For those seeking identity protection, it used to be possible to purchase Identity Guard® through Costco. For those who are a member of the Costco Club, this would have provided a significant discount on the services as a whole. However, it is no longer possible to purchase Identity Guard protection through Costco. However, you can still purchase affordable identity protection. Here’s what you need to take into consideration.

Can You Buy Identity Guard at Costco?

Prior to 2015, it was possible to purchase Identity Guard through Costco. Doing so could have provided a significant discount to cardmembers. However, in 2015, things changed. In October of 2015, the partnership between Costco and Identity Guard was severed. There is little information on why this happened, but it occurred and changed things for those who are members and looking for a good price on Identity Guard or identity protection as a whole.

What Options Are Available Now?

It is possible to purchase identity protection through Costco at this point. However, the company is offering a lesser-known and, in some ways, limitedly beneficial option from a third party. This may not be the right option for you.

What Should You Do If Costco Was Your Provider?

If you purchased Identity Guard through Costco previously, then you may still be able to continue your Identity Guard membership. However, there are limitations on how long you may qualify for the discount that was available. Your information is most certainly safe with the organization. There is no indication that the partnership fell through for reasons related to ID theft or that individual information is at risk now.

However, there are a few key things you should consider if your current term is up, and you need to renew your Identity Guard policy. You may be able to secure a better price by using a new service.

Where You Can (and Should) Get Identity Guard Now

If you are in the market for identity protection, Identity Guard is still an excellent choice overall. What is even better is that you may be able to find cost-effective pricing for the policy available. We recommend using our site to help you to find the best deals. We work hard to ensure you always get the best price on Identity Guard no matter if there is a promotion or deal out there from other providers or not. When you buy from us, you are sure to get the best price on Identity Guard available to you.

Should You Stick with Identity Guard?

There are numerous types of identity protection available today. However, there are a few key reasons why you may want to stay with Identity Guard over the competition.

First, Identity Guard is a well-known and respected form of identity protection. The company offers around-the-clock monitoring to ensure that your information is always well protected. One of the key benefits to this particular option is IBM® Watson™. This is a type of artificial intelligence that works all the time to seek out any indication of your personal information on the web. If it sees it, it can react to it quickly, providing you with more of an availability to avoid identity theft.

Identity Guard offers a few other key benefits as well. For example, it provides a full range of monitoring tools, including criminal monitoring, social security number monitoring, and financial monitoring. It includes dark web monitoring, as well. Depending on the plan you select, you can also obtain social media monitoring – which helps to spot anyone else using your image or name to open a social media account.

Another key benefit is that you get to choose between several plan options, including those that fit your budget. Identity Guard also ensures you have a single person to manage any claims or concerns with so there is no risk of having limited help if there is a problem. It also provides full identity restoration if there is a problem.

Is Identity Guard the Best Option for Identity Protection for the Price?

There are numerous ways to save money on identity theft protection. Identity Guard offers a variety of discounts from time to time – including a 20 percent off discount for the monthly rate. And, there is a 30-day free trial that gives you plenty of time to check it out.

Currently, Identity Guard’s pricing ranges from $7.20 per month for the Value plan, $15.99 per month for the Total plan, and $19.99 per month for the Premier plan. These rates are significantly lower or well in comparison to other identity theft protection available. In other words, this is exactly what you need to make identity protection affordable to you.

Be sure to check back with us whenever you need to update your Identity Guard plan. Though you cannot buy Identity Guard through Costco, you will find the best rates available right here.

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