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Last Updated On: April 17, 2019
SecureScore™: 8.7 /10
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8.7 SecureScore™
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ID Watchdog Ratings

True to their name, ID Watchdog actively watches billions of records to identify fraud. Their award-winning plans provide ID monitoring, dark web surveillance, credit score tracking, and more. Best of all, they guarantee to resolve ID theft and clear your name fast. Unfortunately, there’s no mobile app (yet), and they don’t offer social monitoring. While ID Watchdog may not be top dog in the industry, they are still worth a look. See what our experts say in our ID Watchdog review.

  • Looks at a broad range of data sources for potential identity theft signs
  • Fully handles resolution from start to finish
  • Customer support is available in 100 languages
  • Easy to understand plan tiers

  • No mobile app
  • No social media monitoring


ID Watchdog stands by its promise to help consumers manage and protect their personal information. They have an experienced resolution service team that has been completely successful at restoring an identity following the theft.

The company leverages technology that’s capable of processing billions of records and determining whether there are identity theft red flags in the information that it finds. ID Watchdog has received several awards, including the EBN Dig Benefits Technology Innovator Award, and was recognized by Javelin Strategy as an identity protection leader. The Consumer Federation of America also views ID Watchdog as an excellent service provider in this industry.

Features & Services

Monitors Billions of Records

Their systems look at more than 37 billion records from sources that include court, criminal, housing, driving, election, certifications and licenses. Areas where they pay particularly close attention include National Change of Address records, payday loans and high-risk transactions.

Fast Notification

You receive notifications via email or SMS so you know exactly what’s going on with your personal information before a thief can cause major damage.

Account Password Reset Notifications

Is a hacker trying to get your account login by resetting the password? Now you know when they’re trying to do this so you can stop them before it happens.

Wire Transfer Notifications

Don’t run the risk of someone transferring all of the money out of your account via wire transfer. Get alerts when these transactions are detected.

Non-Credit Loan Detection

Many identity theft protection services watch credit reports, but fewer keep a close eye on non-credit loans such as rent-to-own accounts, utilities and auto pawn. One way that ID Watchdog accomplishes this is by working with alternative credit bureaus.

Single or Triple Bureau Credit Monitoring and Score

You receive either a single bureau or all three bureau monitoring. You receive a new report every year. One benefit to getting three bureaus monitored is that a creditor may only look at one report when someone is trying to open an account. If that inquiry goes to a bureau that you’re not monitoring, you could end up with a lot of fraud on your hands before you discover what’s going on.

Monthly Credit Score Tracker

See the trends in your Transunion credit score over time. If you’re trying to improve your financial health, this tool is an excellent way to see where you’ve been and how well you’re moving towards your goals.

Fraud Alert Assistance

Get help with setting up fraud alerts on your credit report and scheduling a time for them to expire. These fraud alerts are invaluable for preventing further damage to your credit, and gives creditors notice that someone is trying to open up accounts without authorization.

Ease of Use

You get a feature-rich panel through the ID Watchdog online account. You get a complete identity overview so you know what type of personal information is available about you. Your monitoring status is displayed and the upcoming scans that are scheduled. If any alerts come up, they’re listed on this page too. Your credit report and scores are also available through this panel.

Customer Service

ID Watchdog has a powerful guarantee. They promise that they will resolve the fraud that occurs while you use their service. They have certified identity theft risk management specialists whose entire job revolves around getting your identity back to the way it was pre-theft. They fully manage this process, so you don’t have to spend countless hours trying to get things back on track.

The call center is available 24/7 and gives you the option of over 100 languages. You shouldn’t have to contend with a language barrier when someone is in the process of using your personal information for fraud.

You receive up to $1 million in reimbursement for the financial damages that are related to the identity theft. Trying to resolve this type of issue is a costly affair, and you shouldn’t have to deal with the out of pocket expenses.


IDWatchDog has two service levels, Plus and Platinum.

The Plus plan is $14.95 per month and includes basic and advanced identity monitoring, internet black market surveillance, credit report monitoring, full-service identity restoration and national provider identifier alerts.

The Platinum plan is $19.95 per month and adds a credit report and score to the features listed in the other plan.


ID Watchdog doesn’t force you to choose which data gets monitored for identity protection. Instead, the lower priced plan includes basic and advanced monitoring, while the higher priced one simply adds on credit reports and scores. One area where this service excels is tracking high-risk transactions, such as wire transfers.

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