LifeLock Advantage is a step up from the basic service offered by the company. With that comes a variety of additional features for consumers. LifeLock Standard still provides identity theft protection at its core, but this product increases the amount of credit monitoring available. The company’s service comes with key features such as dark web monitoring and lost wallet protection. It also includes alerts about potential identity theft occurrences and coverage for lawyers and experts if you are faced with a breach. USPS address change verification is also included.

When compared to the LifeLock Standard package, LifeLock Advantage also includes back and credit card activity alerts and alerts for crimes that have been reportedly committed in your name. it also includes data breach notifications and fictitious identity monitoring services.

Features and Services

For those seeking credit monitoring and identification in a cost-effective plan, LifeLock Advantage can offer that support. This tool provides protection services for most needs with features such as the following.

LifeLock Privacy Monitor Tool

The monitoring tool is an easy-to-use way to protect private information. It works to protect personal information from being exposed online. The goal is to reduce exposure to some of the most common threats.

Credit Card, Checking and Savings Account Alerts

One of the ways LifeLock Advantage helps is by providing activity alerts for significant changes to your banking accounts. This includes credit cards, checking accounts, and savings accounts. If there are large withdrawals on them, significant balance transfers between accounts, or large purchases, an alert is sent to you to determine if it is appropriate.

Stolen Funds Reimbursement

At the LifeLock Advantage level, there is up to $100,000 in funds available to cover any money lost as a result of identity theft. The company can reimburse you dollar-for-dollar of what you lose.

Alerts to Potential Fraud

If there is any significant change to your identity or personal information, the LifeLock Identity Alert System works to address it. This is a simple tool that sends an alert to you by way of a phone call, text message, or an email. If it is a true risk, an Identity Restoration Specialist goes to work to address it right away. They work with you to determine what happened and how to reverse it.

One-Bureau Credit Monitoring

The LifeLock Advantage plan provides monitoring services for one credit bureau. During this time, the service picks up any unique or significant changes to your credit report such as a new account or a new address. It then alerts you of this to determine if there is a breach. This service also comes with an annual credit report from this credit bureau and your VantageScore 3.0.

Ease of Use

With a few additional features compared to the LifeLock Standard model, LifeLock Advantage still remains rather easy to use. There are various tabs and features within the app for use on your smartphone. You can also access details on the company’s website in the membership area. It is easy enough to navigate and, with good customer service, the entire process is fairly streamlined.

Customer Service

One of the key benefits to choosing LifeLock is because it offers quality customer service. First, users can always call a toll-free number to get information from their account. They can also use the online support tools and resources for additional information. If there is any type of breach, users get to turn to a specific restoration specialist for help. This individual helps to work to restore your identity.


The LifeLock Advantage plan is priced at $19.99 per month or $219.89 annually. There may be applicable taxes associated with the plan. This is a competitive price for the credit monitoring service it provides.


For people looking for identity theft protection that includes some level of credit protection, LifeLock Advantage may be a good option. The service provides more extensive protection from the lower tiered plan, including bank and credit card activity monitoring that may be critically important to users. In addition to this, it also provides users with an annual credit report and score from one agency. With this information, for $19.99 per month, it can offer ample protection for most people’s basic needs for both credit and identity theft protection.

*LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.
**Terms apply to all LifeLock plans.
***The credit scores provided are VantageScore 3.0 credit scores based on data from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion respectively. Any one bureau VantageScore mentioned is based on Equifax data only. Third parties use many different types of credit scores and are likely to use a different type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness.