer service has gone through an extensive training process so they are ready and able to help you through many types of emergencies. The US-based operators alert the appropriate emergency responders to handle your situation. They also stay on the phone the entire time until help gets there so you never have to worry about being out of contact.

People speaking languages other than English can also use this service, as they have multilingual support. When you first get started with Alert1, you don’t have to worry about high pressure sales tactics. All of their customer service representatives help you get the best option for your needs, rather than trying to sell you on the most expensive one for no reason.


Alert1 offers several home and mobile medical alert packages that don’t require a long-term contract. If you want coverage for more than one person in your home, you get a discounted price on a second unit or button. You’re not responsible for paying a base equipment fee or activation fees for your system.

Home $16.95 per month

This home-based medical alert system requires a landline. The POM base unit has a straightforward installation, as all you need to do is plug it into your phone cord and the outlet. It also comes with a showerproof medical help button that connects you with the operator in an emergency. This plan includes 24/7 monitoring and unlimited help button presses.

Home Fall Detection $27.95 per month

This plan upgrades your Home medical alert plan with a button that detects if you fall. In the event that this happens, an emergency alert goes to the monitoring center. That way, you’re getting help as soon as possible if you’re unable to press the button. Alert1 recommends getting a lockbox to go with this plan, as that allows emergency responders or your caregivers to reach you without breaking down a door.

On the Go $33.95 per month

You don’t have to stay in your home to stay protected against medical issues and other concerns. The On the Go plan equips you with a mobile medical alert device that gives you peace of mind. You don’t need to know where you are when you press the button to communicate with our monitoring center. The Built-in location technology shows up where you’re located. You do not need a landline with this plan.

On the Go Plus Home Fall Detection $43.95 per month

Get a home and mobile medical alert system, as well as fall detection functionality. Alert1 offers the Kelsi Pro device that combines the home and mobile functionality. You don’t need a landline for this plan, and built-in GPS technology leads emergency responders to your exact location when you’re outside of the home. The speaker and microphone make it easy to communicate with the operator.

Alert1 has a 30-day refund policy and you have the option of cancelling at any time. If you need to move, this medical alert system is relocation friendly.


All of the basic equipment for each plan is included at no additional cost. The Home plan comes with the base station and the medical alert button. The On the Go plan comes with an all-in-one mobile unit with GPS technology. The On the Go Plus Home Fall Detection plan has an upgraded all-in-one mobile unit and a home fall detection pendant.

Add-On Equipment

Hanging Lock Box $39.95

This shatter proof lock box contains up to five keys and is accessible by family members, emergency responders and caregivers in an emergency.

Surge Guard $19.95

This device gives your phone line and medical alert system protection from power surges.

Wall Mounted Emergency Button $39.95

This button connects to your home base station and gives you another way to get help if you happen to not be wearing your pendant. This unit has a two year battery life and a 600-foot range.

Medical Alert Pendant $19.95

Get an extra medical alert pendant for your spouse or another family member.

Voice Extender $99

If you have more than one story in your home or you’re in a larger home, you may have problems hearing the speaker on the base unit. This device gives you another unit to connect to your landline so you can hear the operator. In addition to it acting as a medical alert speaker, you can also use it as a speakerphone for normal phone calls.

Automated Medication Dispenser and Organizer $149.95

Need help staying compliant with your treatment plan? This automated medication dispenser and organizer is an excellent tool for helping you with this. You can easily read the extra large LED display. It supports up to four medication reminders daily and is tamper proof. If the power goes up, the 48-hour rechargeable battery keeps you on track.

If someone misses a dose, the dispenser locks that one away to avoid accidental double dosing. Even if the device gets shaken or turned upside down, it’s secured against tampering. An 85 decibel alarm signals the next round of medicine. The dispenser has a capacity of 28 doses and you can purchase additional pill compartments for easy swapping.

Medical ID Bracelet $34.95

Present life threatening conditions or allergies on an easy to read bracelet.

The Designer Collection $119

Get a variety of wristband and pendant necklace upgrades for a fashionable medical alert system. You can get the half sized collection for $59.95. Necklaces are also available individually for $19.95.

Kelsi Protective Case and Belt Adapter $9.95

Keep the mobile medical alarm button safe and sound with this case.

Monitored Smoke Detector $10 per month

You can add fire detection to your medical alert plan from Alert1 by getting a monitored smoke detector.

Classic Wristband $29.95

This is the price for an extra wristband button.

Mobile Fall Detection Pendant $41.95

Need another fall detection pendant for your spouse or family member? This is the item you want.

Fall Protection Package $200

You get a complete fall protection package that comes with 2 motion-sensing nightlights, 2 wall mount buttons for fall-risk areas, 18-pack of non slip bathtub strips and a 12-piece set of corner guards to reduce injuries from sharp corners.


Alert1 has a solid set of services and equipment to make it easier for seniors to live a safe and healthy life independently. The prices are average for medical alert packages, and the no-contract terms with no equipment fees makes this medical alert company an attractive choice for many people.

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