Identity Guard is a type of identity protection tool that focuses on a person’s financial, personal, and social identity. In this way, it can help to protect an individual from most types of identity risks today. Consumers can count on numerous benefits with is including IBM Watson and $1 million in financial support for losses. One of the key ways the company helps is by offering spousal coverage. Here is what you should know about this type of protection.

Identity Protection for Your Family

Identity Guard offers several major plan options.

  • The first is for individuals. It covers just one adult.
  • The Couple Plan includes two adults that live in the same household. It does not include any children. The company does not ask for proof that the couple is married, though.
  • You can also choose the Parent and Child Plan. This includes one parent and any minor children living in the same household as the parent. There’s no limit to the number of people under the age of 18 that can be enrolled in this plan with one adult.
  • The Family Plan covers two adults and the minor children living in a single home.

If you have children under the age of 18, it can be beneficial to obtain identity protection for them under the family plan. Yet, many times, that is not something you may want. Or, your children may be older and have their own identity theft protection. In this case, the Couple Plan can be a good option.

How Do You Add an Adult to Your Plan?

If you decide to choose the Couple Plan, the first step is for one person to create an account with the company. This is the primary member. Once he or she chooses the level of Identity Guard plan that is right for their needs and establishes the account, you can then add the second party. This person, called an Added Member, is able to join the same plan as the Primary Member. Once the Primary Member’s account is established, he or she is able to invite the Added Member to the plan.

What Does the Spouse Coverage Cost?

Identity Guard’s plans range widely based on the amount of coverage selected. The plans range in cost from $14.99 up to $34.99 based on the type of coverage you select (Value, Total, or Premier). When selecting a plan, the Primary member will choose the type of coverage for both members. The Added Member will have the same level of coverage as the Primary Member.

What Is Included in the Couple Plan?

You can select the type of coverage you desire. All of Identity Guard’s features are available to you through the Couple Plan. This includes the following.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is an artificial intelligence tool that allows the company to scan the web for your information on an ongoing basis. It is able to pick up small amounts of potentially risky information about you online and reports it faster than any other solution available. This is a tool that does far more than basic monitoring.

Risk Management Scores

The company’s risk management score can provide you with insight into how much of a risk is present right now based on your unique situation. It tells you where your risks are and how you can improve them as well. The Risk Management Score is an excellent way to learn about protecting yourself, as well.

$1 Million in Stolen Funds Coverage

If there are any stolen funds during the time that Identity Guard is working to protect you, the company’s $1 millions in reimbursement funds become available. This can help to cover the losses you have.

Dedicated Case Managers

If there is any instance of identity theft, the company will report it to you. You can also call them with concerns. When there is a case, one person is assigned to it for you. This helps to minimize any confusion and ensures you know who to call for immediate help.

Alerts for Most Risks

The company’s most advanced plans provide alerts to your app for just about any risk situation. You choose those you want to be alerted to. This can include high-risk transactions, such as overseas purchases, and personal information being found on the web. It can also include threats made against you and dedicated by Watson. For those who select the Total or Premier Plan, there are also credit monitoring tools and report alerts sent to you.

Social Insights Report

The Premier Plan also offers a Social Insights Report. It works to monitor you and your spouse’s personal information on social media. It can report a new account being opened in your name or report an image of you found on another account, giving you the ability to hedge off any identity theft as soon as it occurs.

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